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  1. Just left two weeks in Seaside YC. There is a $$$ max at Champagne Bar, but what we ordered was $2 over that amount and we were never charged.
  2. I have never seen all of their chairs used. So, yes, plenty.
  3. I just got messaged yesterday from both of ours and they are both still active and not anticipating a move anytime soon. Great news as Mr. Morsi’s is our favorite on South friars beach but we certainly understand the love people have for both of them.
  4. My Serenade experiences are somewhat different. On two separate cruises on Serenade, they turned people away on the first night if they didn’t have reservations. They didn’t ever care if you showed up at time of reservation, but they did care if you had one. We found that as long as we had a time booked, we could go any time and were always welcomed. As other poster said, table for two not always available. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Also on drink packages this week for our cruise in fall of 2019. Spring cruise has old pricing. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. How are cruise docs (luggage tags, etc.) being delivered with the new web site. I may be missing something but I can’t see them anywhere? Have printed Set Sail with no issues. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. We pay a hair more to reserve a chair at Holland House Hotel on main beach at port. . Great service, chair, drinks, best bathrooms, internet on beach, great folks who followed through hurricane recovery and did wonderful job restoring.....we have loved them for years. Can make reservation on line. Lots of places cheaper but not as good chairs and often really loud music. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Consider.......April 2019.....Vision Galveston to Barcelona....super value considering current RCI PRICING. Jr. Suites only $400 more than Balcony. Come join us. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. My experience on Serenade (two cruises) is that as long as you have a MTD reservation for that evening, they will seat you virtually any time. We were only two so larger group may be a problem. First couple of nights, they were turning away anyone without a reservation, regardless of time. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. We just returned from Colombia and these are exactly the kinds of questions we got both from the counter agent, immigration and gate agent. And, they were excellent at bouncing questions between both my wife and me. Seemed to just be enhanced security. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. We had a different experience on navigator. The reservation was not made for our first two nights and they made us accept a really challenging time although we went to the specialty restaurant reservation desk as soon as we boarded. We were unable to get to two of the specialty restaurants at all at any time during the cruise and other reservation times were not conducive to getting to the shows etc. since this was our only experience of using dining packages, we were quite disappointed and wondered if it was an exception. Looking forward to seeing other people's points of view as we have chosen not to make such reservations on upcoming cruises. We have just booked what we wanted at full price but would love to use the packages once more. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Just had it happen with my TA. They tried to raise price almost $2,000. Thank goodness for original receipts. Hate that we have to watch this kind of stuff. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. My experience has been that every department has a schedule of when they are allowed to go to "supply" and replenish. Sometimes,it is two or three days away from when they run out. We have seen this multiple times in bars when bar tenders could confirm a wine or liquor they were out of at that specific bar is actually in the supply area but they weren't slotted to pick up for a couple of days. The better managers will find a way to transfer between bars, windjammer, pool but others won't take the initiative. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. So true. We completed,the 11 day in January and and enjoyed every aspect. So loved it we added it again for next Jan in addition two others already on our schedule. Loved always seeing something going on in the Centrum, live band was great and yes, there are changes. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Confirmed this morning by a cruiser currently on board for B2B on tomorrow's cruise Roll Call. They were told at their B2B meeting 25. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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