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    TV guide

    Is there anyway to get a TV guide for the entire cruise at the beginning of the cruise?
  2. Does anybody know if there is a way to get a TV guide at the beginning of the cruise for the entire trip? Will be sailing soon on the Royal Princess.
  3. Thanks I haven't they'd the maitre'd yet. The menu on the tv is a great idea to.It would also good if you could post the times available in the specialty restaurants on the tv instead of waiting on the phone.
  4. Tried that on the Ruby princess and they said they didn't have the menus?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a way of accessing the dinner menu for the entire cruise at the beginning of the trip? I will be on the Royal Princess soon and would like to book the specialty restaurants on nights that I don't see anything special on the dinner menu for any given night.
  6. My cruise to Alaska will be at the beginning of September would it be better to take the excursion by plane or boat to see the misty fjords?
  7. Is it true if you have not used all the punch outs on a coffee card it will no longer be honored on future cruise?
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