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  1. We were on the Breeze last October and found the food in the MDR very good to outstanding. We had no complaints about any of it. There were four adults in our party and for the most part had four different entrees and appetizers each night. We all were always very happy. We had anytime dining but requested the same server each night and it was always granted. We ate in the MDR all but one night when we went to the Italian restaurant. This was the 5th Carnival ship we have been on and we thought the MDR and food in general was the best of the ones we have been on. We loved the Breeze!
  2. We had that on the Breeze last October and you are right. It was AMAZING!
  3. A friend had one on the Breeze and he did not get to keep the fishbowl.
  4. We are booked in an Ocean Suite on Pride in May 2020. We have sailed Carnival Pride before and we love the ship. I was just wondering if there were any Suite perks. We sailed in a suite on another line and there were a few perks so i was just wondering about Carnival.If anyone knows or has anything to share about the Ocean Suites on the Pride I would love to hear it. I am just curious. Thanks guys. 🙂
  5. We have not sailed on the Pride since 2015. At that time, there was a vibration that could be felt in the dining room in the back of the ship and there have been reports on these boards of people feeling it in their cabins. I was wondering if it is still noticeable after the dry docks that ship has had since we sailed on the Pride. We are looking at an aft cabin for an upcoming cruise. Any recent Pride cruisers have any helpful input?
  6. Thanks for the wonderful review. I always look forward to them and this one did not disappoint! Will be watching for your next one! Take care!
  7. I have not sailed this class of ship. However, my friend did in December and she went believing that she would feel no motion as that is what is often reported. She felt LOTS of motion and especially in the dining room aft. I mean, it is a floating object on a BIG pool of water, It's going to move. My guess it depends on the motion of the seas. We sailed Grandeur which is a tiny ship and down around the Bahamas felt no motion since the sea was like glass. My belief is that it all depends on the winds, the water, and your personal make up. Happy sailings!
  8. Just had this same issue on the Grandeur of the Seas in January. The doctor and other personnel in the medical facility were great. They gave me bactrim. A ten day supply. It was $15. The visit itself was $183 I believe and all of it was billed to our on board account. They gave us everything we would need to submit it to our insurance carrier. Be aware of the medical facility hours. On the Grandeur they were open a few hours in the morning and a few in the evening. We missed our excursion in Miami but because we were in the medical facility they did refund our money. As others have said, it was just like visiting an urgent care facility at home.
  9. Love your reviews. You writing style is great and I love all the pictures. They always make me smile.
  10. We are sailing this Saturday - the 27th - on the Breeze out of Port Canaveral. Does anyone have any ideas when the elegant nights are? Here is our Itinerary: Sunday - At Sea Monday - Amber Cove until 4pm Tuesday - St Thomas - until 7pm Wed - San Juan - until 4pm Thurs - Grand Turk - until 6pm Fri - At Sea Wednesday is Halloween. Thanks in advance. 🙂
  11. I tried to turn off email notifications and even though it says they are off, i am getting an email notification every time someone responds to a post i have posted in. I used to get one a day now it is continuous. I have turned them off but they just keep coming. Quite annoying.
  12. Gotta agree! It hurts my eyes. and I too do not have the theme button. 😞
  13. We are on this same itinerary end of October on the Breeze. We have booked Ocean World also and I was wondering if there is food available for purchase there. I have read conflicting answers and so I am hoping you can help. Loving your review btw!
  14. We are on the Breeze end of October and are traveling with another couple. Can anyone tell me if the Hub app is available on the Breeze or where I can find out? I looked all over the website with no success. Would like to have the chat option if possible. We used Disney's free app like the Hub and it was great.
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