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  1. Have any of you cruised with Norwegian in a studio cabin as a single? how was the experience, did you easily meet up with other solo or single cruisers? thanks
  2. A friend and I are thinking of planning an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise for late spring 2019. We are both in our late 50s and healthy, active, etc. We are more interested in enrichment and spending time in port than comedy shows or hula hoop contests on board lol. That said, we do enjoy having drinks and listening to music in the evening. Could you suggest a cruise line that we should look into for 55+? thanks
  3. I'm retiring next year. It'll take me a couple of months to wrap up loose ends and put stuff in storage (house is sold, in a rental now). I literally will be living out of the proverbial suitcase after that. I am debating whether to take a world cruise or do several back to back cruises. I don't have much experience cruising, so I have no idea where to begin, but have started my research. If anyone would like to share any disadvantages or advantages of either cruise style, I would love to hear them! THANKS
  4. Are they popular? I have started training to be a certified sommelier - not because I want a full time job, but so that I can work as an independent contractor at tasting events. It occurred to me that cruise shops may host wine events? thanks
  5. I'm looking to retire next year and starting to make plans to become a mostly perpetual traveller - land and sea. My husband passed, so it's just me, seeking the adventures I could never have while in my career and raising a child. I want to take long cruises, but ones that are not prohibitively expensive, I don't need luxury, I just need to explore the parts of world I have never travelled to, particularly places that are not easy to reach by land. I'm not interested in manufactured fun cruises. I like to exercise and dine well, but I don't need to be entertained on ship...I do well enough enjoying chats with others, reading, exercise, etc. I enjoy learning, so educational lectures are also of great interest to me. I would prefer my fellow shipmates to be 40+ to share similar conversations, not necessarily focused on current school & kid topics, for example. Should I look for a repositioning cruise, a world cruise, is there anything that fits what I am looking for? Would appreciate all suggestions. I can afford long cruises, just don't need to pay for the zing lol.
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