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  1. I relied on my Westpac complimentary in US and various countries after reading the online and hard copy brochures time and time again and disclosing 2 existing that were not on the list of covered. Be vigilant as far as your health cover goes for instance,,if you have high cholesterol you need to disclose it (who would have thought) if you didn’t and had heart issues whilst away you would not be covered. Never had to claim however. Cheers Carole
  2. I have discovered that hand wipes, baby wipes etc are excellent for removing the odd stain (not red wine ) Cheers Carole
  3. That is only $37 a day = 3 alcoholic drinks ,,a latte,,,a couple of bottles of water Cheers
  4. We got Kina onboard with a great exchange rate. Festival was worth the small amount paid but return buses had issues,,,nowhere to wait in the shade,,,,not enough buses but tourism is new to NG so they will learn,give them a few few years grace and ho with the flow. Did not see a need for malaria meds Cheers Carole
  5. I always take a screen shot of my original confirmation email. Cheers Carole
  6. Yes I re fared our15 day Northern Explorer 2021 and it worked out at $40 pp per day for drink package and net, win win as the base price had gone down by $200 also from our initial fare. Happy Happy Cheers Carole
  7. Thanks for your opinions, were the shows you saw worth watching Cheers Carole
  8. Part 1 of 4 on the 6 th, Australia and New Zealand,maybe it’s the one on The Majestic hope so. Cheers Carole
  9. Our daughter is in a rock band and is calling for other bands of similar ilk to join them in Sydney on the 25/26 January and all proceeds will be split between Animal aid and Red Cross ,she’s getting great response. It is getting to hard to watch the news. Carole
  10. Sorry to hear that, hope you can get some relief soon Cheers Carole
  11. Well done,,,you will need another screen name if you keep that up Gut Cheers Carole
  12. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/12/23/800-tourists-stranded-on-penang-hill#cxrecs_s. I have done this ride on the funicular but my other half hasn’t and the view is quite something and I suppose chances of this happening again are slim but thinking twice about it now. Cheers Carole
  13. Another money making venture. Cheers Carole
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