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  1. I found this article about it: https://www.cruisehive.com/passenger-missing-after-going-overboard-norwegian-cruise-ship/32273
  2. I’m sorry about that, I was mistaken in my understanding of your post. Sad times make for raw feelings.
  3. That is what I was pointing out. There was some confusion as to who was in the smaller plane. Some reports made it seem that only the larger plane had Royal passengers since the smaller was a private charter. No where did I imply the fact the smaller plane wasn’t an “official” excursion made their “importance” any less.
  4. Sadly, according to Princess’ statement on the crash, both planes were carrying passengers from Royal Princess. The smaller plane was a private tour, not an official Princess excursion, but still booked by Royal passengers. The larger plane was an official Princess excursion.
  5. Also, sometimes they may assign you a room that is considered an upgrade but may not seem like one to you. For example you may want an Obstructed Oceanview with a picture window (OK) but be “upgraded” to a Porthole (OG).
  6. Looks like a reporter for the Daily News was aboard: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-news-cruise-ship-extreme-gust-wind-20190305-story.html
  7. So it looks like the HI’s will be suites with jacuzzis but no Thermal Suite access. I wonder why they’ve decided to do that?
  8. I can’t be 100% but I think it was the full price. I had already gotten ours before so I didn’t purchase it there but there was a sign on the desk displaying the price. And I can’t remember for certainty if it said $179 or $199...
  9. When we sailed out of NYC on the Breakaway last December they had a table set up right at the Pier to purchase spa passes. It was in the waiting area right across from the little snack/sandwich stand. Maybe they’ll have it set up again this time and you’ll be able to book even before getting on the ship (y) Safe travels!
  10. I found a video of your cabin 9172 on the Pearl that might be helpful. The Gem & Pearl are sisters so the decor will be different but the layout should be the same (y) I hope this works and helps ease your mind! Have a great cruise!
  11. We had cabin 8548 on the Jewel to Alaska a few years back and we loved it! It was private, sheltered and in a great location in relation to getting around on board. It was very quiet, too! The next cruise we went on had a “regular” balcony and I do have to admit I preferred the hull type ;)
  12. I think he was referring to this article: http://amp.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article214147969.html It mentions in the 4th paragraph it was a “Glory hotel steward” who spotted him in the water. What an amazing outcome!
  13. Each time I’ve booked a Guarentee with NCL I’ve gotten the cabin assignment after the 90 day mark. The first time it was near 75 days and this last time it was 2 weeks before we left. Once I even got assigned a guarentee cabin while it was still under a 24hr hold! There really doesn’t seem like much rhyme or reason to when you’ll get your assignment. It can even be you won’t know your cabin till you get to the dock. Just be sure you’re ok with the waiting game and will truly be ok with any cabin they give you. Because sometimes what they classify as an upgrade may not feel like an upgrade to you (like a porthole OV on deck 4 instead of an obstructed OV on deck 8). I’ve always been happy with my cabin assignments but like Gump says “you never know whatcha gonna get!” Happy Cruising!
  14. Thank you for the beautiful video! Warm memories of a peaceful place.
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