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  1. I’ve been watching this thread for weeks and excited to Finally have some things to contribute here : Stay Well!
  2. this is my first post with the revived app!! ....the little things are worth celebrating now! Today we will start making Easter eggs...and the kids will dye them tomorrow when it will be raining ALL day!!! Another dilemma we will face today - what to eat for Easter Sunday??! Sadly - I did not get ham at the grocery store last week and don’t really want to go back again so soon...
  3. It’s a beautiful day here in MA! Definitely short weather for some as it’s sunny and in the 60s! I’ve taken all of my morning work calls walking up and down the street! one observation is that we could probably start a neighborhood contest for best manicured land scape! I’ve NEVER seen houses look this cleaned up - Nevermind the first week of April!! it’s so much better when it’s nice out!
  4. Thoughts and healthy vibes going out to the Captain and crew and medical staffs of these ships. I hope that everyone is okay and can weather the storm on board. Florida is in its own world of hurt right now so I understand not wanting to accept more people but if any are Americans - I think that the level 4 travel advisory to return home should mean that they can get in! That might not help the crew as much but the America passengers on carnival owned ships (Holland America, etc) should be allowed in somewhere!
  5. This makes me sad but it’s probably a smart thing to do...
  6. Makes you wonder if this was a consideration in the sudden announcement that crew were going home... hope they are able to contain it!
  7. Ken - I asked my TA today if there was a way to reserve and not pay the deposit until May 31 but he didn’t know about it. He was definitely going to ask about it and get back to me as my DH is super nervous about booking right now but do you know if this applies to everyone in US also? thanks for sharing all of the help you do on these boards!
  8. Hi John and Lala! First - thanks for the thread and Second - Congrats On getting to the last weekend of your self quarantine without getting sick! I have tried to many times to Coordinate a trip to watch a launch but it has never worked out for me! Thanks for posting those pictures! Now I have to ask - with all of the beautiful views of the beach and the space launches - why are you contemplating moving?
  9. I just wanted to echo this statement as a GIANT thank you to all of the first responders! Whether you have been training for the job for ages as a nurse, Doctor, EMT or if you are new to the ‘first responder’ group as a grocery store employee or food delivery service - we thank you SOOO much and we hope that you and your family and loved ones all stay healthy!
  10. Everyone handles crisis differently - but I have a cruise with my kids booked for April 20th. I have not checked the Royal website once - there is really no point until closer to April 12th. If i did check the website - I would definitely want to know that the info was current. Maybe there are 2 dates needed - one that says ‘verified current on 23 March’ and another that says ‘posted on 15 March’ or something like that... but I count on the current date to know it’s valid. I believe this is consistent with what other websites are doing as well - OP have you compared others by any chance?
  11. Thank you so much for writing this review! Im super excited to see the activities you did with the kids and reacted to the travel and the experiences! Your family is rolling with the punches really well! I was in Doha during this same week and flew home as planned on the 13th (turns out this was just in time as everything closed up behind me!!) - I was wondering what your cruise would be like the entire time as we often passed the closed port!! Hope you and your family are surviving the social distancing days and staying healthy!
  12. Hello - We are scheduled to cruise April 20th but given all of the uncertainty- it’s possible we could end up with FCC. We usually book with a TA - will we still be able to book with the TA and apply the credit towards our balance? Or will we have to book with Royal?
  13. wow - I bet that will have a significant change on Allure bookings this year! That TA might not be as packed!
  14. I was on a business trip to Qatar this week and flew home yesterday 3/13 thru LHR as well. when I traveled to Doha on Sunday/Monday - airports were ghost towns and I felt safe and it was easy to avoid people. I was traveling business class on British Airways and Qatar Airways. On Monday - London was quiet but there was no sign of any hand sanitizer in terminals 4 and 5 that I could find, but at least no people either. For context - I Road the bus with only 2 others. Yesterday was a madhouse. I almost wish I could have delayed my stay in Qatar another day or two! The brits were all over the news saying it wasn’t serious yet and people were coughing without care at every turn - the business lounges were Crowded and it took effort to maintain 6 feet (impossible to maintain otherwise in Terminal 5 /5B). There WAS hand sanitizer everywhere though!!! i am self quarantined in my house and even from my family ...no hugs for my kids yet etc. We will all be home until 27 March anyway, but I plan to be Fairly isolated from them for at least 5 days (median symptoms show). I wish I had a mask actually - as then I could be closer and worry less about accidentally breathing on them. Safe travels to all of you - I hope you are all healthy! I have enjoyed your review and look forward to the next one! (Our next cruise is supposed to be 20 April on Nav but my husband thinks we should cancel). We are going to wait and see...sort of wish we were the first cruise post the closure!!
  15. Thank you so much for your review!! love that last photo of you and MrCL! You both look like you were in the relaxed vacation zone! And that print/dress cut looks great on you! Also - thanks for the feedback on the shows! With only 4 nights - I also feel like something has to give and I think thats what it’s going to be. We will prioritize the ice show but that’s it!
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