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  1. They're still members. Just they only sail on ships with a draft of 6 feet.
  2. There were a couple new things (try that poblano pepper soup) but otherwise nothing special
  3. Except that's not true. If it was true the CDC director (who seems to do everything wrong) wouldn't have overruled the FDA panel
  4. The FDA did not recommend boosters for 65+. They merely authorized a booster if people wanted it
  5. Remember RC has no role in selling or administering these tests. They just have their logo on a storefront.
  6. This. We've got one of these and never had an issue. These typically don't care about voltage, either, so plugging one into a 220 outlet will be fine too
  7. "science" also said never to touch it and if you do, immediately replace it. Also to wash it each night. Then we found out covid was an airborne virus which made all that "science" obsolete.
  8. Just keep an eye out if RC changes its boarding test from PCR to antigen. CDC rules say you cannot have two antigen tests for boarding, one must be PCR. So if RC switches to antigen, the pre-cruise test has to be PCR
  9. For all the insurance fraud going on, getting a test for travel but saying it's for exposure ranks very low on the list
  10. It's a nice idea to order 6 and have some for a future cruise, but it's really not their fault they're sending you tests that will expire before a cruise in five months.
  11. They're probably anticipating the CDC insisting everyone takes a covid test each morning of the cruise.
  12. It was always my understanding that the lounge servers/bartenders were working there "off the clock" Then again it's not like they work hourly anyway.
  13. The suite lounge perks are separate from your Diamond vouchers. For $270, that's a no brainer upgrade.
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