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  1. We are on the 18th September trip. There are no excursions showing on our cruise planner. We rarely do Celebrity excursions but have a lot of OBC so do plan to do them this time. However hope to do our own too (cross fingers). Have no info. About the PCR testing. I presumed that was sent nearer to the sailing. We are trying a suite for first time too. Loved the Silhouette in 2018 and has been revolutionised since😀
  2. I may use the opportunity of moving an Asia February 2022 cruise to a January 23 New Zealand cruise as doubt that earlier trip will go ahead. Enjoy the cruise, visit our friends, and return to the UK leaving a newly retired wife there (for a bit). A fantastic country to visit on holiday. Hope you speed up the vaccination program.
  3. It will be interesting what the cruise companies plan. I imagine P&O and Cunard will plan to utilise their ships anchored off the coast if they can be staffed etc. However I just booked on a Silhouette UK Staycation in September. The original cruise was to Northern Europe. I much prefer the idea and itinerary of the Staycation so I hope Celebrity does not tinker….. but let us tour unaccompanied. My risk averse wife may wish to cancel if it is changed to Zeebrugge etc. Hopefully fully vaccinated North American’s and Europeans will be able to join us😀
  4. I have seen it sailing at the bottom of the road and hope to be on it in September. I cannot imagine how it cannot do that atlantic passage and continue with the caribbean season. Would Celebrity consider basing a portless ship in Southampton this Winter? Cunard, Fred Olsen and P&O do good business with cruises to the Canary Islands and Nortern Europe November to March. US vaccinated tourists are welcome in the UK from next week and international cruises are now allowed by the British Government.
  5. From memory you will be using cellular at sea when away from land based aerials.... and you will be robbed. I will turn my phone onto wifi and turn off roaming. Think we will be able to manage with ship wifi and accessing 3G/4G in port for a week. Should be nice to escape. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=1752
  6. Allegedly our numbers are diminishing again although I wonder if so many youngsters who are getting mild illnesses are reporting/testing. However I would not welcome Brits at the moment, likewise the States is having a pandemic of the unvaccinated and I would not go there. Perhaps in the Autumn. In the meantime off on a Staycation on the Silhouette. Did go to Ayreshire & Islay on an earlier Summer holiday and the weather was terrific.
  7. I would not wish to be travelling down the M3 on a Saturday in a rush to the port. I live in Southampton and avold the M3 Southbound on a Saturday or Friday evening as folk travel down to access the the South West. Likewise travelling North on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately the demise of FlyBe has reduced the Southampton flights. Mind they were not the most reliable airline. I would fly on the Friday and stay at Heathrow if a late flight or try getting down to Southampton. A late Friday flight maybe much cheaper than a Saturday flight. Possibly even an airport hotel
  8. @38anchor I am surprising my wife with Retreat in a Sunset Sky Suite. First time for both. Our May 20 cancelled Silhouette sail was Retreat too. Hope it does not spoil her because future cruises seem extremely expensive in a Suite. We usually do Aqua but for the next three the differential was great so we will be in a verandah. She will no longer fly economy. I think I made a mistake!
  9. That’s a shame. No real option for L&S as we have a Solstice Japan cruise April 23 and not keen doing two Far East trips so close together. Dog would not be happy and it is the ski season! Hopefully retired by then😜
  10. Until/if Covid 19 turns into a harmless virus I can imagine Celebrity continuiing to demand vaccinated cruisers. However whether the Asian are fully vaccinated and will be welcoming cruise lines is a different thing. We have a two week Solstice Cruise in February and remain hopefull'ish. Not sure what the other options would be if we cancel it. The only thing I do in Europe in Winter is ski and have three booked trips (again fingers crossed). We have an Oceania Caribbean cruise in November 22 and not that keen on two such trips within 10 months. Will wait to closer the final paymen
  11. Elite Perks. Have gone down effectively with All Inclusive but beneficial for some: https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/captains-club/tiers-and-benefits Feedback has been good if you read the posts. As for the weather.. who knows. I have sailed (in yachts) in August in winter storm like weather and had balmy Wintry days in December. Some folk have managed to get 30% NHS or Military discount for August trips. There is 10% for Captains Club if you can blag membership with your Royal status. INterested to hear about the Travel Trade discount. M
  12. That must have been a double blow! I did a reply to you about the Isle of Wight ferry. Not sure if you would have seen it.
  13. @downsmead what format were your excursions. Were you able to visit unaccompanied?
  14. Scratching my head what I will do with the OBC. Trying a suite first time so no plans for speciality dining (have already purchase a 6 night package for a veranda cabin cruise in January). Just bought a new ipad and will not require tours in Greenock or Liverpool. Wife will be having all her treatments pre-cruise and we do not gamble...... ideas or is it a handbag🙂
  15. Not sure where the Inverness PoC anchors berths but I know Glasgow quite well & travelling from my in-laws in Greenock. It will be a short walk to a train station then a <1hr train ride. Glasgow is a fabulous city. No shopping extravaganza in Greenock but a pleasant walk up to/past Gourock. A very good ice cream store enroute and coffee shops/bars in Gourock before walkling back. That is what we intend to do hopefully meeting sister-in law and my wife best friend.
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