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  1. Beef Vindaloo Curry at midnight in UK, Memories. Cheers Carole
  2. Spent our cruise money / government handout and then some on getting our driveway resurfaced with a crazy paving pattern and replaced all our awnings, looks like new like I was supposed to. Cheers Carole
  3. It was my post not bythebay,no need to get your knickers in a twist about a honest mistake,I publicly apologise for slurring Princess. Cheers Carole
  4. Oh, should Have gone to specsavers, they changed the ship name ! Cheers Carole
  5. Screen shot just taken, you can click right through to book on Princess website Cheers Carole
  6. According to my personaliser in Princess I am still sailing in March, my TA at least has all the Sun cruises marked as sold out. Cheers Carole
  7. It doesn’t give me a lot of faith in them, so underhanded. Disgraceful really. Cheers Carole
  8. You can still book Sun Princess in March on the Princess web site ! Cheers Carole
  9. I agree but what can you do, fortunately we were able to do without the $2000 plus amount but I am sure there were some who scratch to save for holidays were left paying off their credit cards. Cheers Carole
  10. Lots of activity today. Got our long awaited (7 months) out of pocket expenses. Got our March 21 on Sun cancelled, didn’t think it would go anyway. Vaccine needed for us too. Cheers Carole
  11. Can’t see either happening but don’t mind being wrong. Cheers Carole
  12. According to post I replied to although did look for further info but couldn’t find anything Cheers Carole
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