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  1. I feel for you, Vince! Nothing worse than issues at work interfering with ones lead up to a vacation and it seems to happen to Glen every time we're about to travel! Hope things slow down a little and you have some time to get organised, and most importantly, excited!!
  2. Now that's dangerous and information I wish I didn't know 🙂
  3. One time when we were in a Verandah cabin Glen ordered some shrimp with cocktail sauce in the afternoon from room service so that is an option or one could go down to the bistro and bring an assortment of cheese back to the cabin. Last time we were in a PH we asked our butler not to bother with the canapés as it was too much eating between lunch and dinner (and afternoon ice cream and sometime afternoon tea). But boy how I love those pigs in blankets!
  4. Certainly not by the end of the cruise! 😂
  5. Vince, how can this be?? You're about to get on a cruise soon!! 😀
  6. Just wanted to add something to the discussion regarding size of staterooms. We have only sailed on Crystal but are considering a Caribbean cruise on Splendor. On Crystal we have sailed in both PH staterooms and the entry level cabins with verandah. We are chronic over packers and travel with at least 3 large suitcase and a carry on each. The verandah cabins on Crystal are so well thought out and have so much storage space that we are able to completely unpack and still have a couple of empty drawers. Do I prefer the PH"s? Sure, but sometimes the price differential is so much that we can't justify the cost. We do enjoy spending some time in our stateroom but most of the time we are out and about or on the verandah, weather permitting. You'll be surprised at how comfortable the smaller rooms are. I was a little nervous when we saw the size of our first non PH cabin but once we were fully unpacked it was incredibly comfortable.
  7. You will definitely, I believe, have more options for spa times as only a limited number are posted on the website so go to the spa when you embark and inquire. In terms of dinner reservations speak to your butler on embarkation day and have him try and secure earlier reservations for you. I think the PH's have more of a chance of obtaining reservations. You might not be able to secure a table as early you want but good chance they might be able to fit you in before 9.00 pm, but there are no guarantees.
  8. Bon Voyage and have a wonderful cruise everyone! Wish we were on board and as always, if any of you have time and inclination to post we would love to hear from you!
  9. Actually all the entry level staterooms, and that equates on Crystal to all cabins below a penthouse, are the same size. The only thing that varies is that some only have a window and these are called Ocean View Rooms and the others have verandahs. The interior size and layout are identical with or without a verandah, although Serenity has slightly larger rooms than Symphony as it's a slightly bigger ship. The other thing that differs of course is the level they are on and the position i.e. aft, forward or midship. So whilst, guest speakers and entertainers may well be in the these cabins so are passengers as they are the only cabins available before PH category.
  10. We much prefer Silk and would happily eat there once per 7 nights on board. We prefer it for dinner rather than lunch. We do need to ask for the food to be served in a particular way - each item coming out separately with a small gap between each, otherwise it all comes out at once and gets cold very quickly. Even having asked for the meal to be served this way though we have had issues with the food not being hot when it has reached the table. We enjoy the tastes and flavours of the entrees but I'm not keen on the steamed dumplings, dough is too thick. I also wish they would give the option of having either Kung Pao shrimp or chicken. Shrimp has only been available on both Symphony and Serenity on recent cruises and they are unable to change it out to chicken (we've asked). Sometimes the special of the day can be hit and miss which is a shame as the menu is quite small. I think they need someone having a good regular oversight of the food that is being served and tweaking it when required. On Symphony we ordered a curry that was a special and it was really really really bad and yet on other occasions the curry has been fabulous, so consistency can be an issue. The only other suggestion I would have is to make the courses a tiny bit bigger. I get it that they serve them small so as you can try a few different dishes but even when we've tried about 4 different entrees there still has not been enough of each one. I know now to order double portions of some dishes. One of our best nights at Silk was dining by the window when we were docked in Shanghai and having centre stage seats to the lighting show whilst enjoying a very nice Chinese meal.
  11. They are in terms that many such dishes can be preprepared or just ingredient prep that can be assembled a la minute.
  12. I am also in the dislike camp. I have dined there 3 times across both ships. The best experience was on Symphony shortly after they first opened. It was done a little differently to now. Originally there was a buffet of appetisers and a menu of hot items/side dishes that one could order for the table and which were served. They no longer have a menu and the buffet items are uninspired and unappetising (to me). I don't particularly like the ambience and we have never seen the open aft dining area in use at night. So our decision now is that there's much better food and ambience to be found elsewhere and we won't be going back. It is essential though with open seating in Waterside that there be this extra dining option to make sure that Waterside doesn't get over crowded. Personally I would love the extra dining option to be a French brasserie - casual with traditional bistro items such as steak frites, coq au vin, salad nicoise, beef tartar, twice baked cheese souffles etc. I think this would be very doable with the kitchen galley set up they have.
  13. I hope TC dines in Waterside one evening poor to disembarking so that she can give her thought on the experience but just wanted to let you know that we have found open dining to work very well on Crystal. We only ever really dine at a two top and occasionally have friends join us and request a table a for four and we have never had to wait for a table or had any issues. They will always try to accommodate your request of table location or wait staff. My only issue with Waterside since open dining was introduced is that the second and third row of tables by the window are very close together. I have noticed however that the restaurant manager does try and spread people out and the only occasion when every one of those tables is taken is on Black Tie Optional nights which are very popular in Waterside due to the special menu items. If I am ever escorted to a table I don't like I simply let them know and they find another spot for us with no issues. I now know our favourite table numbers and always ask for one of them when we enter.
  14. + 1 about the photographers. Far too many of them around the ship and on your way to excursions trying to snap photos. I wish they would either eliminate them altogether or make their services and their sales area a little more unobtrusive.
  15. Very much enjoying your posts, Jackie and hope you have a lovely meal at Prego. Our favourites are the mushroom soup, carpaccio, lamb rack and the lasagne which is one of the best I have ever had anywhere! Don't forget you can order anything in half portion sizes if you want to sample more dishes.
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