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  1. If 12 months have passed, they can take another vaccine from the 3 approved. Otherwise they can postpone the cruise to 2022.
  2. I understand perfectly well that some people enjoying playing in the casino and that is one of their main attractions on a cruise. I wouldn't mind playing if I was the dealer on a blackjack table (as a player, not as an employee), and had all the odds in my favour. And I was allowed to keep everything I won!
  3. But is your friend a dentist, orthopedic, dermatologist, gynaecologist or ophthalmologist working in a private clinic? If he/she is a general physician in a private clinic or any doctor employed by a hospital, then he/she will qualify.
  4. Actually, I would NOT be going to play anyway, because I don't like to gamble. (especially when the odds are against you). I find that there are many far better activities & entertainment options on a cruise. The few times I was forced to play, was when I had to convert lot of OBC into real cash. I found it quite boring & a waste of my precious cruise time, cos I had to miss out on other fun activities! In craps, I lost only 1.66%, while in slots, I lost 25--40% of the amount played
  5. OMG, $3600? You are bound to lose a lot of that if you play so much.
  6. Thanks, please keep us updated about which nationalities are allowed to enter Australia and when. Although Princess has cancelled some Australia Cruises upto March 2022 their parent company Carnival has not.
  7. Thanks, so is it about how much time you spend or how much money you play (win or lose doesn't matter)? Would I get more points playing $10 for 1 hour or $100 for 10 minutes? Is it acceptable to directly ask the casino director for the discount voucher, or do you have to wait patiently for it?
  8. I use TAs for the 8--10% discount given by them on the basic fare. This is relevant for those who want to save money on the El Cheapo cruises thread.
  9. We received correspondence back from MSC. This is what they said: "The Health Care worker discount is only valid on new reservations and only for doctors that work in hospitals directly related to Covid 19." The following categories are not eligible-- 1. Private Doctors/medical staff not employed with hospital facilities and whose specialization are not directly related to Covid-19 (e.g. dentists, orthopedics, dermatologists etc) 2. Any other jobs related to Hospital activities but hired by private companies (such as private cleaning services company, securities or external suppliers) 3. Retired medical staff. 4. Researchers working in laboratories which perform general medical examinations. Sincerely, Scott Surace MSC Cruises USA
  10. Not a good idea, cos the payment made for the cancelled cruise CANNOT be used to book a new cruise. You will have to pay again for the new cruise, while the refund will take many months!
  11. Unfortunately certain medical specializations like --orthopaedic & dental surgeons, eye & skin specialists (working in their own private clinics) are NOT eligible for any healthcare discount
  12. What the MSC call centre said was right. I sadly lost my $200 OBC when I cancelled & re-instated the exact same cruise in 2022. I got a new booking no. For the casino 30% discount, can we just play a token amount (a few dollars) & then ask for the discount voucher?
  13. What exactly is mentioned & why did Costa offer an extra FREE cruise?
  14. My agent requested the shift 4 days back This is what my agent said -- ''I submitted the form to Princess to move you to the 2023 sailing. It could take several weeks before it is completed. Once complete I will send you an updated invoice. They will protect the cruise fare and discount and any on board credit you have but the taxes will change. They do not protect them. Any questions please let me know.'' Just now when I checked my Booking No. on princess.com, I got this message Our records indicate that a request has already been submitted for this booking and additional requests cannot be accepted. If you wish to change your selection, please contact us at the appropriate office: 1-800-774-6237 (North America) 0344 338 8663 (UK) 13 24 88 (Australia) 0800 780 717 (New Zealand) Now I am waiting for Carnival to cancel Aus cruises in Feb-Mar 2022 & offer a similar replacement cruise with the same hugely discounted fare & AUD 900 OBC, since Aus borders are likely to remain closed till late 2022
  15. You are indeed lucky to get more than the cruise fare refunded. I was on a Dubai round trip which got cancelled. So I transferred my payment to another cruise & received 200 OBC for the new cruise. When the new cruise also got cancelled, Costa refunded me in less than 30 days. I didnt book airtickets & the hotels were pay on arrival with ZERO advance payment & free cancellation (always risk-free)
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