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  1. Rebooked from this May's British Isle cruise which was cancelled to late September this year for same cruise. Fingers, toes, and eyes all crossed that cruising will be up and going way before then!
  2. We had our May 4, British Isles Regal cancelled and took Option 1 with 150% in FCC. We decided we could move vacation time, and I rebooked the same cruise on the Regal for late September this year hoping cruises will be back to somewhat normal by then and this won't be cancelled also. Since it is taking quite a long time for FCC to show for anyone, it is making me nervous as I want to use that FCC on this cruise. Fingers are crossed the FCC is on my account by our June final payment date. Hoping if it isn't, that our TA can work it through with Princess. I REALLY don't want to give Princess another huge amount of money when they already have so much now in limbo. We do have another cruise booked in late Jan. 2021, but will think hard about cancelling the September one if they won't be able to use my FCC.
  3. I am quoting myself as I wanted to give a little update. I kept checking on my Delta airlines reservation for flight on May 2, to London, and it is now off the Delta reservation site. It all still shows on my personalizer but that is fine as they need a reference to what I had booked and they need to refund. So far no FCC showing. Small progress, but it is progress!
  4. Hello dchan865! (I was on same cruise as dchan865) I have called my travel agent twice now about EZ air and they have talked to Princess each time. The first time I asked if I should cancel EZ air, and would the money for the air be part of the Option 1 -150% FCC back that I chose. Princess said don't do anything to the reservation or EZ air, they would do it and the air would be part of the FCC. The air is still showing on Delta as booked, so being the nervous nelly that I am, I made that second call two days ago to be sure the first Princess rep. was correct. The agent talked to Princess and they again said they would cancel everything and do all of it and to leave the EZ air alone. I did not ask about EZ money going to FCC this time. They stated it may take 30 more days. Who knows if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing, but I am keeping fingers crossed all of us will be way better off for money to book future cruises! I just hope it is straightened out by our final payment due date of our newly booked late September British Isle swap of the first one. I want to be able to pay with FCC.
  5. I cannot get my search to work so I apologize if this was covered already. Our cruise was for Regal, May 4, and we are part of the cancelled cruises. I filled out my form for refund choice and I received e-mail confirmation that it was received. What do I do with my EZ air that is on my reservation. We are at 52 days out so I think I can cancel it as the cut off is 45 days correct? Everything still shows on my personalizer as if we are still booked. I imagine it will take Princess time to take these off. Should I leave the EZAir reservation alone, and it will cancel with the cruise, or should I go in the personalizer and cancel it? I chose the 150% Future Cruise Credit. Will the air be part of that credit or does that come back on our credit card now? Anyone else done this or have advice for me?
  6. I will so miss reading your adventures when the cold and snow seem to surround me in what feels like an unending winter. I am always transported by your words to, more often than not, warm/hot and sunny places and it gets me through it. It was one of our favorite memories sharing the Segway tour with you and G in Antigua! And you and I chatting and laughing on our floaties in that beautiful St. James Bay talking about our Dad’s, which still brings a tear to my eye. I won’t give up hope that we will someday cross trails again, just like I will hold out hope that this is a temporary break in your writings. Thank your for all the joy and laughter that you have given so many of us. Kitty
  7. I got it too, but went back in about a half hour later and it was fine.
  8. Excited to find your “Live” have a fantastic vacation!!!
  9. How did you “see” they were ticketed? I am also new to this flexible air. The one other time I used EZ air the tickets was restricted and paid for upon booking. My TA sent notice for final payment and I paid. It included the air price. All the charge was charged to my card. I have flexible air so does Princess just refund before 45 days out If a better rate comes on? There has been no notice that it was ticketed if the TA made a mistake putting that on in the first place. What are other’s experiences with their Travel agents?
  10. Our plan B will be the Oyster card. Thank you for the help.
  11. Thank you for the answer. Our card number is the same but now I see his has an extra number after the letters RR on the bottom and mine has nothing after the RR. So I guess they do have a unique number.
  12. I am reading how to use our credit card, which has the contactless feature when we visit London in May and use the tube. I understand it works like the Oyster card, just tap in and out. My question: My husband and I each have a card with our own name on it, but it is the same number. Would it work out for both of us to tap our own cards as we enter and exit or will it somehow reject the second person with the same credit card number entering behind the one that just tapped in?
  13. My travel agent again assured me that they pay in US dollars to the ship and this dollar for dollar thing doesn’t happen. I guess there is so much information they have to wade through by representing so many cruise lines. I even sent her screen shots of how it is listed on the Personalizer as the amount they gave in US dollars saying over the column that it is now listed in Australian dollars in same amount, and she stuck to what she said. I was just suggesting they let people know Princess is doing this to their future clients. I would have liked to know before I saw it like that. Travel agent is still paying another $100 OBC right before cruise so according to what has been said on here, I have a chance that will be converted. I won’t hold my breath. Thank you again for all the replies!! Thank you for the first hand current experience PescadoAmarillo! Glad at this point I have the perk of paid gratuities!
  14. Thank you for all the feedback! I was afraid of the dollar for dollar deal, but how awful is that! Very disappointing as I thought it would cover an excursion or two. We usually do excursions on our own, but thought I would use it for that since the booking perks cover most everything else. All of you are wonderful to give me "real time" answers as between Princess and Travel Agent there is so much misinformation. I know it will be an amazing time and glad to know that this dollar to dollar is the case so I don't have to wonder any longer or have to go question guest services later.
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