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  1. Announcement on TV news this morning. Spain now considering introduction of a "tax" on cruise ship passengers.
  2. You are correct. It is the Japanese Garden Cowra. Harry Gordon was the author of the Die Like the Carp, a historical book about the Cowra breakout of Japanese prisoners of war. My paternal grandfather served at the prison during WW2 as a tailor. A veteran of WW1 he was deemed to old for active service for WW2, however his trade was considered useful. Your turn Yaya.
  3. I have used the CKS Sydney Airport Hotel many times. Its very reasonable priced and 5 mins to international terminal. The Novotel Sydney is also close by but is a little more up market although they are both rated 4*. They use the same shuttle which is cheap, regular and timely to meet all flights.
  4. I have one of these, available from Aldi, that I have used in UK, Canada, USA and Europe on cruises and land tours. Amazon would have something similar. https://bauhn.com.au/universal-travel-adaptor-kit/
  5. If you know the hotel/s where you are staying check with them if there is a dryer in the room/s.
  6. Thank you. next pic is from a few years ago on a family outing.
  7. I watched it and enjoyed it but didn't learn anything new but I've lived in the area most of my life. Yes, the Fren family are from Newcastle and so are Matt and Brett. I don't mind the Frens, they're good for a laugh. Matt and Brett discovered stuff they didn't know about. Of course the locals gave Newcastle 5 stars. Port Stephens and Hunter Valley were included but not Lake Macquarie (which could be a blessing).
  8. I like a bit of dead horse on the lid and side. I then eat the lid followed by the filling, them mop up any remaining sauce and gravy with what's left of the pastry.
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