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  1. Well here is another option. Uber will provide an Uber Car Seat service. Just split duties with your husband and each take one kid to the port using two Uber’s. Not ideal but will work out. I am totally in the camp of traveling without a car seat. Our son is now in a booster only so we use the mifold from time to time but prior to this age we never took one and just made do.
  2. Exactly. Rent a car. Drop off kids and spouse at terminal and return the car. Do the opposite on the way back or pay for coach transfer.
  3. Last year in Le Havre we rented a small SUV right at the port and drove and explored the DDAY beaches ourselves. While of course we did not get the commentary as one would with a tour, I found the driving and navigation extremely easy and going at our own pace was great. Having said that, our main goal was the Juno beach museum and area - which was fantastic.
  4. For obvious reasons I am excited to hear about your next stop. I have been twice on land vacations and will go back again in the next couple of years. Can’t get enough!
  5. OzCanuck

    Caribbean Princess is getting a splash pool!

    Answered a survey about theee weeks ago about possible names for this. I am glad they chose The Reef because the other names were rather poorly thought out... Harbor Pointe? Sounds like a seniors’ residence...
  6. OzCanuck

    baltic cruise with little ones

    We took our then almost 4 year old on a Baltic cruise, with the usual stops. Highlite for him was definitely St. Petersburg. We did a private tour and specifically had them fit in a stop at Varshavsky railway station to see their incredible collection of rail cars and engines. Apparently it has closed and relocated close by at the Russian Railway Museum. If either of your children are into trains, this place is amazing. Not too often you can check out a missile launcher up close. Peterhof was also a big hit, as was Pushkin. Doubtful he will remember any of this stuff but the photos are priceless (to us, anyway). Unless you have a burning desire to see the Hermitage art museum, I would bypass it with kids - I wish we hadn't wasted any time there.
  7. A data point for you. We sailed on the NCL Sun in the reverse direction the first two weeks of January three years ago with our then 4 yr old. There about 30 kids on board. About 29 of them didn’t speak English.
  8. OzCanuck

    3 1/2 hour wait to book NCL cruise. Are u kidding me?

    Sydney to Hawaii “translantic” is going to take a lot longer than 18 days! (Tongue firmly in cheek)
  9. OzCanuck

    Using baby monitor onboard

    Had no problem using ours in NCL’s two bedroom suite when our kid was still in a pack and play. But that was only 10-15 feet away, albeit through the steel walls. Never tried it outside the room.
  10. OzCanuck

    Norwegian says I'm a child

    Really? Sounds like something in a layer far beyond the database. I doubt that an indicator for adult vs. Child is persisted. Sounds like it is derived.
  11. OzCanuck


    Sofa Bed. Get pool noodles or rolled up towels for under the edges. No problem. Just make sure it’s a room with a pullout. I have have yet to be on a ship that has an effective curtain divider. Our son has been on 14 cruises on several lines. NCL had the best in their mini suite. But even that was not great. Another good option in lieu of bedrails is a product called The Shrunks. Check it out.
  12. OzCanuck


    Think you might have meant me? Well if not I'll tell you anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed the 15 day trip - in total it was a nice 3 week getaway (from Toronto). We had my son fund-raise for his birthday and with the money we purchased about $500 in school supplies. I set up a visit to a severely underfunded primary school about 90 minutes' drive from Alotau. His dentist also donated 250 toothbrushes (imagine THAT carry-on luggage from YYZ to SYD.) We donated those in Kirawina. We also brought some sporting equipment. It was a pleasure seeing them set aside their stick and mango pit cricket set for the real thing! I have mixed feelings about the Kitava/Kirawina stops. Ten years ago these islands had not seen a cruise ship and were quite happily fishing, growing taro and living their simple lives. Now they seem to have given up a lot of that lifestyle, and don't kid yourself if you think a lot of those carvings they are selling are not mass produced somewhere and crated in. So I think the cruise industry has done some damage here. Alotau is much more a commercial centre and obviously it shows. Still, the Trobriands are fascinating places that most people on this earth will never get a chance to see. Read Paul Theroux's "Happy Isles of Oceania" for a different perspective on them. The stop at Rabaul was a dream of mine, having done a minor in Japanese History many years ago and written my thesis on the battles there. Don't miss the dusty little museum if you go! What a treasure. Likewise the Solomon Islands were interesting as well. I loved seeing the trinkets the kids had dug up around the battlefields and were selling to the tourists. Definitely authentic. A bit gruesome, but authentic. And most importantly, we were able to show our son some perspective - whether he keeps that or not, it can't hurt.
  13. OzCanuck


    We did the PNG cruise on Sun Princess in November, 2017. Along with our 6 year old, there were 12 other children on board. 6 teens, and 6 pre-teens. The teens mostly hung out in the teen area (quite small) playing video games and playing games with the staff. When not in the clubs, the teens could be seen running down the hallways screaming, breaking things and causing all sorts of mayhem for the older passengers. Just kidding, they were all well behaved.
  14. OzCanuck

    free at sea

    Free at sea has been in place for about 4 years now. Don’t sweat it.
  15. OzCanuck

    Magdalena Island tour companies

    Well we were sailing into a 40-50 knot wind. The channel was relatively calm though (unlike our crossing from the Falklands back to Ushuaia - which was a gut wrenching up and down marathon for a day). This was the 2nd week of January. Coldest day was in the Falklands, but even that I just wore a t-shirt, light sweater and a windbreaker. Layers were fine. I think it was +8 celcius - it was just the wind that was annoying. Just checked with our other friends that cruised with us on this trip. In Chacabuco they did the Deer Island nature walk - Princess has it as well. Sadly they saw no deer - nor any other wildlife for that matter. So it was just a walk in the trees. Coyhaique doesn't really have a lot to offer except the drive there and back which is quite picturesque. We wandered around, found a bakery and had a snack. Again with a child the perspective is different. However memories like these are priceless.