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  1. I agree with you, this is not good at all. We've never had this happen but I know others have said they've been poured sparkling wine when they've asked for Champagne, which is not acceptable. I also think it would be a great idea for Crystal to cross market with wineries to refine their inclusive list even more. There are a couple of inclusive wines that I personally would love to see them do away with as I think it lowers the overall standard but to call what they do currently offer as swill is not accurate or fair. I'm not sure if you've sailed on other luxury lines or seen the inclusive wines they offer but Crystal's inclusive wine list in my opinion, is far far better not only in quality but in range and diversity too.
  2. I don't think Kent9xxx1 that you will find any cruise line or hotel that has inclusive wines that are marked near 90 points. The only place I can think of that does offer this calibre of wine are some airlines in their first class cabins, but then you're talking about a 12 hour flight as opposed to a 12 day cruise - Crystal would soon be bankrupt! 🙂 If you wish to drink that calibre of wine then you can certainly do so by ordering from the connoisseur list and paying for it. If Crystal were to offer bottles in the 50 USD+ range as their inclusive wines we would be paying triple the amount for the cruise. It's great that you have such an appreciation for fine wines and that you've refined your palette to the point of only finding one or two varieties appealing but to call the inclusive wines swill and presume that they should offer wines in the price range you describe is at best ludicrous.
  3. Is there a reason why Perry Grant isn't going to be on Crystal in the foreseeable future? I know there are many who are not fans (ourselves included) but there were just as many who enjoyed him.
  4. I'm interested to hear what you found disappointing?
  5. Sorry to hear about the missed ports, I know how disappointing that can be but I'm thrilled to hear that everyone seems to be having a good time regardless and that all appears to be in great shape on Symphony!
  6. Thanks for clarifying, Keith - I was under the impression it was only for 3 or more BTO nights for some reason, glad to know I was mistaken.
  7. Keith, your day in Sorrento and the towns you visited look lovely! Re The Supper Club - I thought it was only offered on cruises with 3 or more BTO nights? You're on a 10 day cruise (I think?) so surely there aren't 3 BTO nights?
  8. Yes, which is why it's so hard to understand why they would choose to use, in the new staterooms, bedside tables with no drawers and desks and other furnishings that don't accommodate any storage. The storage space on the Mozart was almost non existent but it's manageable as the cruises are only 7-10 days long so the need for more storage isn't as great but when that design concept was transferred to the new penthouses on the ocean ships it's another matter. Once again it's the old design misstep of form over function. Given that Crystal staterooms are already on the smaller side compared to many of the other luxury lines the one saving grace was the amount of clever storage. I hope they keep this in mind when they design the new ocean liners.
  9. I'm really surprised by the decision the room designers made in regard to the beds. It sounds like whoever chose the pieces of furniture has never cruised before! Whilst one can get luggage stored, it is far more convenient to have it on hand, under the bed, out of sight. This is not an option at present where if you do want to store it under the bed it's a complete eyesore. Seems crazy and I hope they think of a fix for this and implement it quickly.
  10. Sounds like you had a great time on board and so glad that everyone got to enjoy stunning weather. It must have been hard to disembark but as you mentioned the countdown to our cruise in May has well and truly begun!
  11. Bon Voyage everyone! We'll be heading down to the harbour to see Symphony whilst she's in Sydney and wishing, as we always do when we see Crystal in Sydney harbour, that we were on board. Glen, who is obsessed with taking pictures of the ships from land will no doubt post some photos. Would love to hear from anyone on board if they have time on how things are on Symphony - only a little over a month before we board!
  12. Thanks for confirming Keith & Nancy! We have such a long way to go before we're anywhere close to 100 cruises, so I might not have looked at it too closely and it could very well have been the 90th milestone as Stickman said.
  13. I really wish Crystal would re-look at their accrual program and adjust their platforms from 16 nights to 14 nights for two milestones. Also, just to clarify what Keith wrote above - the benefits Keith listed are for Penthouses. 10th milestone in a normal stateroom is $200pp and 25th milestone (if you have gone on less than 15 cruises in a PH) is a free cruise for 7 days in a deluxe verandah stateroom. Just looking at the Crystal Society benefits again and it appears they have been changed? Have the milestone advantages been pushed out? I seem to remember the free cruise in the Crystal Penthouse being before the 100th milestone?
  14. I have the Kindle Paper white too and when I realised I couldn't download books because of the two tier log in I used the wifi hotspot on my iPhone and was able to download books very quickly.
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