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  1. Anyone ever find an answer to this question?
  2. There is literally a thread on this 5 posts down from yours.
  3. How is one suppose to know what the last winter sailing is?
  4. When do the drink vouchers officially expire? There are some on Ebay but not sure when they are good till.
  5. It took me about 2 weeks until I got rejected on a Club Carlson match. Resubmitted with my Royal Caribbean info and took about 10 days until I got my approval.
  6. Thanks skier52. I did some searching on facebook and found this picture of the room. It looks like it is larger, not sure if it is 50% bigger, but definately bigger. I wonder what is going on with these balconies though. Maybe the room next to us has two balconies?
  7. Skier, you appear to be the expert on room questions. I am booked in room #14237 on the Seaside in a couple weeks. Some maps show this as a regular balcony room, and some show it bigger than others. Do you happen to know if it is in fact larger?
  8. We were assigned room 14237 for our cruise in a few weeks. I have looked around and some maps show this as a regular sized room, and some maps show it looking much larger (including MSC's). It almost looks like they got rid of the room between us and 14233 and split it up amongst these 2 rooms? Has anyone ever stayed in either of these rooms? Are they larger than normal? What does the "H" mean on 1433?
  9. Is there anywhere on the website that would show me if the coupons or easy package are included with my booking?
  10. So I have read several threads on here about the drink vouchers being cancelled, but MSC's website still lists them as a perk on the fantastica experience. Our cruise was booked at the beginning of December for a sailing on February 2nd. So, based on what I am reading, is it safe to assume that we will recieve the drink vouchers because we did not recieve the drinks on us package, and we are sailing before March 25th? " FANTASTICA Preferred staterooms: Suite, Balcony, Super Family, Ocean View and Interior All benefits of the Bella Experience plus a variety of extra privileges: Ideally located staterooms and views, including the upper decks with easy access to main areas. Guests request either an early dining option or a late one and a dining time within that range will be assigned according to availability, but with priority over Bella guests.* For more details on dining times, click here. 24-hour room service with FREE continental breakfast** Free 12 drink vouchers (soda wine, beer, non-premium cocktails, coffee, gelato) ***Drink package consists of 12 beverage vouchers to be used in bars, restaurants and buffet and includes wines by the glass, beers, non-premium spirits and cocktails, soft drinks, mineral water, hot drinks, and gelato in a cone or cup. Child version without alcohol also available. If booked with the Drinks On Us promotion/drink package, the 12 drink vouchers will not be included with the Fantastica Experience; the Drinks On Us package will replace the 12 drink vouchers. The 12-drink vouchers package will be included with the Fantastica Experience for cruises until March 25, 2019."
  11. Well this stinks. I just recieved my rejection email from MSC stating they cannot match my Radisson Rewards, only Club Carlson. Club Carlson's rewards program no longer exist. It was renamed Radisson Rewards over 6 months ago. "Thank you for contacting us regarding our Status Match program. However, we cannot use the documentation provided from Radisson. Although they are affiliated with Club Carlson, we currently do not match to Radisson. If you have a membership with Club Carlson or another company that is recognized in our program, please resubmit using documentation for that. Thank you, MSC Voyager's Club"
  12. Hiw long does the status match usually take for them to process? I submitted my wifes and mine a week ago and havent heard anything. Does it typically take this long? I thought I read that some people were getting it approved over night.
  13. I should mention that the wife and are nexus pass holders so we do qualify for TSA pre-check. Should save us some time in line.
  14. I just submitted my status match. They list has Club Carlson gold matching to Gold. I hope this is the case even though Club Carlson is now Radisson Rewards. I find it odd that my club Carlson gold will match to gold, but my IHG platinum only matches to silver. Let's see what happens.
  15. I hope so... we are booked on a 10:40 flight out of Fort Lauderdale.
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