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  1. So I really need to turn into an ass to get banned, right? I want my account deleted, not changed.
  2. Sad to see that this forum now allows threads like this. We had a good run CruiseCritic. Im out.
  3. Has MSC developed a vaccine) ?
  4. You see, when you use * then it should be a * for that text it refers to. On the homepage it is not. Confusing - at best.
  5. They had not published the T&C when I did the bookings. After SEVERAL phone calls to the customer service, if got a email this week that this offer was for adults only. When even their customer service couldnt update me on the T&C, then its kinda difficult for me as a client to know whats their T&C was.. I made these bookings on May 27th.. First this week I got the message that this was for adults only.
  6. Status match. Wife, son and I got black after status matched with our membership in another loyalty programme. That match won us over for a while. Been to 2, and had two upcoming bookings. Those are now cancelled.
  7. Of course my son is travelling for free. He is 3. I am paying for him.. But yeah, if MSC dont want to stand by their promises - well - then they lose 2 booking. Bigger loss for them than us.
  8. U see, they forgot that part on the Norwegian&Swedish home page...
  9. And on the booking confirmation my wife and i get 100E each, and a big fat 0 to my son. But hey, if they want to play that game they will lose two bookings.
  10. (And yeah, my son is member of MSC Voyager Club - Black/Diamond)
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