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  1. Yes but they have to be digital rights management (DRM) free. Some books are. Kindle books are in MOBI format (inherited when Amazon bought Mobipocket, an early ebook provider based in France). One provider of DRM free books, if you're into SciFi - is Baen Books, which sells ebooks in whatever format you need - EPUB, MOBI, etc plus hardcover and paperbacks.
  2. Should be Feb '24. Have corrected the log entry in the sheet and uploaded.
  3. I just go to their website frequently. If there is some weekly email with schedule updates I'd be in absolute nirvana. I find updates tend to occur over the weekends. Like @Heidi13 I search by month and year for changes. There's a hidden part of my spreadsheet that I use to compare number of itineraries by year, by ship & month, and by ship. Also the number of sailings by itinerary by year and by month. If I see differences between my numbers and theirs I dig into the source.
  4. Maybe not -- but then again consider how they used Sun in between her World Cruises. She doodled around in the Baltic. I could look back at the history of what she did in between WCs to see if she ever did the Kiel cruises. Or if you feel super ambitious -- you can download any of my older spreadsheets - they're all up there in a DropBox folder -- just check my signature block for the folder link. And yeah .. just as I finished and posted my note .. it hit me I'd completely forgotten to include Star! So..yes.. after I get this post to you.. will upload the absolute latest and greatest.
  5. @Azulann You must have ESP -- or in some way prescient -- I just finished updating and posting my latest spreadsheet. Sadly -- I did not find what you seek. 😞 So .. yes .. I've done another update. If you already have a copy of the spreadsheet, just use the link provided in the ReadMe tab to download a fresh copy; otherwise use the link provided in my signature block or this direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk0llty8bgubssk/Viking Ocean Cruises (2021 to 2023).xlsm?dl=0. No DropBox account required. In addition to the "usual" schedule updates, have added an improved ability for you to get an overall view of each ship's status over a year -- an area at the bottom of the Cruises tab that is included whenever you print the detailed schedule for each year. Also did some overall housekeeping, described in the entry for today in the LogNotes tab. With respect to the schedule changes: Jupiter, Sky, Sea, and Venus: fully scheduled with no changes since last update through to July '23 (Jupiter, Sea, Sky) and August '23 (Venus) Orion: All cruises in the Pacific (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) through March '22 canceled. Nothing scheduled yet to fill in the blank from Oct '21 to March '22. Fully expect the cruises from March '22 and later in the Spring to be cancelled as well. Time will tell. Other than that, Orion is fully scheduled into March '24. Mars: Scheduled to join Orion doing Asia, Australia, & NZ starting Nov '23. Nearly fully scheduled from May '22 to March '23. Still need a cruise to carry Mars from Athens to Bangkok starting late Oct '22 -- perhaps a re-run of Orion's Voyage of Marco Polo in 2018?? Neptune: Scheduled a World Cruise (plus the usual 2 segments) starting in Dec '23 ending May '24. Nothing scheduled yet in the months between her two World Cruises (May-Dec '23). Perhaps, @Azulann that's when Viking will schedule what you seek? Star: Schedule in Sept and Oct '21 still not filled -- no idea how she is going to get to Ft Lauderdale to start her World Cruise or..how Viking intends to address the demands of Florida's governor. Schedule is otherwise full into early March '23. (NB: forgot to include this in the log notes.. will upload a fresh copy with the updated LogNotes in a few minutes)
  6. Sounds like they're using Star as a supply ship. 😁 First it was vaccines, now it's hardware. Answers the question I always had about what she'd be doing before she starts the cruises around the UK. And when I finally get home, will be making the next update to my consolidated schedule ("finally" because it took three tries to get us home from visiting our son. First cancellation for weather leading to an extra night in a hotel. Rebooking cancelled due to aircraft issues so another night in a hotel. Now we're finally half way home.)
  7. Good news! Like the explorer lounge to have full 2 decks.
  8. Thanks for the update!
  9. I thought Orion was the only one with a planetarium. But I just got a text from a recent Bermuda pax - who also said the planetarium was operating. And said he didn't like it. Oh well. I'm intrigued tho - why do folks not like it? Hoping that it would be removed? I'm looking forward to it when we board the Orion in 2023 (BS/MS Physics - 😊)
  10. Was going to post an alternative "newbie" link -- but it looks as tho that topic is covered. By the way -- I'm not sure that the planetarium is no longer on the Orion. I believe it's still there. Even when it was first built .. the deck plans provided for the VO ships do not distinguish between the ships. I downloaded these deck plans before covid. I grant they may be temporarily not using Orion's planetarium. It's also possible that they've removed it but I frankly can't see how they would -- it's such a big thing; not even to repurpose it for the testing facility they added. Actually -- I've sent a text to a person I know who was on the Orion in Bermuda last month. Will report back what I find out.
  11. Interesting speculations. She is scheduled to be in Portsmouth Aug 7 to start England's Scenic Shores. Her schedule is blank in Sept and Oct. This is based on checking her schedule using both the UK and main site. She had been scheduled to do Malta and the Western Med from July thru October but that was cancelled. Lots of churn this Summer for sure.
  12. I think she's heading for Reykjavik. The reason why I'm hedging with "I think" is one app said so but the other says Seysfjordur which is nowhere near Reykjavik. And now the app which said Reykjavik now gives a code "IS SEY" which may be Seysfjordur. Color me confused.
  13. Star is scheduled to do a number of cruises around the UK in August (England's Scenic Shores and a new cruise called Scenic British Isles). These cruises are only being sold to UK passengers. She left Valletta last week. But you're right. Per the Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder apps she's heading to Iceland ETA 21 July. I'm confused esp given that I don't see any Iceland cruises scheduled for Star on the .co.UK or .com sites.
  14. Not going mad. The quoted post is from 2019 and refers to the sheet for 2020 to 2022. The latest is for 2021 to 2023: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dk0llty8bgubssk/Viking%20Ocean%20Cruises%20%282021%20to%202023%29.xlsm?dl=0., which includes all the Welcome Back cruises. Every year, typically in the Fall, I build a sheet for the next 3 yr cycle and then post an announcement here that the new one has been posted. If you look in the Readme tab, there's a direct link to that folder (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8pm1betyh91wlhf/AABBcPIWuqWJQtR5JrNSFOqMa?dl=0). Have fun!
  15. As promised earlier (a few hours ago), I've uploaded the next update to my consolidated schedule. Please read the LogNotes for 13 July. What I found is that Star has been redeployed to add extra sailings of England's Scenic Shores and a sailing of a new cruise called Scenic British Isles -- all during August. She has no cruises scheduled until August and for now, nothing scheduled in September or October. I am guessing, given that these two cruises only appear on Viking's UK site, that these are UK pax only. Will keep an eagle eye out for any updates to Star's schedule.
  16. Sorry -- I think by now you're aware that Viking rejiggered the ships doing Malta. And unfortunately, now that we're into July, I can't tell what happened before July 11th (when I did my last big update; before that it was June 20th). The most I can do is look at what's in the future. I do know they twiddled with Venus' sailings of Malta & the Adriatic Jewels in Aug & Sept -- reducing the number of sailings and then adding Malta, the Adriatic & Greece, as well as, Malta & Greek Isles Discovery to her schedule. Something like that may have happened with the Sea.
  17. Forgot to include the words "were deleted" after "Sept". Was thinking it but fingers didn't enter it. Sigh....
  18. Realized an oversight on my part. When Star's sailings of Malta & Western Mediterranean during July thru Sept, didn't investigate what she will be doing instead. I've answered the question for August at least. Still don't know about Sept and October. Will post the updated spreadsheet later.
  19. Yes they are. Have just checked the Viking UK site. Star is doing an England's Scenic Shores and Scenic British Isles in August. It looks like she's not scheduled at all the rest of this month. Have to update my spreadsheet! Should have investigated this last Sunday when I noted that all of a Star's Malta & the Western Mediterranean sailings were cancelled. Thanks to the poster who first asked the question about Star and why she's headed towards Gibraltar.
  20. I studied the list of US states and it looks like all the states that were on the red list before - no PCR test option - are no longer. All they need is a vax card - no mention of what is a valid accepted card. 👍🏼
  21. Yeah - I realized I should have been more precise and kept editing it until I took care of that. Unfortunate artifact of responding from my mobile phone where flipping back and forth between apps is frankly a bit tedious. Good question about Croatia and Montenegro.
  22. Given the specific reference to the US CDC card, I think the exception was specifically for passengers from the US. The rule for folks from the UK hasn't changed. You still only need your NHS card. The UK was not on the Amber list; the change going into effect on 14July only affects them. Relevant excerpts from the govt site cited below: "Travel from the United Kingdom (UK) As from 30th June 2021, all arrivals from the UK need to present proof of full vaccination with14 days after the second dose. As from the 1st July 2021 the Superintendent of Public Health is recognising and accepting the following vaccination certificate : -“NHS COVID Pass “– NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination record – full course of vaccination with 14 days after last dose" .... "If you have a recognised certificate of vaccination you are exempt from pre-travel testing and self-isolation" https://deputyprimeminister.gov.mt/en/health-promotion/covid-19/Pages/travel.aspx
  23. question - noticed you are both wearing what looks like a monitoring device? and thanks for your video - very helpful and comforting to those who all be travelling to Malta in the coming weeks.
  24. You're right about the Aussies, Kiwis etc but still.....it bothers me to witness this US centric focus. As tho we're the only ones that matter.
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