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  1. I bought the Bushnell 10X50 Perma Focus at Walmart.com for $48 2 years ago. By far the best Binocular I have ever owned.
  2. Every time we have entered the Strait of Juan De Fuca going to Victoria, we have seen pods of Orcas in late August and Sept. Last year we seen a super pod of 30+ Orcas. About 1/2 of the time the Capt. announces the sightings.
  3. All of the workers including porters at the cruise ship dock belong to the ILWU (longshoreman union). The longshoreman at the dock make in excess of $1,000/day which includes weekend wages plus time and a half after 6 hours of work. Most of the longshoreman working at the cruise ship docks are senior longshoremen being in the highest wage rates bracket. The longshoremen are hired by the Port of Seattle and separate from the cruiseline employees. My son is a longshoreman and says that the longshoreman on the dock cannot solicit tips and should not receive tips, but some ignore the policy.
  4. The documentary "Seattle is dying" is a true picture of downtown Seattle. Most people in Seattle and surrounding communities do not go to downtown Seattle. This documentary is one of the reasons to stay out of Seattle. Stay at Sea Tac, Bellevue, Edmonds, or any close cities that are close to the cruise terminal, where the hotels are considerably cheaper. https://komonews.com/news/local/komo-news-special-seattle-is-dying
  5. Last year, I purchased Bushnell PermaFocus 10X 50 for a great price of $46 from Walmart.com. They worked great for whale watching and glazer caving. One good thing about Walmart.com besides their excellent prices, you can take your purchases back to your nearest store for a refund.
  6. Go down to the Ports of Call near the bottom of the home page. Go to Caribbean which lists all the ports you are going to. A lot of information for each port.
  7. There was only one cleat 150 feet from the dock in concrete that the front of the ship can and was tied up to. No large cleats on the dock to tie up to. Caribbean Princess used there side proposition to keep it close to the dock. The only reason that the Caribbean Princess went to Trinidad is because the docks at Bonaire were full with other cruise ships. Bonaire is currently building a additional dock for cruise ships. At that time the Caribbean Princess will be able to schedule Bonaire again as they have done in the past (Spring 2018). Only take ship tours when you are in Trinidad. Trinidad is too dangerous to do it on your own.
  8. We were on the Caribbean Princess in Nov. The cruise was one of the best cruises we have taken. OM worked great and WIFI was very fast. The only drawback was going to Trinidad. The bay was filled with garbage and the sewer discharge directly into the bay.. Cruise ship could not tie up to the dilapidated dock. If it did, it would pull the dock apart. Three people were robbed 2 blocks from the cruise ship. The USA State department has a Cat 4 warning "DO NOT TRAVEL" in Trinidad. Take only the cruise ship tours. We went on the beach tour and the beach and water was filled up with garbage. The passengers that complained to Princess got their money back on the tour. A friend just got back from Caribbean Princess cruise, only passengers on the cruise tours were allowed to leave the cruise terminal. I don't know why Princess goes to Trinidad with the crime problem and the filthy conditions. Maybe by the time you go on your cruise in 2020, Princess will drop the Port of Spain in Trinidad.
  9. What TV channels does Carnival have now? I was on the Carnival Glory last year and there was no news channels that had the weather and news. The Glory had 2 ESPN channels that didn't work most of the time.
  10. Seattle City Council earlier this year doubled the Uber rates to keep in line with the union taxi drivers.
  11. How is Trinidad?. Two weeks ago, we took the Princess Beach Tour in Trinidad. The beach we went to was covered with garbage and the water was brown with sewage. The worst beach we have ever seen. When we got back to the ship, a lot of us asked and received a refund. Outside of the cesspool, crime ridden Trinidad Port , our Caribbean Princess cruise was one of the best cruises we have ever had.
  12. Is Ocean Medallion up and running on the Crown Princess?
  13. Just got off the Caribbean Princess. Outstanding cruise and entertainment. Trinidad is one port that Princess should not go to. Trinidad is not ready for tourist or cruise ships and will probably not be for a long time. Dock did not have any cleats to tie up and is in poor shape. Ocean is brown and smells as they discharge sewage in the Ocean and rivers. Trinidad also dumps their garbage in the Ocean. Crime on Trinidad is one of the highest in the world. Our State department has designated the Port of Spain as "Do not travel" , the highest warning that the USA State Department has. Princess, on our cruise did not issue any warnings (Health or Crime) about Trinidad. I know of one person that was robbed on the street, 6 blocks from the ship. We took the Princess beach tour and when we got to the beach, its was covered with garbage and the water was brown. No one went into the water because of the pollution. When we got back to the ship from our beach tour, I asked Princess for a refund for the beach tour and they gave the refund to us. Outside the bad experience in Trinidad, the cruise on the Caribbean Princess was one of the best cruises that we have taken in the Caribbean. The Internet is extremely fast.
  14. Just got back on a cruise that stopped in Trinidad. Not set up for cruise ships or tourists. Docked in a Industrial area with no cleats to tie up. Bay is brown with sewage and garbage. Outside of the 2 hotels next to the dock, the sidewalks are uneven and with numerous potholes, therefore you have to be careful where you walk. One passenger was robbed that I heard of out and there was probably many more. People that booked beach tour got their money back as the beach was strewn with garbage and brown sewage water like the Port. No warning by Princess of the extreme danger for this Port, but the Caribbean Princess is the first ship coming from USA to visit the Port.
  15. This is the same lineup of stations that I had on my March cruise, completely cut out all network stations. Carnival left everyone in the dark with no news or weather the whole cruise. CNN had NO news at all, only talking about Trump and his family. I cannot understand why Carnival cutback on their network channels as all of the other cruise lines they own, Princess and Holland America have all of the network channels.
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