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  1. The locals congregate in the airport for incoming flights. The first time I went I just took a bed in a very low budget hotel. The second time we rented the top floor in someone's house (but arranged it beforehand). I'll have to dig up the info. Both rentals were very close to Hanga Roa; maybe a 10-15 minute walk to get into town. Airbnb is very well represented. I did not do any tours on either trip. I found, for me anyway, that it was a place I wanted to explore on my own and in my own time. Both times I rented a jeep for the duration. The roads are well marked and apart from the back road to Ahu Akivi, are in fairly good shape. Of course it is impossible to get lost as you can see from one side of the Island to the other. We ate in the local restaurants; had some great fresh fish and some not so great pizza. It is one of these places that draws you back, and I feel the pull yet again to return.
  2. You don't really need a tour company. I've been there twice - just booked my own flights and organized a place to stay beforehand. End of January is very high season so expect to pay a lot for flights and accommodation.
  3. My suggestion? Do whatever you want just don’t bring it here.
  4. I love this thread only because the term “longitudinal stiffener” was used. Gotta be a first for cruise critic.
  5. If this incident happened to two NCL ships the thread would be 79 pages long by now!
  6. You can really see the damage happening to the lifeboats here. Lots of videos on youtube.
  7. And you get to soak up all that authentic Canadian culture.
  8. Well here is another option. Uber will provide an Uber Car Seat service. Just split duties with your husband and each take one kid to the port using two Uber’s. Not ideal but will work out. I am totally in the camp of traveling without a car seat. Our son is now in a booster only so we use the mifold from time to time but prior to this age we never took one and just made do.
  9. Exactly. Rent a car. Drop off kids and spouse at terminal and return the car. Do the opposite on the way back or pay for coach transfer.
  10. Last year in Le Havre we rented a small SUV right at the port and drove and explored the DDAY beaches ourselves. While of course we did not get the commentary as one would with a tour, I found the driving and navigation extremely easy and going at our own pace was great. Having said that, our main goal was the Juno beach museum and area - which was fantastic.
  11. For obvious reasons I am excited to hear about your next stop. I have been twice on land vacations and will go back again in the next couple of years. Can’t get enough!
  12. Answered a survey about theee weeks ago about possible names for this. I am glad they chose The Reef because the other names were rather poorly thought out... Harbor Pointe? Sounds like a seniors’ residence...
  13. We took our then almost 4 year old on a Baltic cruise, with the usual stops. Highlite for him was definitely St. Petersburg. We did a private tour and specifically had them fit in a stop at Varshavsky railway station to see their incredible collection of rail cars and engines. Apparently it has closed and relocated close by at the Russian Railway Museum. If either of your children are into trains, this place is amazing. Not too often you can check out a missile launcher up close. Peterhof was also a big hit, as was Pushkin. Doubtful he will remember any of this stuff but the photos are priceless (to us, anyway). Unless you have a burning desire to see the Hermitage art museum, I would bypass it with kids - I wish we hadn't wasted any time there.
  14. A data point for you. We sailed on the NCL Sun in the reverse direction the first two weeks of January three years ago with our then 4 yr old. There about 30 kids on board. About 29 of them didn’t speak English.
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