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  1. Remember the Love Boat show sail away all those streamers off the ship?
  2. So cruise ships ban CBD. Really when it is now in shampoo and lotion? Even Needless Markup and sells it, but I can’t take it on my vacation?
  3. Question is the Journey View portion supposed to do anything besides say. Loading....?
  4. The date is the last day you can use the service.
  5. Good to know. Somebody there is telling folks it is one Medallion programed for all your back to back Cruises.
  6. Did you know if you are doing a back 2 back you only get one Medallion? Even if it is different ships!
  7. True but I want the medallions before I arrive at the port.
  8. Doink! Yes I know you can’t reference our accounts with our CC nicks. I have sent you an email.
  9. Ask Ocean Medallion-Dude they already have a ticket in place. Can you give us information as to when this will get fixed? I for one have printed off my boarding pass. Why don’t you people just take the information from the personalizer with an option to buy clips and what not from the site? This get ocean ready stuff is really putting the customer out.
  10. Mine has my 3 cruises all together. Apparently all ships are now named the Sky Princess.
  11. Ok i got say this...Why would they make us get Ocean Ready? They don’t make us do that with our cruise cards. Order accessories sure but why don’t they take the info from the personalizer? This making the customer jump through hoops is BS. Just add a line on the personalizer asking where to mail the coins to and check here for each trinket you wish to buy.
  12. Was all set then checked to see if my new Sky December 1st was in my Ocean profile. Now it has renamed my Regal Thanksgiving to the Sky and The actual Sky cruises are not listed.
  13. So I called Princess after talking to a guy from Port Everglades. I was told that while on the Regal I can make arrangements with them to transport my luggage to the Sky (12/1 sailing) Has anyone ever done this?
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