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  1. The drive in a personal vehicle is not the same as it is in a commercial shuttle. The drive from William P. Hobby Airport in a commercial shuttle and not a Corvette is 45 minutes to an hour and from George Bush Airport the drive in a commercial shuttle and not a Corvette is about 1:20 if there is no traffic. Also, you are probably judging the time from the highway without considering the shuttles actually are loading up at the airport before they make the ten minute drive to the highway. There is also a ton of traffic on Harborside and Broadway you are probably not considering. Please also understand that these times go completely out the window when the motorcycle or jeep rallies come to town. Forget these times also during spring break weekend as the population on the island explodes and traffic is a nightmare. I'd say at midnight, and with a police escort, you can make it from the Hobby Airport exit to the Galveston Cruise Terminal in about thirty minutes, but not from the commercial passenger pick-up area at the airport.
  2. Actually 45 minutes to an hour drive from Hobby to the cruise terminal. It's an hour and 20 minutes or so from George Bush if it's a straight shot.
  3. No, but there are shuttle services that stop at all of the Galveston hotels.
  4. Awe that sucks. Oftentimes if you call in and let someone know you have a large group they can add a shuttle for you, especially if you intend to book a round-trip.
  5. Probably best to book a shuttle service like Galveston Express that runs on a set schedule. Much less hassle and plenty of room for luggage. Everyone rides in the same vehicle.
  6. How many people can you fit into an Uber XL with luggage for a week?
  7. The 13:00 shuttle would be perfect for you as it would have you to the airport at around 14:00 with plenty of time to spare.
  8. Uber/Lyft are subsidized rides. Once they drive everyone out of business the price will go up.
  9. From their website: https://www.supershuttle.com/locations/houston-iah-hou/ Note the yellow banner at top of their page.
  10. You have made a comparison between one-way transportation on Uber/Lyft and round-trip transportation for the shuttles. Additionally, they may be able to fit four people in a $90 ride but not with any luggage.
  11. That is illegal and the driver will be subject to arrest if caught in the act. He will not be driving under the Lyft umbrella at that point. It's now just a ride with some guy.
  12. Galveston Express does an island transfer for $10 per person from any hotel. You can reserve it through the website.
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