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  1. @Loreni To be clear, Princess isn't the only one making the post COVID changes. All lines will be, and they will be part of requirements, not necessarily cruise line choices. ( not to mention, things done for passenger safety) So, before slamming Princess, maybe look at this through a wider lens, a more understanding one and take a breath as you head off to your cottage. In the meantime, we will prepare for the changes to safely and happily sail again on our line of choice ( @PrincessLuver call me a cheerleader if you wish, I'm flattered at 55)
  2. You misunderstand me. I am 100% in favor of vaccination. I am arguing against those who say "I've had COVID, I'm immune"
  3. But not permanently, and I haven't seen documentation that having COVID leaves you permanently immune, especially with variants.
  4. What "other" vaccine? Also, there is no proof how long those who have had COVID retain the immunity from the antibodies. CDC still advises them to get vaccinated.
  5. 14-Day Caribbean Islander New York City (Manhattan or Brooklyn), New York to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 7 Ports: New York City (Manhattan or Brooklyn), New York | San Juan, Puerto Rico | St. Maarten | St. Kitts | St. Lucia | Grenada | Curacao | Aruba | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida MedallionClass™ Vacation
  6. Oh you completely misunderstood, I am vaccinated, and am completely in favor of having people vaccinated prior to cruising. I was just trying to explain to the other posters why the Caribbean seems "wide-open" to US tourism and aren't requiring vaccinations right now. 😄
  7. It won't make sense to mandate vaccines until the vaccines are actually available to everyone...
  8. Jeni and Bond in Crooners on the Grand in 2017. We went San Francisco round trip to Hawaii with them and had the best times!
  9. WHen cruise ships aren't US flagged, they can require you to show whatever proof they like...
  10. I just needed to see a Princess ship up close an personal (even on camera)
  11. Extras, like beauty, may be in the eye (and dining room) of the beholder...🥂
  12. I believe that you have to be seated in Club Class to order Club Class.
  13. Also, the "goodwill" portion of FCC's cannot be used for deposits
  14. When did they cancel? Refunds have been running 60-90 days
  15. We used ours from our cancelled November 2020 Enchanted Princess as deposit and PIF on a future cruise. It has since been cancelled, and the same FCC used as deposit and payment in full on the next replacement cruises.. I have hard of people from "Pause 1" not being able to use theirs. My advice: call back, unless you were pause one. Do you still have the email that came to advise you of the conditions of your FCC, or look on the Princess site or let us know the date of your cancelled cruise; it may state under their top "cancelled cruises" banner the terms for your specific FCC ,
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