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  1. Snowbirds are bad enough when they aren't bringing coronavirus with them
  2. Everything about park west is a scam. It's one of the shadier things cruise lines allow to go on, along with diamonds international and port "shopping"
  3. I'd imagine its probably easier for a lot of the international staff to stay on board because they don't have to pay for a place or face travel restrictions trying to get home
  4. I've got a cruise in August and the final payment date is in May, but I don't want to have to pay it if I'm uncertain the cruise is going to happen
  5. Carnival Legend and Carnival Paradise are docked at the normal cruise terminals here. NCL Dawn is parked at one of the commercial ships spots
  6. Impacted but not hugely. Commercial shipping is the main business of every port
  7. I'll bet they go up with all the fccs out there
  8. https://www.rclinvestor.com/faqs/shareholder-benefit/
  9. "on such short notice" You know standalone walk in clinics exist right
  10. How on earth do you not get sick of Disney going on average more than once a week?
  11. You would have lost 50% if your intention was to buy it and sell it a week later.
  12. Royal Caribbean gets paid by your credit card company. They wouldn't even know if you didn't pay your credit card bill
  13. Cruises are a relatively small portion of every port city's tourism base aside from Port Canaveral
  14. On a positive note the casino should be much less smokey without all of the COPD'ers and their 90% sats
  15. The vast majority of those are macros masquerading as craft beers
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