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  1. Thank you! When we drove on a Saturday in april we left Disney at 6:15 and we arrived at MIA at 10:20 with a bathroom stop. It was a super easy ride which is what convinced me it was possible to do this Disney / MIA Cruise again next year but we have the whole family this time which means it’s a little less laid back of a crowd! Last time we drove to MIA, returned the car and took the National airport shuttle to POM..but we have a full day before our flight when we return so I am debating keeping our car for the week to have it that day..that would also save us an hour of shuffle time on Monday morning and time for getting a car on Friday which might be nice... my 13 year old is super excited about El loco afresh... Was stand up alway 5-7pm? I need to make some dinner plans around this ...if I don’t see him at dinner I might not see him awake the entire time on board!
  2. i had seen many of these pictures but was disappointed to see that there was nothing fun in then woman's bathrooms!! Not even something colorful...thanks for the complete collection
  3. Wanted to add I’m also excited to see menus - we are trying to decide between UDP and not...
  4. Ohhh!!! So excited about this! Can you tell me more about your drive from orlando? We are trying to decide whether to leave on Sunday night and stay somewhere half way or leave Disney Monday AM. I was worried about traffic in the morning but 4 hours seems like great time... I probably should look on the departure board - but how much is parking in MIA? gonna make sure my kids have their suits to get some time on the wave in the afternoon! It’s New England spring break week so I expect lines on the wave...enough that we are considering the private sessions (not full rental though)
  5. Thanks for your review!! We are cruising on NAV in April and I can’t wait....the smoke was a problem on our 2015 NAV cruise and it sounds like it’s still going to be a problem for this one! Total bummer - which it was more controlled - it really messes us up! For your UDP - did you make reservations on boarding day for the entire cruise?
  6. Cyber Monday deals seem to be the same for me as the Black Friday (in the past there is an extra savings on CM). The prices for 4 device voom, refreshment, Soda And cococay activities are the lowest we have seen since booking. DBP and UDP are equal to the lowest prices we have seen (60/day and $99). I am still on the fence - we have DBP booked but the $19 refreshment package is so well priced..need to really figure out if we will get the $80 benefit/day out of it!!
  7. We were on Symphony in April. This was the sign - black and white and clearly stated - BUT we got our package to include grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. They took all of the photos from our 3 rooms and included them regardless of who is in them. I feel like this is definitely something that can be negotiated if buying onboard!! I also read a tip last week that suggested to have the entire extended family pose together for the welcome Aboard photo...don’t know if that was a factor (and don’t remember if we did it) but passing it along for this extended families like ours!
  8. Definitely get digital. You can print them on Shutterfly or any photo printing site for cheap and have copies forever ... also can use them on calendars, mugs, screensavers etc...
  9. I would assume you could almost always split up the bed to two twins and have the fold out sofa to give you 3 spaces? i do recall that there are some higher suites that don’t allow the beds to be separated though..
  10. We are regular Disney goers - I would say that the number of photo ops are not quite as high but are higher than they used to be. Some things are hit and miss though...like flowrider photos.. On Symphony in April we had photos at embarkation (several - not just one group), photos at dinner tables, there were several photo stands set up each night in the promenade/public spaces (like by the giant blow pop) should you want more, there were 2-4 photo stops at each port, flowrider(some of the time) Abyss (you have to link those by submitting a request), sometimes water slides had a photographer too...also sometimes theme parties did... we didnt do any Royal excursions and it was before Coco Cay but on prior cruises some ship sponsored excursions had photos included too...
  11. On Symphony in April - the pre-cruise price was the best. They had a price close to that available for the first few days on board. Our group ordered the all digital package onboard - it was a digital download not a USB drive. Onboard we were able to have all 3 rooms of our family group included in the photos. This was the sign at the purchase desk but it does not match our experience - they gave us all of the pictures even if the grandkids weren’t in them!
  12. Thank you for your review! We have UDP for DH and I on a 4 night navigator cruise in april and this is super helpful. We didn’t get it for our kids (9 yo can join for $10 and 13yo doesn’t want to commit to long dinners). Playmakers desserts are a big selling feature for us! Super excited about that part of your report!!!
  13. I’m sorry about your friends emergency. I hope that it isnt too serious. as for refunds - they will go back to the card that purchased them. Cruise Planner purchases, taxes, and port fees associated with his name will all be refunded to the original purchaser. You should also end up earning double cruise points for your solo trip...
  14. Thank you for the well annotated photo and video!! It really gave me better idea of what to expect with such a drastic weather change!! I am glad you arenokay and i hope the seas were not that rough the rest of your day!!
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