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  1. Just noticed the addition of three new Viking Expedition cruises between New York and three destinations -- Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Ushuaia: Antarctica & the Americas Sojourn (BA to NY), Caribbean & Brazil's Coastal Jewels (Rio <-> NY), and From New York to Antarctica (NY to Ushuaia). Posted updated schedule.
  2. Could be they're positioning Star to add more sailings of Malta & Greek Isles Discovery. Right now there are only 4. If they add Star they can raise the number of sailings to be comparable with Malta & Adriatic Jewels that is being serviced by the Sea and Venus - total of 14 thru early October. That's how they added a slew of Iceland cruises thru October of Iceland's Natural Beauty: by deploying Jupiter to augment the Sky.
  3. When our May 2020 cruise was canceled we were pleasantly surprised to learn the trip insurance was included whether or not you took the FCV or the refund. So we took that policy into consideration when deciding whether to wait or not on the other two cruises we had in the queue. We decided to wait.
  4. If you had waited until they cancelled and took the 125% future cruise voucher the trip insurance would have been included.
  5. Wrong picture! That's Viking's standard picture for the Sea! Should be Not your fault but TweetDeck's. 😉
  6. Perhap I'm misreading this but what happens on longer cruises? When we were reserving Chef's Table on our ill fated 22 day Med cruise last year, it seemed like the rotation was on a 7 day cycle. Also - to reinforce what you've said - not only will the waiters at dinner gladly manage whatever bottle of wine you've purchased on shore they will do it with panache. Also - when we were on a Viking River Cruise in 2019 and wanted to share the complementary bottle of champagne we had received (a perk of our cabin) with friends acquired during the cruise I simply brought the bottle with me to dinner and asked our waiter to serve it to our table. He did it with pleasure. The attitude and spirit of Viking is very different; we won't cruise with anyone else.
  7. That's the best approach. If things go wonky better to let Viking Air deal with it.
  8. One can't count on that. For example the web site shows two Orion cruises this Fall starting in Vancouver that are both shown as "SOLD OUT" for all classes. However, given the announcement today from Mr Hagen: "we have made the decision to cancel select previously scheduled 2021 departures on Viking Jupiter, Viking Sea, Viking Sky, Viking Star and Viking Venus. Additional operational complexities in some destinations require us to cancel further departures through the remainder of the 2021 season in Alaska, as well as in Russia and Ukraine." I am concluding that these two Orion cruises are effectively canceled. I just wish they'd remove the August 27, 2021 sailings of North Pacific Passage and Far East & Alaska. Or are they waiting on when Canada reopens its border which right now is closed? I have two other examples like this where I see a conflict. Regardless, I'm thrilled about the news of the 4 Welcome Back cruises planned for this Summer. With regards to the World Cruise I'm pretty confident it's happening; the question may be the ports of call that may have to be adjusted in reaction to local conditions. Anyway - by next Spring India ought to be OK. Think positive!😊
  9. You're welcome. It may be limited to the new welcome back cruises but here it is: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/special-offers/interest-form.html. It's on the bottom of the Welcome Back main page https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/welcome-back.html
  10. I was wondering but didn't want to openly speculate whether vaccination rates in Canada was the issue. Good luck to you. We've been fully vaxxed since mid-April. Nevertheless, we're not going to jump on the Malta cruises but will proceed with the plans we already have in place so that we'll be a-cruisin' starting next May followed by one in Aug, and then Jan 23. Thinking about another in Jun/July 23.
  11. Uploaded the updated spreadsheet to DropBox. It looks like all ships but Star will be doing Welcome Back cruises during the period from May (England's Scenic Shores) through early October. Jupiter and Sky will be handling Iceland's Natural Beauty, which will be doing 19 sailings until early September. After Venus finishes England's Scenic Shores, she will join the Sea on Malta & Adriatic Jewels (one of the two new Welcome Back vaxpax only cruises added today). As always -- if you already have a copy of the spreadsheet, just use the links provided in the ReadMe tab to get the updated copy. If not, download a copy from DropBox (no account required): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8pm1betyh91wlhf/AABBcPIWuqWJQtR5JrNSFOqMa?dl=0. Look for Viking Ocean Cruises (2021 to 2023).xlsm. Signed up to get emails from Viking whenever a new cruise is added today. Don't know why I didn't do that earlier!!!
  12. You've seen the news about the new cruises this Summer that will get all but the Star back in action?
  13. Ah! You have a direct link! Very nice. The rest of us are limited to inference based on indirect sources. 😊
  14. New sailings added to Iceland employing both Jupiter and Sky. Two additional Bermuda sailings and two new cruises on the Sea doing roundtrips out of Malta. One does Athens and the Greek Isles, the other ports in Croatia and Montenegro. Will post updated spreadsheet later today.
  15. Orion is heading to Bermuda.
  16. maybe so. They've already added two. August is empty. 🙃
  17. Changes to the schedule were posted at the VO site today. Have updated the spreadsheet but haven't posted it to DropBox yet. Waiting for the formal announcement of cancellations on Viking's Update on Current Sailings page (https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html). Hopefully tomorrow. But let me summarize what I saw: all of August and most of September is gone. A few sailings have been added including two extra sailings of Iceland's Natural Beauty Welcome Back cruise (there are now 6 sailings of each of the Welcome Back cruises this June & July). I can't help but think about the effort it will take to get all their ships back to their normal operating area esp Jupiter and Orion.
  18. Awwwww. We actually added that to our list of potential future cruises. I've flown over the Mississippi many times. And remember the year when there was a terrible drought so bad the Mississippi looked like a teeny thin stream with wide banks of exposed riverbed. Anyway we think it would be fun. 🙃
  19. I think you're right -- hadn't noticed this until you pointed it out -- but there is a gap between Singapore & Hong Kong ... nothing scheduled. Suspect @Heidi13 has the right idea .. Note "Secrets of Southeast Asia" (Bali > Singapore) is a new cruise -- added last Fall.
  20. just completed my own review of all of Orion's cruises scheduled for the Winter/Spring of 2022 -- all the cruises Orion takes as it does its annual repositioning from Australia/NZ to Alaska. I also checked out Canada's ban on cruise ships -- which right now runs until 28 Feb 2022. All cruises, except for one, departing between Feb and May that end in Vancouver are marked as SOLD OUT: Auckland > Vancouver (Feb 21st), Sydney > Vancouver (Mar 7th), Hong Kong > Vancouver (Apr 18th). Tokyo > Vancouver departing May 2nd is OK -- even tho it arrives in Vancouver on the same day as the three shown as SOLD OUT. Could this be Viking simply hedging its bets regarding Canada? That they're unsure whether Canada will extend the travel ban even later, so are putting a hold on new bookings? Don't know. With regards to Southeast Horizons (Bangkok>Tokyo) & Far East Horizons (Hong Kong>Tokyo) departing April 4th & April 18th, respectively, I have no idea what the issue is .. could it simply be that these two are really and truly sold out completely? Pent-up demand and people using their future cruise vouchers from earlier this month? No idea. Can't even speculate. But .. could it be that's the case? If you look at all the cruises starting in Feb from Auckland, the first leg (Auck>Sydney) on Feb 21st is marked as SOLD OUT (the one on Feb 7th is too btw); however, except for the legs from Bangkok to Hong Kong to Tokyo, they're all open for booking -- Sydney>Bangkok>Bali (March 7th), Bali>Bangkok (March 23rd), and Bangkok>Hong Kong (April 4th).
  21. DiSantis is an idiot doing his best to undermine the vaccination program. With that I'll put a cork in my political opinions. 🙃
  22. Orion being used for the 8 day Bermuda cruise this Summer.
  23. Agree. Vaccination helps but doesn't get you out of testing and te-testing. Like Iceland's approach better.
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