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  1. Didn’t they replace it with 2 - 2 bedroom suites? Maybe they will offer both of them to you instead? Sorry to hear your plans are in question - hope you get a positive outcome!
  2. We have a 9 and 13 year old and will be on NAV on april 20. We are coming from MA and doing Disney first. We have been on NAV pre-amping when kids were 4 and 8... considerations for this trip: -I priced out both ships and did room inventory assessments on both (ie, the panoramic ocean view we wanted wasn’t available on Mariner so we would have needed a different catagory/price) - we LOVED El loco fresh on Symphony and it will be PERFECT for my 13 yo... - we priced flights to/from both cities for vacation week..MIA allowed us to look at palm beach and FLL. - they LOVE water slides like the coaster one on Nav and we think regular ones on Liberty and Symphony are just okay. - we used to have a skypad in our mall and they both would enjoy it (since we don’t have it local anymore) NAV won out for us! I would recommend that you do a similar comparison and whichever one works best for travel and room selection and dates should be the one you take Unless one of the amenity differences is really important.
  3. There are videos of 9500 on YouTube which should be nearly identical? Possibly flipped?
  4. For Nag,.,,,,This is a Panoramic Oceanview Stateroom. There are 22 of these types of cabins on this ship. The typical cabin size is 191 sqft (18 m2). These types of cabins can sleep up to 4 people. Standard size measures from 191 to 215 square feet. Cabins 1814 and 1864 measures 283 square feet.
  5. Talk about extremes! Back to Front of the ship! We usually do a mid to aft balcony on deck 6ish...for our cococay cruise we decided that the pool deck was going to be our primary jam so being close to our room would be a perk. And I figured if I needed to get out of the room for a bit while folks are sleeping it’s just a short walk to the deck!
  6. We have one of these rooms booked on Navigator. This review on the disboards was super helpful when we booked but now the pictures are dead. But it might still help you since it’s the exact room and there’s a lot of text! https://www.disboards.com/threads/stateroom-1864-on-freedom-pictures-and-description.3508561/ we usually stay in balconies but for the price this seemed worth trying!
  7. We have a water park cabana in April for $299. Navigator is the only ship in port. Should we be requesting a certain cabana in that area? Do they have numbers? Any thoughts on location of middle vs end of row, near the wave pool or slide area etc?
  8. Thanks for asking this! It prompted me to check prices and I picked up the 3 device voom/stream for $23/day for our 4 night navigator cruise! Sort of wanted the 4 device but it’s still $37..we will get by with 3 at this price point!! Also - the Drink package showed its first movement in months from $69 to $65...and refreshment down to $22...
  9. Another vote for definitely cruising!! I went on my first cruise when my sister and I were 8 and 11 I think ... I am now 44 (I think?)...we LOVED it even way back when on a tiny ship (look up the original Festival by Carnival!) and went on 2 more cruises before I graduated high school. My own kids are totally amped (for those royal fans - see what I did there!) for our next cruise in April on Navigator..it will be my daughter (9) fourth cruise and my son (13) third cruise. There first (NOS) was at ages 4 and 8, then LOS at 6 and 10, and SYMPHONY at 8, and then Amped Navigator when they will be 9 and 13. The first 2 cruises were all about the kids club - they knew tons of parents and kids on board and never wanted to see us - they were amazing vacations!! They spent all of their souvineer money on ‘Late Night’ at the kids club because they were having no so much fun they wanted to stay after 10pm! We are regular disney goers (AP, DVC, runDisney etc) but we have not been interested in a Disney Cruise. We enjoy the Royal product and believe we would enjoy Royal more than Disney - and the price point compared to Disney seals the deal. My son is not yet willing to travel on anything but Royal because of the flowrider (though he might be convinced to someday do NCL with the cars) and my daughter enjoys the rest of the ship. They have always loved the ship features, the shows, and all of the food options. My daughter just wrote a school essay about our amazing waiter Michael on our April cruise. As for where to go - I admit - We have done eAstern, western, southern and Bahamas - and we are the odd ducks that prefer western (southern too but it’s a hassle if doing an7 day because you have to fly out of San Juan). I really enjoyed Roatan, Cozumel offers a bunch of stuff to do, and we have enjoyed grand cayman and Jamaica too (everyone should climb the falls once or visit the grotto caves!). My experience is also that the Caribbean Sea is calmer than the Atlantic/Eastern. The open waters east of Florida can be choppy. BUT - no matter where you go - get the map out, engage the kids in discussion and learn about the culture a bit - everyone will have a really great time. If time and money isnt a concern - definitely jump in and do the 7 day. If you are worried look at the 4 night Bahamas runs to coco cay - the Navigator and Mariner are great ships for kids that age.
  10. It should be requiring that you select 1 person from your party to assign it to. Not requiring you assign it to 4?
  11. I also wanted to pile on with everyone else thanking you for your review and scopes the past few weeks. Always fun to follow along! You guys did a great job rolling with the punches between the delayed flights and the extended cruise to the MIA (ha - missing in action - not Miami!!) Limo Service - we hope we always handle things with as much grace as you do! Hope that Owen has a great ‘first day of school’ and that the mayhem of fall sports that become winter sports gets underway smoothly! Mostly - I hope that the onslaught of teenage behavior coming your way is managed with half the grace you have demonstrated on this cruise! (My son will be 13 in September - it starts way before 13!). And HOLY MOLY! Thanks for posting this about your cabana!! Our next cruise is Navigator in April as part of a Disney Land and Sea week! Our April Thrill Cabana just went down to $299! Saving us $200!! (Which will offset the price of the drink package that is currently still at $69/day plus grats!). This is Making the cabana only $60 more than the water park passes for 4 - and cheaper for a party of 5! I check this every week or so and I think it was actually $599 last week! (It went up to $799 at one Point!).
  12. Hope you have a good sleep John without too much wind noise or other issues! Stay safe!
  13. They are trying to offer something for those that would like the respite from Florida and the hurricane. The passenger is not at fault but made the decision to cruise during hurricane season and accepted the risks in the contract. They are not going to give you a cash refund - did you not have insurance for a cruise during hurricane season?? Surely Royal offered you this - so it’s only the travelers fault if they don’t have it. Maybe wait it out a little longer and see if things change again due to port access on wednesday. Maybe things will change to offer refunds. Until then - enjoy your sons wedding and make the most of this! Maybe see if you can get him booked on a cruise next week instead with that FCC!
  14. Your travel insurance may offer a refund but the Weather is not Royals fault for the weather. A future cruise credit so that they can enjoy a delayed honey moon or a one year anniversary cruise such that no money is lost due to this act of Mother Nature is perfectly reasonable and likely above and beyond what was in the T&Cs that you signed. Im sure it’s hugely disappointing to have a honeymoon impacted but cruising out of Florida on Monday just isn’t gonna be an option. Were they flying into Florida for the cruise? Has the airline offered change options?
  15. Been following along from Tapatalk and periscope all week but finally logged into the CC Website to reply and wish you all a safe extended journey! I hope you get a great room/rate on the next sailing and think you will have a great time instead of worrying about how to navigate hurricane hotels and planes in Florida! Your comment about the hockey coach is spot on - if they can’t make accommodates for this - your money should go elsewhere. My son (entering 7th grade) just missed fall basketball tryouts for 4 programs (baseball in Cooperstown followed by a week at my parents lake house). but they all were willing to schedule something for him upon his return! I’m SURE Owen will have no issue! Going back in time now that I’m logged in - I have one question from your day at Coco Cay - Where was your cabana specifically and did you like that location? We have a thrill water park cabana reserved for our April Navigator cruise - the food looked good too...Would you do anything different on coco Cay next time? (Besides bring something big enough to carry that awesome table/cooler back home without being noticed!!)
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