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  1. Keith, by my calculation we had 6 entertainers on this segment - 3 of whom were pianists and all performing one night after the other (I heard the pianists talking on the last day and they were even surprised as they had never been on a Crystal cruise with other pianists!!). In terms of guest entertainment and lecturers this was, for us, the weakest cruise we have sailed on with Crystal. I am sure the segments before were great and potentially the segments to follow will be, but the segment we were on was not what I would call Crystal's finest hour, JMO.
  2. I am in total agreement regarding the entertainment on this leg (Papeete -Auckland). The entertainment, and by that I mean the entertainers that are bought on board, have been few and far between. Yes, I realise that some couldn't join the ship when they were supposed to but even if they had the variety (or lack thereof) would have been the same. 3 pianists in a row and before that 1 comedian and 1 vocalist over 14 nights. This coupled with missed ports and too many sea days (for us) with lecturers that, again for us, have not been compelling has made this cruise one of our less favourite. We've still had a nice time, with mainly very good food (but some misses in both Waterside and Silk) and the usual great service from the crew. I do think this segment has been the weak link in the world cruise segments and if it was my first cruise with Crystal I don't think I would be rushing to book another one. I did make my feelings about this segment known to the CD but I got the impression he thought I was being unfair with overly high expectations. In any case it has been a good experience to know how we take to cruises with many sea days and we've realised that for us we prefer more port intensive cruises with our sea days sprinkled in and around lots of port days. We'll certainly be going home very well rested. Our next cruise is a back to back on Symphony in the Med and I can already see from PCPC that there is a much greater variety of entertainment and lecturers.
  3. Thanks for the update, Drib. Went on your site to eagerly check to see if our cruise was one that had a price reduction but unfortunately not. The one before ours was reduced by $2000 so who knows, maybe next time round 🙂
  4. In Waterside, when dining as a couple, we find that we need to let the waitstaff know each and every time that we would like to have a break between courses otherwise the food comes out very quickly. So we find it best to mention this every time even if we have the same server.
  5. We have 11 months to go before our first cruise with Regent and on the Splendor. Thank you to all for taking the time to post on your vacation and whetting our appetites for what we can expect!
  6. I REALLY wish Serenity would adopt the same timings - Serenity's shows are 7.45 and 9.45). Unfortunately I find on Serenity that just about every activity is based around passengers who wish to eat at 6.00pm, with those of us wishing to eat at 7.30 or 8.00 having to miss out in certain functions (e.g. Captains reception was held at 7.45pm) or having to wait for over an hour from when they've finished dining to see the show.
  7. IMO giving a longer period to use the FCC for those who wish to cancel their upcoming cruise would be the right thing for Crystal to do. For those who are currently on board and getting a 100% FCC then I think the time frame of April 2021 is more than fair.
  8. +1. This is not the "Crystal on steroids" enrichment that I was expecting - to be honest none of the lecturers are particularly enticing, same old, same old. I thought that at least maybe Judith Fordham would be the exception but alas, no.
  9. Thank you 8dimsum & Vince! Vince, your encyclopaedic knowledge of Crystal never ceases to amaze me!
  10. We are so happy to be back on Serenity. We boarded yesterday and it was a different embarkation to any we have ever experienced, in a good way. This is the first time we have done a segment of a world cruise and when we arrived at the port at around 10.45am we expected the usual hour or so wait until we could board but much to our surprise we were checked by the doctor straight away (ear examination and temperature) and were allowed to board. We were on the ship by 11.00am. I think only about 300 people disembarked yesterday and roughly the same amount boarded so it was a very different vibe getting on the ship. We checked in at the reception desk and despite being told our room would only be ready at 3.00pm it was actually cleaned and ready for us straight away, although our bags only arrived at about 1.30pm. We managed to do some laundry that we had with us in our carry on, had lunch at Waterside (again nice and quiet compared to most embarkation days), went and saw the specialty restaurant manager to change some of our reservations, got tickets to the magic show and unpacked all by 3.00pm! I had my hair done at 4.00 and then had a nice rest in the cabin until it was time to change for dinner which was at Prego. A great meal, with quite a few new wait staff (or new to me anyway). By 9.30pm we were pooped after a long day and as there was no production show to lure us into staying up later we decided to have an early night. I noticed during pre dinner drinks that both the Cove and Avenue Saloon we very busy between 7.00 and 8.00pm which was a pleasant surprise. Writing this from the Palm Court in Papeete where it is raining cats and dogs. We'll make today a sea day. Been to the gym, had a healthy breakfast and we’ll have a not so healthy lunch at Waterside 😁 So nice to be cruising again! Also, here’s a picture for BWI Vince who shares my dislike for the prints in the standard staterooms. I’m sure the last time we were on Serenity the walls were adorned with the usual insipid, dime-a-dozen watercolour prints that are prolific in most hotels, but our stateroom had these on the walls - a vast improvement in my opinion. I wonder if the prints in the Staterooms on Symphony have also been changed?
  11. Thanks so much, Vince & Nancy! Yes, we are at the Hilton and taking the ferry back to Papeete tomorrow morning to board. Wish we could embark here - feels like we could almost swim over to the Serenity. It's been a good pre-cruise holiday. We did a few days in Auckland with friends who me met on Crystal. They got on the Silver Muse in Auckland (first time for them so interested to hear what they think) and we came over to Tahiti. Spent one very short night in Papeete at the Intercon - our flight was due to land at 12.30am but there were numerous delays and we only got to the hotel at 4.00am and left at 10.00am, totally wiped out! We arrived in Moorea to torrential downpour and howling winds which lasted for the first day and a half. Thought I would go out of my mind but thank heavens the weather improved and we're able to enjoy the glorious water. I was surprised to see more live coral and sea life here than in the Maldives. We can't wait to board tomorrow. Whilst the Hilton is in a great location in terms of natural beauty, the service, restaurants, general ambience of the public areas and food leave a lot to be desired. Maybe there has been a change of management as we had heard very good things about this property. Can't see myself rushing back and if we did we would probably try Bora Bora and the Four Seasons.
  12. Thanks 2012 Alaska Bound - found it and enjoyed seeing all the areas that were featured. Looking forward to seeing it for ourselves in December - by then I'm hoping for many more live blogs 🙂
  13. Can someone post a link to the Facebook page that has the pictures of Splendor - I can't seem to find it? Thanks in advance.
  14. Shore excursions normally start to appear 6 months before cruise date so I'd say there will be more additions in the coming weeks/months for your cruise. Even if excursions are full they are still listed with a note saying "waitlisted". For excursions where there is nothing posted and the message you quote above appears, it normally means they have yet to settle on the excursions for that port so keep checking. I've often encountered the 30 day cancellation policy for excursions where it seems odd - I contacted shore excursions via email and they realised they had made a mistake and removed the cancelation policy. You can contact the shore excursion team by emailing them at crystaladventures@crystalcruises.com
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