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  1. I always buy a GeoBlue policy for medical coverage but I have never bought complete trip insurance because to get medical coverage equivalent to GeoBlue costs a large amount. That being said, there are a great number of posts on the "Carnival Problems" threads that say it is imperative to buy trip insurance in case the judge goes through with her threat to ban Carnival from US ports. I'm curious as to why, if Carnival can't provide the cruise I have booked and paid for, I should have to get my money back through an insurance claim. I would think that Carnival would owe everyone a full refund in this situation because it was caused by their actions. What do you all think?
  2. I traveled solo this past fall and spent a few days in Barcelona pre-cruise. I really enjoyed my stay at Hostal Marenostrum. Found it through booking.com but learned later that you can book direct. Recently renovated with great rooms. About at the center of Las Ramblas at the Liceu Metro stop. Really convenient for getting around. Balconies overlooking Ramblas. Great place for a decent price
  3. Does anyone here know the onboard cost of the soda package? How about the onboard cost of the soda + VOOM? I've got some OBC from my travel agent that I can't use for Cruise Planner purchases, only once aboard the ship
  4. Interesting. On Brilliance without Freestyle the soda package is $9.99
  5. I appreciate your quick response. With the small number of Cokes I drink the individual soda price puts me right on the borderline of whether or not the package is worth it to me. Now I have to decide how it works out if I get the soda + VOOM package. Pretty many decisions for a Friday
  6. Going on a 4 night on Brilliance shortly and I'm trying to decide on whether or not to buy the soda package. I only drink 2-3 Cokes a day so wondering where the break even point is
  7. Thank you both for the ideas. I will check them out. A half mile walk is no problem especially if it leads to good food 😄
  8. I've cruised to Cozumel several times but have never docked at the International Pier. I would love to hear recommendations from all of you experienced eaters for the best lunch within walking distance of the ship. I haven't planned any excursions so have plenty of time for a leisurely stroll to the restaurant and back.
  9. That is a great link. Gives me a much better feeling of what the conditions are Thank you very much:cool::cool:😎
  10. Of course I'm overthinking it. It gives me something to do on a weekend after the grass is cut and the house is cleaned 😂 but I do appreciate your Insight
  11. Since I'm totally unfamiliar with Miami I am having a little trouble figuring out the best way to get back and forth between the Rental Car Center and the Port. The best rental rate I can find is from Budget at the airport but they don't offer a shuttle from the airport, only from their downtown office to the port. So how do I get from the Rental Car Center to the port?
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