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  1. The excitement and anticipation of getting on the ship on embarkation day The sound of the cocktail shaker and the piano tinkling as I enter the Cove
  2. A Princess ship terminated it's cruise in Sydney yesterday and all 2700 passengers were allowed to disembark even though many were showing flu like symptoms. They did Corona Virus test on 13 people and so far 4 have come back as being positive. These people are now at large in and around Sydney. I just can not understand how this was allowed to occur. You can't even get into this country with an apple without it being quarantined and 2700 people on a cruise ship with Corona cases are now roaming around all over Sydney and with some on flights back to their home countries!!
  3. Fingers and toes crossed Larry that you don't have anymore flight changes and that you manage to get on your flight to Canada. Please let us know if you can how the experience was at the airports. If you need anything when you're in Sydney we're happy to help in any way we can.
  4. Well no lock down was announced for Australia, just limits to numbers of people allowed to congregate indoors and outside as well as an unprecedented do not travel alert for all Australians and a strong recommendation that if you are an Australian who is overseas to COME BACK NOW. Apparently the departures terminal at the airport yesterday was quite busy with tourists departing the country. I hope your flights aren't changed but if they are I think it would only be for a day or so.
  5. Yes, this was my reaction as well and it made me feel all nostalgic even though it's only been a matter of a week or less that things have gotten crazy here in Sydney. I have a feeling the government may announce a lockdown for Australia this morning with only essential services such as supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies open. So Larry, please have a drink for us in the Cove and enjoy your last couple of days to the fullest!
  6. I have to say I would be one of those - just don't have the appetite for a lot of sea days after our recent WC segment.
  7. One thing to keep in mind when talking about Italy and how the virus completely overwhelmed their health system is that their health system is extremely poor in comparison to many western countries and thus it was not unsurprising that they were very quickly in a position where patients were in corridors and hospital were unable to cope. The whole approach to this virus IMO is to try and contain it to the point that a countries health system is not overwhelmed. Countries where numbers spike very quickly are the ones who are going to find it the hardest to cope and if the health system is already terrible, as with Italy, it's disastrous. Added to this Italy also has the oldest age demographic of any country in Europe so a virus with the kind of stats of the covid-19 it is unsurprising sadly that their death rate has been so high.
  8. I am envious of how level headed the Kiwi's are and applaud them and their prime minister for taking the brave move of closing their boarders. I have a feeling that in about a weeks time Australia might do the same. Yesterday in Sydney it was the biggest day of stockpiling of food in supermarkets to date and today is expected to be the same. I wish people would STOP it, take a deep breath and not panic. I feel bad for members of the community who don't have the funds to stockpile food and need to shop on a daily or weekly basis and can't find the food stuffs they need in the stores.
  9. Wow, that is crazy. I take it you don't mean though that there are only 3 slot machines in total?
  10. Anne, I couldn't agree more. We did a world cruise sector for the first time this year and it was way too many sea days for us - granted we had a couple of extra ones thrown in due to missed ports but it made us realise that we prefer more port intensive cruises so no more world segments for us (that are sea day heavy) and even if we were retired I can't see us ever doing a world cruise. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. Docmark, yes we are on the August 19 cruise and we hope to meet you on board. We're also looking forward to Bordeaux, it will be our first time there and we have some great winery tours booked. We considered for a brief moment changing the second leg and doing the cruise before the August 19 cruise but we have first class air booked on Qantas and we are loathe to give it up - we can't secure the same flights for the cruise before. As my husband pointed out, our second cruise is in September and SURELY things will have settled down by then.
  12. I'm glad you've decided to hang on for a while longer - I know how much you were looking forward to your vacation both on the Regent TA and on the Crystal river cruise. Who knows what can happen between now and then. From memory you have CFAR insurance, which makes waiting a little longer not too problematic. Wish they had CFAR insurance in Australia (if they do I haven't heard of it). Our next cruise is in Late August - B2B Amsterdam-Barcelona and then Barcelona-Venice. The second leg has many Italian ports. What I can foresee happening isn't so much that Italian cities will still be in lock down but that many ports will cease to allow entry to any cruise ships. The new Princess ship in California has me worried about the future of cruising whilst the Coronavirus is active.
  13. That's great that the vibe on the ship is so upbeat and it sounds like most of the venues have a decent crowd at some point in the night so lack of ambience so far isn't an issue which is something that would be important to me. Has there been any mention of any FCC to the world cruisers for all the changes that have occurred, ot only missed ports and revised itineraries but no WC events?
  14. I'm a bad supermarket shopper and always leave things until we are out before I restock. So we had one roll of toilet paper left when I went to the supermarket on Monday - the shelves were bare, went back yesterday - the shelves were bare. I will try again today and in the meantime I had to beg a couple of rolls from friends and family. The trick to getting any supplies at the moment is to be at the supermarket by 7.00am when they restock the shelves as they are sold out within 20 minutes. Just crazy behaviour which I can't even begin to understand!!!!
  15. That seafood platter sure looks fabulous and judging by the rain this morning it was just as well you had lunch yesterday. Such a shame the weather is so gloomy for your stay, especially after the many many months of warm weather we have had.
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