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  1. We use a fee based VPN service all the time...Even at home on our own wireless network. We no longer get advertisements for our local area...We get them for the area our VPN says our IP Address is. The VPN Service runs in the background and is always on unless we turn it off...It doesn’t slow down our performance at all and our service covers all our devices...iPads, iPhones and laptops
  2. I won’t get into my security clearance but I’m required to get permission for all foreign travel at least 30 days in advance of travel. I also receive threat briefings for all countries on my itinerary. Never been denied authorization for travel to Haiti.
  3. Appreciate the in info. The Allure is scheduled to be there 7 am till 5 pm with our excursion being from 9 am to 2 pm.
  4. We are doing the Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Swim through RCCL this month on the Allure. Taking our grandson on this and of course concerned about this State Department Travel Warning. Any advice or thoughts on this excursion?
  5. Our last three cruises, we have brought gifts to be given away at the meet and mingle. Being retired military( 28 years Air Force) the gifts are military related...F-15 and F-16 hats one time, Air Force tee shirts another time and Air Force badge holders the last time. Still trying to decide what we will donate next month on our Allure Cruise. Allows us to break the ice and really get to meet fellow cruisers.
  6. Psycho is not shy by any means and has worked with ship M&M to get everyone to mingle. We would love to take the mic and pass it around so everyone could introduce themselves
  7. Barb is a recycling Nut...She has special bags she uses instead of single use bags when shopping and has three recycling containers depending on material for each. Psycho on the other hand, hunts and provides wild game to supplement our family meat needs.
  8. We grabbed these so called gas station sandwich’s many times...Always enjoyed every bite. Wished our local gas stations sold sandwiches that tasted as good.
  9. We would love it if they passed the microphone around to all the guest to introduce theirselfs...Or better yet...Let us run the meet and mingle 👍
  10. Yes as soon as you purchase them...They are yours! Take em back to your cabin or find the smoking area and smoke all of them. All kidding aside, Barb is still a smoker and we always purchase cigarettes onboard due to the low price...Even cheaper than purchasing on military bases with no taxes.
  11. Labadee is one of our favorite ports and we’ve been there 8 times...Never felt unsafe. Nellies Beach is so beautiful and relaxing.
  12. Our cruise next month on Allure started out at $50...Dropped to $48 and just recently dropped again to $44. We canceled and rebought each time at the lower price. The best price we’ve gotten was $41
  13. We always get the package and never been required to pay extra for any drinks. We enjoy the frozen drinks during the day around the pool and mixed drinks in the evening...Crown and Coke and vodka and tonic. I guess if you order the top shelf liquor you might have to pay the difference.
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