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  1. how may does this ship hold- looking at this cruise vs Holland America next June for a girls Birthday trip- 10 of us age 55- plan to read whole review later- was food decent ?
  2. I am in process of researching for a trip next June- choices are HAL- Bos, Bar Harbor, Halifax, Sydney Prince Edward Island, Quebec City, Montreal OR Norwegian- NYC, Halifax, St John Bay of Fundy, Bar Harbor, Portland, Newport, NYC From what I've read so far- HA is the better itinerary- why? but Norwegian has more to do on ship.... Let me know your thoughts-money wise-isn't a whole lot of difference but doesn't include flights HAL will be more than NYC.. We live in the South-
  3. which ports are ya'll saying that everyone loves the most?
  4. Thanks. Since I am the one in charge I am trying to research. The other ships possibly are a Norwegian and Royal Carribean. We are from the south and the big request is somewhere not hot/humid and this cruise is what my TA recommended without having to travel too far away...
  5. We will be celebrating our 55th bdays....
  6. I am looking at this cruise for a girl's group of 10 on Zaandam but a little iffy about ship with not much entertainment- just curious what some of the favorite things are to do at each port?
  7. Thx so much. How much is EX4 package? I was hoping for more entertainment ... we can split up at meals. Not a big deal. Looking at other ships/itineraries too
  8. I am not a regular cruiser but looking at this ship for a girl's group of 10- are there dining reservations? alcohol extra? any tips for a big group etc.... read this is a smaller ship-holds 1400 -still seems big to me-looking at a Canada cruise next summer-what about nightly entertainment?
  9. Thx and true about the packing. We are getting together this weekend so plan to mention the Bermuda and Canada trip. I just did Alaska last summer
  10. I am researching places to go for a girl's 55th trip- we all live in the South so ports close by would be best! most of us have been to Caribbean but might like a NE cruise- looking into next June or possibly fall- just wanting some ideas of cruises to look at for prices etc- and not for a week but about 4-5 days Boston etc...
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