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  1. We'll be on Splendor in Dec 2020 and the "all inclusive wifi" of one device per suite is going to take some getting used to and from Flossie's post it doesn't sound like we can even pay for more devices. If the internet is as woeful as it appears to be at the moment this could be a deal breaker for us and Regent, but crossing fingers that by then things will have improved.
  2. Is it possible to pay extra to be able to log in more than one device per room and if so how much does it cost? TIA
  3. If I'm not mistaken the included internet on Regent is one device per person? I can't imagine what the internet speed would be like if it was truly unlimited, as in multiple devices per person!
  4. Welcome home, Adrian. My mornings are going to be a little more dull now that I don't have your posts to read with my morning coffee. Thanks for taking the time to post and hope you cruise again soon.
  5. How great would it be if Crystal could employ Adrian as a full time cruise correspondent - splitting his time between all the Crystal ships and reporting Live every day? I think they would see a spike in their bookings!
  6. Fat, especially from grass fed animals is not the problem - it's sugars from simple and processed carbs that are the real killers.
  7. I'm really surprised by this! I've only cruised on Crystal to date with a cruise on Splendor booked for 2020 and Crystal always, no questions asked, honour price reductions, even when one has paid in full. I would be very put off cruising regularly with a company who didn't honour a price reduction.
  8. I'm afraid I would have to eat well at lunch and at dinner with those menus! Adrian, once again thank you for posting - I'm thoroughly enjoying reading about your days and evenings!
  9. Thanks for the interesting comparison. It's good to see that Regent's extra charge excursions are so well priced which makes sense given that most excursions are inclusive and if you choose one that isn't you're still being compensated.
  10. I'm really pleased they have replaced some of the cushions in the Trident area. I hope they do the same on Serenity as some of the cushions and covers were looking really soiled and stained on my last cruise in July.
  11. I'm sure I could ask and they would provide them but I take Stickman's approach and think of it as one less thing to eat 🙂
  12. Sorry to hear about your experience at Churrascaria. How was the food you were able to eat before it was packed away? I think it's a good idea to let Remi know so as the problem you encountered can be averted in the future. I'm afraid our days of giving the Churrascaria another try are over. Two bad experiences in a row were enough to persuade us not to waste any of our precious cruise nights dining there. Throughly enjoying all your posts and very much appreciate you taking time to keep us all entertained!
  13. I sometimes see people with nut allergies in the Cove being served potato chips with their drinks rather than the (sometimes stale and unappealing) nuts. I"m always envious!!
  14. We are very much like Belfast Taxman in that we like to do a fair bit of planning and tend to ask a LOT of questions about any new cruise line we are thinking of trying and even more so once we've booked. Partly this is to embark with a reasonable expectation of what to expect and to avoid certain disappointments - e.g. knowing in advance that the MDR will be closed on embarkation day. We are used to Crystal and dining in the MDR when we embark. If the question hadn't been raised we would have been a little surprised and a tad disappointed but knowing ahead of time that it will be closed we will avoid that. But another reason why I enjoy threads such as this is that it builds my anticipation and gets me even more excited for my upcoming cruise! When we took our first cruise I asked many questions similar to this thread and many others about all sorts of inconsequential "stuff" and my husband had the same impression - that I would leave nothing to surprise us when we finally embarked but in fact it was the opposite. We knew what to do, where to go, which tickets to try and secure first once we boarded and where. It enhanced our cruise experience immeasurably. In fact we spoke to quite a few new cruisers on that same cruise and many of them had missed out on tickets to things like the magicians show because they were unaware about it, or extra specialty restaurant reservations as they didn't know the Maitre'd had a special office set up on embarkation day to deal with new bookings and seat allocations (back in the times of set dining). So I totally understand Belfast Taxman's various threads on this cruise and hope he keeps them coming.
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