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  1. My condolences to all who love Shelton.
  2. The main reason we haven’t booked MSC yet is because while we would sail YC, we like the “entire ship” experience. We don’t want to be exclusively in a smaller area on a ship. We like free range cruising. 😂 And the rest of the MSC ship experience doesn’t appeal to us, based on others’ reviews, people we know and trust the opinion of. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The whole shipwide experience is why we sail Celebrity too now….and are considering booking Princess, given the right itinerary.
  3. It’s called Spotlight Karaoke. It’s where karaoke takes place on Oasis. I’ve never done this so can’t comment on it, but I have seen it in the cruise planner when we sailed. This was back in 2022, so things may have changed. I suggest checking the activities in your cruise planner, and even the shore excursions (sometimes I’ve had onboard activities show up there when I searched shore exclusions wide open). If they still do it, should be listed in the cruise planner. Otherwise, your TA can check into it. 🙂
  4. Popped in to tell the book lovers here that Eruption, written by James Patterson for Michael Crichton, is excellent! James Patterson did a great job writing this book Michael Crichton had researched and planned when he passed. Almost felt like I was reading Crichton (I miss him!) I fully expect this to be made into a movie like Jurassic Park, and to be a huge hit if done right. Puts a whole new perspective on our cruise to HI this fall. 😍
  5. barbeyg


    As mentioned previously, there is a “Florence on your own” tour that doesn’t go to other sites. We did this in April. If you book that, and do want time on your own, once you get led to the square and shown the meeting point, you can leave before you get the “sales pitch” in the first store there. We did just that, and had a lovely lunch/walk-around on our own. You only get about 2.5 hours on your own (no matter what the description says on RCI), since they stop off on the way at a leather store for a sales pitch/restroom visit. We wouldn’t do it again. We would pay for a private transfer, and spend more time in Florence, a lovely city.
  6. We thoroughly enjoy the CocoCay Beach club, for its intimate, quiet, upscale beach resort feel, and excellent food. We book it when we are sailing RCI, on a 7 night or longer cruise, and the line sails there. That said, we wouldn’t book a Celebrity cruise just to go there. 🙂 If we happen to sail there on a Celebrity cruise, and the price is comparable with RCI sale prices for the Beach Club, we would book it.
  7. On our TA this spring, we met a sweet young couple. She was in a cast to mobilize her hand, which the doc on the ship believed could have a hairline fracture. She was told it didn’t show up on the x-ray, but was advised that the portable x-ray machines on the ships aren’t as accurate as one in a hospital. She was advised to get an x-ray as soon as we got to Italy. Hopefully all went well for her. If this was accurate info she received, it’s possible that the x-ray machine on Brilliance wasn’t as accurate either. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Glad your friend had insurance. 🙂
  8. Thanks @twangster and @Hoopster95, for the great running commentary. Thanks @Biker19 for adding info on my questions about the electric cars. 🙂 You have me so excited for our 14 nights on the Celebrity Apex next year. Hope your journeys ahead are great ones! 🙂
  9. Poor sweetie! Hoping the vomiting has stopped, and he is on the road to recovery. 🙁
  10. @Biker19, appreciate the additional info. 🙂 Early in his work career, Ken managed an electric golf cart fleet, so he sees conservation of the charge as a challenge. And like @twangster he will try to see how much he can “recharge” going downhill. I envision looking like @Hoopster95’s dog video…and like this at the end. 😂
  11. @Hoopster95, thanks! I’m 5’10” myself, and weigh less than that so we should be good. Sold Ken on it with the video shared in this thread, and now just to decide which to choose. The 2 hour or the 3 hour. Thanks much to you and @twangster!
  12. Thanks a bunch! 😁 We are both tall and Ken is envisioning driving with my legs flung up over his shoulders from behind. I’m game if he is. 😉 😂
  13. @twangster, and @Hoopster95, thanks so much for the great photos/videos and taking us all along. Quick question on the Twizy in Geiranger. How was the fit for the back seat rider?
  14. I’m sorry, JC. And I agree. Say what needs saying. No one is promised another chance to do that.
  15. What @Another_Critic said. Before the latest update to match status, when we became Diamond, Celebrity automatically updated us to Elite. We didn’t have to ask, even though we were first matched when we were a lower category.
  16. I, and some others, have had this issue here too. Screenshots were what I do when I’m sharing a photo. Only an issue here on CC for me. 🙄 Enjoying your Live. 🙂 We love Alaska, hope you guys will feel the same.
  17. I can’t answer that question specifically, but if it works like the % off the premium drink upgrade benefit, you have to call in and speak to a rep to get it.
  18. Boy, this thread really separates the “glass half full” from the “glass half empty” folks. 😂
  19. Those exceptions don’t surprise me. I’m just glad to get some of the onboard “amenities” afforded Elite+, since it will be at least 3 - 4 years before we actually get to E+, points-wise. 🙂
  20. Just checked our Celebrity account after getting the email. We already show as Elite+. 😁 Pleasant surprise.
  21. Le Voyage and Eden are both excellent for celebrations. 🙂
  22. Normally, cruise insurance covers actual cost of a booking. For example, if a cruise cost $5k, that is what is stated on the policy. If the cost of the booking increased thru a RU, which you bid on, not your TA, I believe you would probably have to request the TA to increase the insurance coverage on the booking. Sounds like this is one of those things that fall thru the cracks, unfortunately. We have annual insurance ourselves. I wouldn’t have thought about the adjustment in coverage either. 😕 I hope your mom has a full and swift recovery.
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