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  1. Three night stopovers anywhere in the east used to do me en route to Manchester. ,finished with the long haul now 8 to 9 hour flights being my limit. Cheers Carole
  2. Or instead of throwing away your undies save them and get one more wear out of them and then dispose of them. Dont think of your Mothers words of making sure you had good underwear on. Cheers Carole
  3. Both parties need to be a what’s app user,,so if you connect to Heathrow Wifi and your shuttle service have what’s app there are no charges. Hope this helps Cheers Carole
  4. I don’t know how much firefighters get paid but I am sure they earn every last cent of it during this horrific time.
  5. I will be praying for the glass Gut. Cheers Carole
  6. Yes noticed some people wearing masks out today the wind is changing direction now and Caloundra is clearing Cheers Carole
  7. Fires 30 minutes drive from us,,lots of smoke around,,not pleasant but at least we are safe. Cheers Carole
  8. I have had good response with Qantas through Facebook messenger if you use that platform. Cheers Carole
  9. From my trip Friday 8th Feb We docked on time at 8.00 and by 8.30 we were sitting on our tour bus,we had been met at the dock with someone with our names in a board. Unfortunately the professionalism came to an end there. I had booked this tour online with Rabaul Kopoko Tours and they had excellent reviews but our guide lacked knowledge,she had a script to read and read it well but in a small voice that not all in the small van could hear. When asked a question she just nodded or smiled,we had no info from her whatsoever, she told me she has been a tour guide for 2 years !! but when asked a basic question like how much is petrol in Rabaul she could not answer. We paid $85 each for a 4 hour tour that lasted 3 and a half. The tour however had some intresting sights to see (see pics)just a shame we couldnt interact with the guide. Feel like we didn’t get what we paid for at all,nothing was explained at the stops we had,just as well we had done our own research so we knew what we were seeing.Maybe we just got stuck with a poor guide as some had given good reviews. So ended at the market which she used to make up some more time I suppose but it was interesting it was the every day market that the natives use with lots of fruit,fish and greens and a few stalls with cheap trinkets and t shirts. Some of the greens were pumpkin vines,,,ferns,,,,,,and also tops from various root plants,it seems we could learn something here. Cheers Carole
  10. I have just done the same thing, not impressed. Cheers Carole
  11. No it’s very pretty but my margaritas would not have been so readily available. Think it was there that I saw a plane land on a grass airstrip ,quite a sight to see. Cheers Carole
  12. Ozkiwi, hope you will be able to tender at mystery island,I can recommend Sun Walking Tours ,we took a short boat ride with them to the island of Aneityum , think it cost us $30 for a very interesting couple of hours although their sense of time leaves a lot to be desired so do it in the morning. Cheers Carole
  13. Not Central Business District Cheers Carole
  14. A girl after my own heart Bubbeh,, My girls tell me I have a continual mantra being If I can’t do and have what I want at my age when the hell can I. Cheers Carole
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