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  1. I'm bringing a book from home that I've only gotten half way through so far. I'm hoping to just swap out books. Just do the leave on and take one way. Is this allowable?
  2. I love this post!!! We are getting ready to leave on the LOS this Sunday and I just can't wait. Never have I ever... Eaten at a Speciality restaurant (but have eaten at Johnny Rockets) Sang Karaoke on the ship Stepped foot in the gym Taken the napkin folding class Been on the rock wall or the flow rider Had room service Had anything done in the salon I have Waited in line to meet the Captain (his name was spelled the same as mine so I just had to, Lol!) Fallen asleep and spend almost the entire night on my balcony. Taken the cupcake decorating class with my daughter. Purchased several pieces of art at the art auction. Ran into someone we knew while on the ship (we had no idea they were sailing as well) Done the back stage tour
  3. Yes, the kids can decorate the cupcakes and you can just stand back and take pics if you want to. I did the class a few years ago with my daughter while we were on NOS. I'm a professional decorator, but wanted to do it anyway for a fun mother/daughter memory. We had a good time, but I didn't think the frosting tasted very good at all. I'm kind of biased to my own icing. Lol! It was $25 per person then, but I do believe that it's gone up to $30 per person now.
  4. My husband, daughter and I are on the June 17th sailing of LOS and are talking about flying in on the 16th. We would be fling into IAH. Our issue now is how to get from the airport and then back again after the cruise. We thought about renting a car and going that route but don't want to have to pay for the extra days for it to just sit in a parking lot. Is there a car rental place at the Port of Galveston where we can drop it off at? We've cruised out of Galveston many times and I've never noticed one, but on the other hand I also wasn't looking for one either. You mentioned a shuttle. What company have you used for a shuttle and aprox. how much did it cost you per person?
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