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  1. I'm not a vaccine warrior but misinformation is aggravating. I think you only read the poorly worded headlines. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/who-warns-against-mixing-matching-covid-vaccines-2021-07-12/
  2. Well, essentially replace “Vietnam” with the name of any country.
  3. I would suggest that the anti-vax cohort and the never-had-a-passport cohort intersect quite nicely.
  4. Over 700 yesterday. But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory, right?
  5. Perhaps the only long term effect will be preventing Covid? What a crazy thought!
  6. Errrr.... you have a better chance of not dying?
  7. Number of cruise critic users who have changed their opinions based on ANY Covid-related post since the pandemic started: 0 Guaranteed 100% correct statistic, and all of the networks are scared to report it.
  8. Just imagine the queues on Santorini.
  9. The only conclusion is that your numbers are wrong? Essentially every agency and news outlet (even Fox, so maybe you’ll believe it) is reporting well over 3.1-3.2 million. You can’t just make things up and then pretend it proves all your points. Textbook sophistry.
  10. Way to add more value. 🙄 Nothing to see here Gertie17. Hopefully you’ll get some helpful advice.
  11. Wow. Didn’t have your coffee yet? Clearly the OP is interested in others’ opinions....
  12. Don’t kid yourself. The current government was secretly thrilled about the pipeline being killed. Solves a ton of problems for them.
  13. You can develop scurvy on a 7 day cruise? Who knew?
  14. I didn’t realize lettuce was so critical.
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