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  1. No we were suggested to bring a car seat so we bought a cheap one for travel only. It’s pretty lightweight. We are waiting Til on the ship to book st Lucia , don’t think there is much we can do there other than a beach day
  2. Thank you! That’s helps a lot! I will wait til on board. I am traveling with my mom and we just wanted locker room and sauna access so we will see if it is worth the extra once on board. Appreciate it!
  3. Debating whether to get the weekly package or not. How crowded is it usually? Also anyone have photos of the rainforest shower and are there women’s locker rooms near the showers? I know there are steam rooms and saunas that are free but are there showers in the locker rooms or only the thermal suite? More detail about what is included in the suite would be appreciated. we did something similar on NCL and it was nice to have a little extra space in the locker room to dry our hair and get ready. They had lounge chairs looking out the back of the ship with aromatherapy , no one was every in there hardly .
  4. Thank you! What is included at the resort? And where did ou book the trip?
  5. excited for st lucia, but having a hard time pinning down an excursion we can take with a lap child. Any suggestions ? thank you!
  6. yes i would take that as a consolation prize haha! better than nothing. wish me luck!!
  7. looking for some ideas while in curaçao ...we will have an 18 month old lap child i have a carrier or stroller either to be used. we already have beach days planned so hoping to find some easy fun ideas ! we booked a golf cart in bonaire which i think will be fun. thanks!
  8. yes i am hoping!!! thanks for the help. it is a bad situation...but we would spend it all on board anyway lol photo package and excursions was our plan. heck we could have had a balcony for what we paid and are just getting an interior.
  9. We already have a few beach days planned, and golf carts set for Bonaire....what are some good excursions we can look into in Antigua, that we could have a lap child on? Thanks!
  10. my travel agent asked that....i just booked this 24 hours ago and they said if i try to cancel RCL will keep 75% of the fee. I never expected that either.
  11. well that sucks, I had no idea. I have never used a travel agent. i would have booked it myself then and not been in the situation. it makes me sick because its $1100....for an 18 month old...i could have had our shore excursions covered. 😞 any suggestions? assuming there is nothing I can do now.
  12. interesting, I never was aware of that. Because the rate stayed the same, and i didn't receive any info or room number info until i confirmed and made payment in full, I did not receive any confirmation of reservation from RCL until yesterday. Do they hold it to the hour? because I am unsure what time I called the travel agent wednesday...but today would be the 2nd day even then...
  13. I only see where it states when the reservation is made....i made the reservation yesterday when I made the payment. I do not see where it says about anything being held... appreciate the response!!
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