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  1. Thanks for forcing that into yet another thread...ugh
  2. When we stop off to have the bartender "fix" our morning latte...then we are on a cruise πŸ˜„
  3. Happily following; have a great cruise! ❀️
  4. We still like the tux approach πŸ˜„
  5. The UBD comes with PLENTY of butter
  6. Really? Apparently it depends on itineraries, ships and when you book. We have still been able to book ours at very reasonable rates. We also spend onboard (yes, I know, some find that to be foolish, but we are there to make memories), and find that their onboard amenity costs are par with other lines in the same category. Others are cutting back as well; it's not just Princess. I was only addressing your breadstick comment, for what it's worth, but overall, we still find the Princess product (and a couple of others in their category) to meet and exceed our cruising expectations, dollar for dollar.
  7. Not that the horse hasn't been beat into the ground previously, BUT: Breadsticks are available upon request; they weren't being eaten, so they quit putting them on tables; they are avoiding waste. This helps keep fares lower. Flame away
  8. Following this, and loving it; feel almost like we're there...ALMOST😊
  9. No, but you made my point.
  10. Your grousing is giving me a headache
  11. I had to double check that my husband didn't post this😁 Snarky today seagull?
  12. If someone surprised me with a cruise when I thought it was a roadtrip, I'd be doing cheetah flips of joy and gratitude! πŸ˜€ Point me to the pier, and I'd enjoy the "upgrade" from a trip in the car where we drive and live out of our suitcases,in different rooms each night, to a cruise where some other lovely people handle the transportation, our hotel travels with us,so we unpack once, and yet we still see several new places. Oh, and bonus: the food and entertainment!😊
  13. I think that on the newer ships they were doing a more interactive upgraded one. Someone posted about it a few months ago.
  14. Agreed! 😊 If you want to give them a bit of planning time, for clothes and such, maybe do a family game night with scrabble and pre-plan your tiles to be able to do cruise words, with the destinations, "ocean", "ship", etc.
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