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  1. We've often been taken to be seated at tables which we don't like when we dine at Waterside and we have cruised about 10 times with Crystal. I now speak up straight away if I don't like the location and they will find somewhere else. I also keep in mind some table numbers and locations I like and ask for them specifically when we enter. If they aren't available I ask if they can come and get me in the Cove when something comes up and I've never had to wait for more than about 10 minutes. If you do sail with Crystal again please try this approach because if they get to know what your preference is after the first couple of nights they will always try and accommodate you.
  2. If you're a lover of sushi you can also order special menu items from Umi Uma. I don't think they give you the special items menu automatically so you may need to ask for it.
  3. I think this sounds like a good approach. I hope Crystal are reading this thread and take this under consideration. Good news is I think we're in the clear and will be able to travel as planned and happily we won't need to ask our TA to use up a lot of their time going to battle with Crystal on it.
  4. After the comments on a different thread about service and food issues on shorter 7 day cruises I too would like to see more cruises that are around the 14 - 15 day mark. For us it's too long a trip to go to Europe for a short cruise and yes, we could do a back to back but the dynamics of a 7 day cruise are very different and it would impact the experience.
  5. I had no idea this was standard practice and just because it is doesn't make it right or fair. But as you say Larry, it is what it is! I'll certainly be asking my TA to fight on this if it ever become necessary, which might very well happen on an upcoming cruise hence how I found out about it.
  6. This was something I recently learnt abut Crystal's cancellation policy. If you want to make a name change once cancellation penalties have kicked in it will be treated by Crystal as a cancellation. For example if I have a cruise booked with my husband and one month out he can't go for work reasons I can't opt to have my sister or friend join me. It would be seen as a complete cancellation of his cruise. I find this troubling - what an earth difference does it make to Crystal who is going to be in the cabin as long as it's paid for and as long as they have all their personal information in plenty of time? I know that some airline tickets don't allow name changes or they can only be done with a fee but normally one doesn't lose 50-100% of the cost of that ticket. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts because personally I'm very disappointed in Crystal for what appears to be a complete mercenary driven policy. With the new cancellation policies starting in 2020 when working folks have to know 6 months out if they are able to cruise or face losing a lot of money this was one way I thought we might be able to mitigate the risk.
  7. On the inclusive wine list there are at least 6-10 red wines and the same of white - maybe even more, as well as Prosecco, Champagne and Rose wine. We ask to see the full inclusive list at one of the bars - normally the Crystal Cove and take a picture of it so as we have it handy when we are in the restaurants and want a wine that isn't the recommended wine for the evening and there is never any issue or delay in getting one of the other wines. After having sailed with Crystal a few times now we know the wines we like but they also sometimes add wines from the region they are sailing so we always try them out too. The bartenders on Crystal make excellent cocktails - some the best I've had even on land. Never any issue at all if you want a double. The sommeliers are normally on duty in the Bistro (the onboard cafe) during the day and they are normally happy to answer any questions you may have about the wines if they aren't too busy. The excellent sommeliers are also on hand in the dining room and other dining venues in the evenings.
  8. I personally think it's fine to remove someones clothes from a washing machine which has finished and place them in a laundry basket. Whilst I always try and get to the laundry room in time to remove my clothes sometimes I can be a little late and if I am, I'm totally okay with someone taking my clothes out and placing them in a basket. This seems to be a big deal for some people but I just don't understand why it's such an issue? I wouldn't want someone placing my washed clothing into the dryer as they wouldn't know what setting I like or if there are any items I want to hang up and dry and I never presume to do that for others but putting someones clothes in a basket once they are done is perfectly acceptable IMO.
  9. On our recent cruise there were a couple of high rollers in the casino who were always in shorts and sandals/fit flops/ thongs in the evening regardless of what the dress code was or where they were on the ship - not a word was said, I guess it's pretty hard to enforce a dress code with people who may have been comped on the cruise and who are gambling thousands of dollars every night, but I kinda wish they would.
  10. We once ordered for a special occasion chateaubriand with bernaise sauce, truffle fries and creamed spinach - it was magnificent! I know they have Dover sole on the menu at least once per cruise but if you happen to be in a different dining venue on that evening you can special order it for another night. I think this is the fish they do best on the ship. I know others who special order Weinner Schnitzel and Kosher chicken too if they miss out on the night it's on the menu.
  11. ClefsDor


    Smoking is permitted on one side of the promenade deck (can't remember which) as well as the aft area of each deck that has staterooms. I really wish they would eliminate smoking from the promenade deck as this is where most people go to exercise.
  12. We used Blackberry Cars for our London to Dover transfer and they were excellent. They sent a large SUV for us (2 people, 3 large luggage and 2 roll ons). They were on time, polite and friendly. We used them both ways and they were a fraction of the cost of Crystal. They have a variety of cars so I don't think it would be a problem finding one to suit your needs.
  13. Taronga Park Zoo is another great thing to do and lovely to take the ferry there from Circular Quay.
  14. I really like the new serving area that has been created in the Palm Court on Serenity as it's a much more elegant way to display buffets be it for the Mozart afternoon tea or other events such as coffee and pastries when sailing through scenic areas. I know some people view it as a waste of space but I think it looks so much nicer than trestle tables decked in those old fashion white ruffled table cloths - these are my pet hates and scream 1970's to me. If you're going to use white cloths then please make them crisp and straight edged to the ground. And yes, this a petty thing and nothing I assure you I lose sleep over 😁
  15. Adrian, I too am with you on this one. I would love to see this sort of provenance information. I think it would be too hard to do with fruits and vegetables etc but for meat, chicken and seafood I would like to see this information. I would particularly like to see that their poultry and eggs were at the minimum free range.
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