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  1. Interesting. I tried to find a reference but couldn't. So does this mean we can stop washing our hands and using sanitizer?
  2. Or not; our December 14th is not cancelled. Of course it will be in due course.
  3. Almost $800mil in customer refunds. Yikes.
  4. Temper your disappointment. They are not going to allow any questions for which they do not have any answers...(Covid) Or any questions for which they do not want to answer (Refunds)
  5. And until they get their outbreak under control.
  6. Yes I know this and good for you with your research. In your post you said that AIDS was a virus. I was simply saying that it is not a virus?
  7. I get it. You have no skin in the game. Credibility = 0.
  8. Rise from the grave oh ancient thread!
  9. This is fantastic! Instead of relying on medical authorities and scientists, we can get all the latest Pandemic info from a lobbying group and a cruise line!
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