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  1. Lots of people excited by this topic. Just understand this this rule is in place the same way as the rules to not leave a chair unattended for 30/60 minutes, no seat saving the theater, no children in the adult pool, no running in the halls and many other rules that are enforced all of the time on NCL.
  2. I find that I like items on the main dining room menus early in the cruise better than the menus later (days 6 and 7 on a 7 day cruise). I also prefer booking specialty dinning on sea days. Thus, I tend to book a specialty restaurant the last full day of our cruise. But that is only my preference. Everyone else is different. Regarding the experience, service and food, I see no difference throughout the cruise.
  3. I always book for next highest option (party of 3, book a table of 4). When I am on board (sometime when I have free time), I stop at the dinner reservation desk and have them change my reservations to the correct number. You don't have to do this immediately when you board as there usually will be a line then. Enjoy. By the way, this works with a larger party too. The max I can usually reserve online is a table for 8. Last cruise, we had 12 people (too large for a single reservation made online but not a group status yet). So I have one other couple reserve a table for 4 (plus my table for 8 at the same "bat time and "bat"place. On board, I talked to the maitre d at the restaurant early in the cruise to let them know to seat these two reservations together or at least close by. They were always accommodating.
  4. I cannot find the words for this discussion. First-World problem does not come close. People are upset because every cabin on a ship will not get towel animals? Why do you care if I get them? The solution: Ask for them! Every cruise, I leave a note for my room steward once I get into the room with any requests that I have. Things such as: Distilled water for CPAP, maybe empty the mini-bar, whatever I might want/need. I typically leave a tip too. The easy solution is to add a line saying that I would like towel animals (personally, I find them a complete waste of time and resources). Problem solved. And the solution is much easier than posting a response here.
  5. When I was on the Bliss and Escape, Elevators were not much of an issue. People need to press the button for the bank of elevators going to the floor they want. Not all elevators go to all of the upper floors. And, most helpful for us, was to realize that the Alt elevators were not used nearly as much as the forward elevators, especially later in the day. So if you really need to use the elevators (instead of the stairs), choose the aft elevators.
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