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    Road To Hana Excursion

    I was there for a week. We had a Jeep, and drove to Hana and then around the whole southern part of the island on past Palapala Ho‘omau Congregational Church. There is also a nice stop with water falls, seven sacred pools at ohe'o right before the church. If yo u must take a tour, i would check and see if they go to these stops. You can see the Big Island on a clear day. Not much around the southern part of the island, no true citys and one service point (more of a tourist shack, fill up with gas before leaving Hana). But was cool to do, pretty and landscapes changed often. Once back on the western part of the island, we went up to the top of haleakala. I don't know how long you have, and its a pretty long road trip, but that was an awesome day, and probably my best memory of Hawaii out of two week plus trips. You cold cut out Haleakala to save time.
  2. talltyson

    Mexican Riviera - Best Snorkeling?

    Researching Mazatlan.... mixed reviews. Taking my gear, and i know it won't be Hawaii or The Caribbean, but have plenty of time at port to try snorkeling out. Anyone have good details about snorkeling Mazatlan? I see there is a reef, but not many specifics as to where, "further away north" and "far away over there" are the most detailed report i saw. Deer and Bird island i've seen mixed reports on, but seem to be the two popular places to snorkel. Anyway, respond if you have any good or detailed info about these areas, and the best snorkeling in Mazatlan area!
  3. talltyson

    Mazatlan Level 4 Travel Warning

    Lived in mexico in 2006-2007 for two years and traveled everywhere. Been to all the top tourist beaches, and the areas not well known. In our two years we visited almost every state in the Mexican union, we got in trouble once, on a mexico city subway, got pickpocketed, should have never got on a packed train, knew better but was in a hurry. Just a few tips, leave your bling on the ship, or better yet at home. Dress casual, you are not going to prom on the Mexico beaches..... Try to blend in.... was hard for me, 6'4 red head and a 5'10 blond wife, but we did fine. Don't be stupid, don't ask for trouble, don't listen to the media that loves shock value. These vacation towns on the beach are probably safer then Miami or Detroit! I would use caution at any boarder towns, and areas where the drug trade is ongoing, which the state Sinaloa is know for, but will not be an issue where tourist are. As for this turtle tour, how are the online reviews for this trip or company putting on? Can you google the beach you are going to research? Call the people and ask them about the risks? I'm guessing with that distance, you will be fine. If you were going an hour or two into the interior i would probably tell you to pass.
  4. talltyson

    How long does it really take to tender in Cabo?

    Just one reason we are booking an excursion in Cabo. The Pirate Ship is the same price, regardless if you book on website or through Princess. It also leaves one hour after we stop to tender, so i know we will get off first. Another reason to book excursions through the cruise line, if there are any issues during the tour, the boat won't leave you. If you use a 3rd party, you are on your own. And i've been there, with Celebrity, on my phone speaking to their 800 hotline in PV, , they said you better hurry or meet us at the next stop, which was Acapulco (this was 12 years ago when it was safer). Don't be those people on the last tender, we actually watch from our balcony, even on port, for the late people, its a fun tradition, as its happen to me and my family a few times, we like cheering these folks back on the boat!
  5. talltyson

    NFL Playoff Games Onboard?

    http://www.princess.com/learn/onboard/activities/nfl.html#.VKc_EvnF-So "Playing nearly 100 games, including Sunday afternoon games, Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night games, plus wild card, division playoffs, conference championships and the Big Game" had the same question, looks like they do show all the nfl playoff games, plus a lot of regular season games, and looks like they create a "tail gate" feel to it.