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  1. mine is good on the app and on our reservation i feel the same way . May not sail MSC again so wait til after the upcoming cruise
  2. just got a reply to the form i sent to the voyagers club . They said my info was in their system 3 different ways . How that happened i do not know . They merged all the info and siad to log into account now . Just tried still no number and no miles shown . I replied to my email and said not fixed yet . we will see
  3. will check this out when we are on our cruise
  4. called customer service said the problem was my account showed canada as country and i was on the us site . Told them to leave everything as it was til after our upcoming cruise . will fix it then
  5. I have an account and a cruise booked .i called voyager club nice girl added my number to our booking on my details but still cannot see point balance when I click on voyager club in left side and enter number it says number does not match records.
  6. My husband and i both have MSC voyagers club numbers . Is there somewhere on the web site to check point balance . also we have a cruise booked in march on the mereviglia . His number is on the reservation . Mine is not when i try to add it it says number error . I have an email with the number and it is correct. Help
  7. frannie


    Do they sell apple products on board the mereviglia
  8. how do i book a cirque dinner and show for our 8 year old grandaughter . We get the dinner and show free with booking and do not know the day or time they will assign us . We need to pay for 3rd person in cabin but on line it asks us to pick day and time for availability. maybe we just need to wait til we are on board
  9. ok great thanks for the reply
  10. Should i reserve a beach umbrella for ocean cay day . If i do can we go back to the ship for a couple of hours . How does it work with the rental
  11. since we deal with a travel agent she aleays prints the tickets in full and does up a folder
  12. thats why i let our travel agent do it just b4 the cruise . Do not know why our daughter could print things off so far ahead of trip
  13. We do not leave till march so no rush . i was really surprised that happened . I like having the agent print out all our documents . She will put all in a nice folder and make sure all the special requests are included .
  14. we booked 2 cabins for our march 29th cruise on the Mereviglia . one for us one for daughter and sonin law . Daughter filled out all the required info ,. Said etickets available 20 days before cruise . We booked through a travel agent so she will print all the paperwork . To my daughters surprise she received an email with all her documents . We didnt get ours yet . Just wondering if anyone knows if our TA will still be able to print everything off . Just curious
  15. thanks for the reply not worried about the time she is 8 and in dance and theatre . We take her to plays all the time at our theatre . Just concerned about the menu .She is a fussy eater . We got the show and meal included free as a perk but we need to pay for her
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