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  1. We flew out of FLL last April in lines that’s looked like that after returning from Sympbony. It was a mad house - but they said it’s the norm for a Saturday there. they call people out of line based on flight time. We were early For our flight and had to wait in the line for 2 hours before they would call us at the 60 min before our flight time. I will say - the line was at checkin. It’s not at security!
  2. We did not book one for our upcoming cruise because the water park is a requirement for my kids this trip (so we have a thrill water park cabana for $299) - but if we had 2 families / group of 6-8 and maybe two days at CocoCay to do water park one day and this another - we would definitely be considering it more. For our April cruise - the price has never been above $1199 that I have seen (which is also the current price)...I think it was about $999 when first released and was at 1100 a month ago for a bit.. I definitely think the regular Coco Beach Club Cabanas at $550 for our cruise are better than the Chill Island Cabanas if you have a group! Friends of ours are a group of 6 - I have definitely suggested it to them if they were looking for something to splurge on. They seem bigger, better appointed, and come with beach club amenities. But - to each there own...with a group of 4 - the price point is too high for ‘just us’.
  3. As a mom - I empathize with this family. What a devastating blow to a family vacation! I wish that they also gave something to the cousins who were cruising!! As I understand this self imposed 3 sea day rule - it was because they did not think they could support infant urgent care for multiple days. Unless they have drastically changed itineraries, it seems that even if they had 3 sea days that they may still be incredibly close to the islands during that time which would make it easy to dock in an emergency.
  4. I traveled with my 8 year old in April on Symphony and we did a beach day at Marriott (on our own). It was really great! The cabana, sand, surf, pool...it was a nice day and very reasonably priced. They have an option for a ‘day room’ thats Very attractive as well if you want to be able to escape the outdoors a bit! I wrote reviews on it somewhwrre - probably in my live review from Symphony or on the Port of Call st kitts board!
  5. While I CERTAINLY think 2 days notice of cancellation at a minimum should apply for non - weather related emergencies, I do think that this situation with the HA Westerdam is a wrinkle they were not expecting. Royal had a good plan in place and folks were able to get flights changed etc for this trip. But these new port restrictions are a problem. I also wonder how many guests sailing would have been able to still pass all of the quarantine rules (not being in China for 2 weeks or flying thru etc). Its got to be torture for Royal to have Spectrum and Quantum sitting idle over there!! Hope they can figure out SOMETHING to do with them the next few months!!
  6. We are on a 4 night in April...it’s been 65-69$ except for Black Friday/Cyber Monday when it went down to $60...I would plan on $65+18%. Onboard seems to be closer to $89 plus 18% based on some compasses j have seen!
  7. This new update about regardless of residency is a total bummer ... but it has to be because they don’t have devices to actually track/view your passport locations - so they don’t know how to trust that you are a Chinese citizen who resides here in the states.
  8. E11-14 weeks pregnant was definitely not an easy time for me and I would caution you on booking excursions ahead of time. You could have “all day sickness” (it’s not actually relegated to morning) and could find the movement just exaggerated everything. You could also be very tired at this time and just want to sleep. I would suggest more laid back activities - like a beach day or *maybe snorkeling* (though I was SOOO sick on the boat ride at 18 weeks it’s a serious maybe!). Ideally activities would be ones that you could schedule day of if you were in the mood. I would also talk to your doctor to find out if there is any medication you are allowed to take to calm your stomach if you are away. The last thing I will say is that when I was pregnant I became hyper sun sensitive. It stopped days after I had the baby - but when pregnant I would turn Lobster red in the sun for just a short time - even my ‘driving arm’ would turn burnt red in a short drive to work if not covered. This was a HUGE surprise to me when I got on that cruise with my first pregnancy!! Sunscreen was not helping and I had to be mostly shaded - I ended up buying long sleeve shirts in port to be able to walk around with a bit of a barrier! Also bring pre-packaged snacks with you to carry everywhere - saltines, oyster crackers, goldfish and my personal favorite - Milano cookies!
  9. Wow! When is your April cruise? We are on Navigator in April and at CC on 4/22 and it’s not sold out. I think the pass price went up a bit but not much this week (it was much lower at Christmas time!) Currently - over water cabanas are $1200 (have been as low as $1120), regular cabanas are $549 (this seems like a good price when comparing to admission for 8), and the day pass is 88 adult, 72 kids. (I think it’s been as low as 50).
  10. I read on here that this was a very recent change to the ages - to have the teen club actually start at age 13 on Oasis. I understand your concerns - this definitely would NOT have worked with my son and it would not have worked with our friends in our traveling party next year.
  11. I wonder if the coronavirus ban will end up freeing up some rooms! Will be interesting to see how this plays out...I’m sure there will be many rooms on the cruises out of Australia but still might get a few for Caribbean sailings!
  12. With South Beach having the sports court - I don’t think I would have expected South Beach to be the quiet place? I have never been - but I am sure my kids will be noisy when they are at the basketball court!
  13. Sounds like the room categorization really messed things up for Oasjs!! i think that if you have a flexible travel schedule - Symphony is definitely a very reasonable trade or Oasis! It’s an amazing ship with excellent entertainment options! And the free second passenger is a good discount for not having to change room types? i think ammenity wise - if they said Allure that might have been a downgrade but I think Symphony is a fairly equal trade? (assuming the itineraries are compatible - so if Oasis went to cococay - I would expect Symphony does too)
  14. Thank you! This is super helpful as an idea as I try to plan our April cruise!
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