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  1. GP&LK

    Ocean Cay video

    Just gutted we didn’t get to see that - but totally agree, it has huge potential if development continues.
  2. GP&LK

    Ocean Cay video

    Thanks all, glad you enjoyed it! dexddd - hope you get there someday 🙂 Our only disappointment was we had to leave early to avoid the weather, so didn’t get to see the lighthouse show. Always next time 😉
  3. Hi back in January we were on Seaside and visited Ocean Cay. Just wanted to that vlog episode with you. The island is beautiful and once established will be paradise! https://youtu.be/HTtPz20UObU Hope you enjoy, any questions - please ask.
  4. Glad it did! It’s the reason we started to make videos, purely selfish as it gives us something to look back at 🙂
  5. We had an amazing cruise on Seaside in January, really wish we could be back there now! We’ve finally put together a ship tour, if you have a cruise planned or are thinking of booking seaside, you may find it really useful: We’ve previously done Preziosa and Bellissima too. Very difficult to choose a favourite between Bellissima and Seaside... we think Seaside just wins especially as we found the food and service really good on her! 😍
  6. For anyone interested, we also posted a vlog over the weekend 🙂
  7. Thank you all hoor something comes along Fairgarth so you can experience this lovely ship 🙂
  8. Thank you! Have a great cruise in July 🙂
  9. Evening. Just sharing our latest Cunard video, this time a tour of the beautiful Queen Elizabeth. This tour will show you around the public spaces and will give you a really good feel of the ship. If you want to see a particular area, take a look at the links in the description - you can jump directly to that part of the video. We hope you enjoy 😊
  10. Thanks everyone, glad you have found it enjoyable and useful 😊
  11. We definitely think it’s worth it, we easily save £10pppd 🙂
  12. Evening! We were onboard Britannia for the mini cruise after her refit. We put together a video tour which some may find useful: Unfortunately, the rumours of opening a staircase midship and extended the glass house were just that.. rumours. But we have to say we really liked the Atrium changes, much better! It’s also had many of the carpets replaced so is nice and fresh. A great ship! Hope the video is useful!
  13. Just dug out the Horizon for that day, no particular reason from what I can tell. It was a sea day and the Chocolate buffet was in the Belvedere from 3:30pm to 5pm. Hope that helps :)
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