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  1. I have obviously read 50 Shades of Grey one too many times... I totally thought this was going a completely different direction... 😂
  2. Quick question for those of you that have stayed at Fairmont Olympic in Seattle pre-cruise (booked through cruise line) - what time did the shuttle pick you up / drop you off at the pier?
  3. Yes. 7 night Alaska. That's the lowest possible bid. $100 to spacious ocean view balcony and $800 to JS.
  4. $1600 to move from 2D balcony to GS Ovation. Haven't bid. Just the offer.
  5. Dumb question... are there different levels of GTY? Like a deck 13 GTY? Or a 6D GTY?
  6. I second, third, and forth anything anybody has said about TSA at Orlando airport... actually, no, it isn't the TSA... they are doing the best they can... the problem is the people... the strollers... the mouse ears... and the children... the sea of children... even the First Class/Premium Cabin isn't immune to having a tiny passenger screaming in the seat next to you or kicking your extra wide chair... they are everywhere... Like someone else said, MCO (Orlando airport) is the sole reason I purchased TSA Precheck membership... and then those lines got long too... MCO is, on a good day, a cluster... Clear Memership helps... but even that will start getting busy once people find out about it... May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.
  7. Here's my question... do you think they have some idea of who has prepaid?
  8. Both lines have comedy shows and are equally entertaining (some comedians were better than others but that isn't Royal or Carnival). Royal has Broadway quality shows on their Oasis class... and I loved the Aqua shows there as well. Both ships have their versions of The Quest (a comedy show on its own) and Love and Marriage. Carnival has Lip Sync battle if that's your jam. Based on the shows that I've seen, I'd say Royal has the heads up - but only on their mega ships (with the exception of Cats... 🤣🤣🤣). Vista had good entertainment but not as good as Oasis.
  9. I have done 3 cruises on RC and 3 cruises on Carnival. I have been on both lines "mega ship" - Vista for Carnival and Oasis for Royal and I have been on their "smaller" ships. To be completely honest? Nothing compares to Oasis class ships - but that is the ship, not specifically the cruise line. Apples to Apples they are, in my humble opinion, very very similar... the difference, as far as I'm concerned, truly lies in each ship/staff - not the actual cruise line. Food is very similar. Spa is identical. Activities? Royal might have a heads up (but you said it didn't really matter to you). I like the layout of the RC ships I've been on slightly better (I think the venues are slightly more "comfortable"). Check in? Same. Now that Royal has "the key" you won't really miss the FTTF benefits (other than early access to your room). It is more expensive but also includes internet. I'd say FTTF wins ever so slightly for me because of early access and priority at guest services. I don't think you would be unhappy with Royal. For me, it all boils down to the ship you pick and what you want out of a vacation. Only downside is you'd be starting your points over - this may or may not matter to you depending on how close you are to your next level on Carnival.
  10. That sounds good. I'd be down with that. I mean Rose floated on that chunk of door... a massage table would probably work too... 🤣🤣🤣
  11. That's a good point too... I guess that explains why it's like $60 cheaper.
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