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  1. I just compared, no discount with senior and police "discount!" Unreal!
  2. We have a family member sailing with us who is an ex-cop. If we book together, can we get the discount as well, even if we have two cabins?
  3. Is the Dream's eastern itinerary (Key West, Nassau, Freeport and three sea days) worth it? I feel like it would be a more relaxed cruise than other eastern cruises.
  4. There used to be a way to hold a stateroom for 24/48 hours. I can't find it, and am not ready to book yet. Anyone know how to do it?
  5. I have a similar internal clock. Something that seems super relaxing (and almost creepy) to me is walking around the ship very early in the morning while no one is awake.
  6. I didn’t think about the rocking. Is lido really worth it since it’s so far forward? What’s the furthest forward you would book? I’m not too concerned about doors slamming at night, we can sleep through pretty much anything.
  7. I think I found my solution! I’m booking the Breeze, lido interior that is second from the “secret deck.” Anyone have experience with this type of location?
  8. We had originally planned on booking an interior W/ Obstructed view, but took too long to decide. Now, all we have available are Interiors and OV's (which I don't want to book, just something unsettling to me being that low) in my price range. I know that some people swear they sleep better, but I don't want to sleep my vacation away. Should I book the interior or look for a different cruise?
  9. Not sure what it did, but I waited a bit and I could get passed that step. I can now fully complete a mock booking
  10. Is anyone else having trouble booking on NCL? I'm trying to do mock bookings and every time, I get to the stateroom category selection part, and i get an error message saying "Sorry there was an error retrieving pricing for this sailing. Please try again."
  11. An expanded wrap around lanai deck (kinda like pinnacle but on a smaller scale). I would love to see solo cabins, especially balcony solo cabins like the Celebrity Edge. I'd like more than two pools, just to give more options.
  12. Do any/all of the Breeze's walkway view cabins have couches? Carnival's website doesn't shoe them, but I've seen pictures of them. Anyone know?
  13. What is the best way to get from IAH to Galveston? We will fly in the day before, so the Carnival transfer won't work.
  14. Thanks! I've been flipping through various forums and I thought I was there.
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