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  1. would be interesting if Viking were to stop starting any of its Caribbean cruises from Florida and switch to Puerto Rico and/or Bermuda.
  2. FYI -- We used our future cruise vouchers from one of our three cancelled trips to book Arctic Adventure on the Polaris next Summer (the first sailing of it). For those who are interested, have set up a roll call for it .. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2777078-arctic-adventure-august-16-28-2022/. At some point , we'll probably do Antarctica .. but not now. And btw .. the video about the Octantis was LiveStreamed on Viking.TV https://viking.tv/tv/this-week-on-viking-tv/wednesdays/special-episode-update-on-viking-expeditions.
  3. on the topic of "hard as rocks" - learned about that staying in a 5 star conference hotel in Japan (only time I've ever been there...so far). My room had two double beds so I chose one. Which was - believe me - hard as rocks. Think it was a board with sheets. Between enormous jet lag and that bed, my first night was the epitome of miserable. Can't remember now if I suffered for one or two nights but do know that by Monday afternoon I was feeling like I was carrying around a 100 pound sack on my back so gave up on the conference and went back to my room. As luck would have it, I sat down on the other bed and discovered to my utter surprise that it was a normal (to me) mattress! As you might expect, I shifted over to that bed for the rest of the week. 😁
  4. Just posted a very minor update. Have to wonder if Viking was updating their schedule at the same time I was reading it. Decided yesterday .. on a whim .. to check not just the number of itineraries but the number of sailings of these itineraries .. which is how I caught it. Anyway -- the change is basically that Orion's first sailing of Alaska & the Inside Passage in 2022 will be on May 3 translating into three -- not one -- sailing in May 2022 for a total of 14 sailings that Summer.
  5. hard?? I've been on both VO and VR ships .. and I wouldn't characterize their beds as hard at all. I find them quite comfortable. But .. will admit .. one person's "just right" is another person's "hard as rocks".😀
  6. They can train dogs to detect all kinds of things. If they can detect that a person is in danger of a heart attack (I think that's it) or seizure why not covid? Sounds like a good deal. I remember being warned not to arrive in the airport from a foreign location with any fruit even if I got it on the plane because I would be greeted by a cute little beagle wagging his tail to inform their handler of my misdeed.
  7. Oh come on! I thought I was making a joke. A gentle tease. Didn't work?😊
  8. Ever the greedy boy eh?😊
  9. You have a better feel/knowledge than I of all things related to ships and marine affairs. I just play with spreadsheets and web pages. 😁
  10. makes sense to me given that the only thing scheduled for Neptune at this time are the two World Cruises (22/23 and 23/24). And if the past is a valid indicator, her initial cruises will be in the Med and from there to the Baltic followed by a TA or a TA directly from the Med. Seem like a reasonable prediction???
  11. Ah! Makes sense. That certainly clarifies things. Thanks!
  12. Decided to check the schedule again today .. more changes!!! Good changes, too! Filled in the gaps I noted last week: Changes since last week: Gaps in Orion's 2022 schedule filled: return to Ft Lauderdale (Panama Canal & Pacific Coast) followed by two sailings of Panama Canal & Central America (Ft Lauderdale loop), and then back to LA (Panama Canal & Pacific Coast) then new cruise! (Pacific Coast Explorer) from LA to Vancouver - repeated three times to end in Vancouver ready for Alaska & the Inside Passage. Mars 2023 schedule extended to May 2023: Return from the Pacific (Across the Bay of Bengal, Passage to India) to Athens Start cruising in the Med on 23 May (3 cruises in May with more to be scheduled soon) Status Summary (including Expedition ships) Star, Sea, Sky, Jupiter, Sky, Neptune: no change since last week Orion: fully scheduled through to April 2024 Mars: fully scheduled starting May 2022 to May 2023 - expect more Med cruises to be added soon. Octantis: scheduled starting Jan 2022 to Mar 2023 (Antarctica→Great Lakes→Antarctica) Polaris: scheduled starting Aug 2022 to Feb 2023 (Arctic→Antarctica) As always, if you already have a copy of the spreadsheet, use the link on the ReadMe tab to download a fresh copy. If you don't -- use this link to download from DropBox (no DropBox account required) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk0llty8bgubssk/Viking Ocean Cruises (2021 to 2023).xlsm?dl=0
  13. Actually - Octantis' schedule is not what I would call sketchy at all. Pretty well defined from Jan 2022 to March 2023. Polaris is scheduled starting August 2022 (we're booked on her maiden voyage) but not scheduled beyond Feb 2023. My spreadsheet includes Octantis and Polaris. Should include those two in the ship summary each time I do major updates. FYI - watched a video on the Octantis last week on Viking.TV. She is currently docked at the VARD shipyard in Norway getting her innards outfitted. So she be real. Yay!! Assuming Polaris is under construction at the VARD shipyard in Romania now that Octantis is in Norway. You should catch the video of Octantis' transfer from Romania thru the Med. Quite impressive! https://viking.tv/tv/this-week-on-viking-tv/wednesdays/special-episode-update-on-viking-expeditions
  14. Last March, I really thought I was done .. but .. while I was updating Orion's schedule last week I got looking more closely at Alaska & the Inside Passage. Based on what I read, decided that perhaps I had made a mistake. Our very first cruise was in 2011 with HAL to Alaska from Seward to Vancouver. I had assumed Viking would do something similar so I didn't even consider doing this again; however I now realize that (a) Viking's Alaska & the Inside Passage does not follow the exact same route as our cruise did in 2011 and (b) I would appreciate the opportunity to do things I chose not to do at the time (e.g., do an excursion around the Kenai Peninsula). So, I've added Alaska & the Inside Passage with the Pristine Alaska and Rocky Mountaineering Journey pre/post-extensions to my Future Cruises folder in DropBox. Enjoy!
  15. My crystal ball is no better than yours. Perhaps I should be reading the trade mags to get a deeper view but I don't. All I use is the Viking site. 🙄
  16. Sigh .. more updates to the Viking Ocean cruise schedule. Schedule now extended far enough into 2024 (primarily Orion) that decided to revive the OutYear tab (keep it too!). In this case, "Out Year" is 2024. Not as nicely formatted as the main Cruises tab but enough to provide info about cruises planned in the OutYear without having to abandon the current year in the 3 yr cycle too soon. In late Fall, when start up the spreadsheet for the next 3 yr cycle, i.e., 2022-2024, will copy the OutYear data into the main Cruises tab. Summary of Changes and overall Status Star: Fully scheduled through March 2023 with remaining hole from Sept to Oct 2021. Sea & Jupiter: fully scheduled through July 2023 Sky: also fully scheduled through July 2023, followed by a gap from Aug-Nov 2023, and then the Viking World Cruise with its two associated segments from 2023-2024 starting 3 days before Neptune departs from Ft Lauderdale. Guess the intent here is to satisfy the pent-up demand for World Cruises after the 2020-21 WC was cancelled (build in some flexibility too?) Orion: fully scheduled through April 2024 with a gap from Mar-Apr 2022. Mars: a number of cruises added to 2023 alongside Orion cruises of same name. Fully scheduled from May 2022 to April 2023. Neptune: still only scheduled to do World Cruises plus the 2 segments (Viking World Journeys and Panama Canal & Coastal Holiday) in 2022-2023 and 2023-2024. Nothing in between .. yet. As always, if you already have a copy of the spreadsheet, use the link on the ReadMe tab to download a fresh copy. If you don't -- use this link to download from DropBox (no DropBox account required) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk0llty8bgubssk/Viking Ocean Cruises (2021 to 2023).xlsm?dl=0
  17. I'm sure if I'd asked my Viking TA to alert me to certain cruises coming up -- she would be doing so.. she is that attentive. But since I haven't -- I can hardly fault her for not doing what I never asked her to do. In any case, my hubby so NOT NOT NOT interested in a World Cruise .. the idea of being stuck on a ship for that long just simplyl doesn't appeal to him .. at all. He cites his weeks long research cruises. So who am I to argue otherwise? Of course -- the experience onboard a research vessel (amenities, quality of ship, etc.) doesn't hold a candle to a passenger cruise ship. 🙂
  18. I love love my Viking TA but sometimes I'm more on top of upcoming cruises than she is. 🙄 However to cut her some slack, I've never asked her to keep me informed of new cruises.
  19. Just scheduled this week or did I just miss it when checked last week?
  20. FYI to folks on this thread who I know like World Cruises. Viking is scheduling two world cruises for 2023-2024 starting about a week apart. They have just scheduled the Sky to do this itinerary along with Neptune. Just noticed today. Am pretty sure it was not on their schedule earlier this week.
  21. Hmmm. Wonder why we didn't get one. No trips planned til May next year?
  22. Oh.. drat! So the washer/dryers are still just icons -- no text? You found a picture and added explantory text to it? Very good by the way ... fooled me totally. Would love to see your text augmented picture of the dryer icons so when we board the Sky next May -- I will be able to take advantage of your fine work with both the washers and dryers so I don't have to stand there in front of those machines, tapping my lower lip in thought trying to decide .. "now what does that mean???" 😄 actually -- there was a post Peregrina made a while ago that included pictures of the washer and dryer on the Star (I think)..
  23. Decided it was time to check out and then update these materials today. There indeed were some changes in the Viking River fleet: Danube classes are gone; also two of the older (chartered??) classes used in Asia (China & Viet Nam). And the addition of a sister ship to Osiris for Nile cruises called Aton. Did some general clean-up. Uploaded the updated files to DropBox If you already have a copy of Viking Cabin Classes.xlsx -- just use the link on the Directory tab to download a fresh copy. Otherwise use the link in the quoted post to open the DropBox folder where both files are stored: Viking Cabin Classes.xlsx and Viking Ship Classes.xlsx.
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