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  1. Why doesn't Princess have any Carribbean Cruises for Oct -Dec 2021? Usually, Princess lists their scheduled Cruises 2 years out.
  2. We are still in the shut down mode in our county, Chelan WA., only can do essential travel. Our Gov Inslee did not follow the Federal Govt guideline, but made his more restrictive policies before we can open. In our county, we have to have 14 straight days without a positive coronavirus. This 14 day requirement will not and cannot be achieved, therefore we will be shut down through the whole tourist season. We are the Number one tourist destination in the State of Washington. Our Washington State Gov. Inslee last week did allow members of the family to be in the car instead of only the driver when we have to do essential travel. Gov Inslee did allow landscapers and paid dog walkers to go back to work.
  3. All waterfront cities in Alaska have hills to evacuate. Whittier's population is 200 people and most, if not all live in one building. Within two blocks of this building is a high area to evacuate and escape the Tsunami.
  4. HAL headquarters are in Seattle. It has been headquartered in Seattle for for 46 years and specialized in Alaska Cruises which was the main reason Carnival bought HAL. Most of the 2,000 employees that are being laid off are at the Seattle office. The state of the art office building also includes or did have 900 Princess employees. The city of Seattle is not a employer friendly city with their laws and the taxes are quite high on employers. Seattle also has a employee hour tax (head tax) that is very expensive for employers. This is probably the reason why they have the 2,000 layoffs at the Seattle headquarters. Many companies are fleeing Seattle for this reason.
  5. Only essential travel is allowed in our state until Mid June. My county has had 36 Coronavirus cases. Our Governor Inslee on Tuesday, May 5th did allow members of the household to be in our cars (Prior to that, only the driver}. Golfing, fishing, Landscaping, Car Washers with stringent restrictions are now allowed. No other busineses including all Professionals, including doctors and Dentists are not allowed to open. Even though Washington State has had a steady drop in Coronavirus since April 1st, Gov Inslee is keeping essential travel and businesses closed. He did order that all prisoners over 55 years old, including a serial killer that had 49 murder convictions, to be released from prison. Luckily, the Supreme court ruled against Gov. Inslee. Gov Inslee has said that there is a Silver lining with this is that there has been a 70% reduction in usage of Carbon-based fuel.
  6. I have taken a Alaska cruise in late Sept. All the shops were open with big discounts-70%+. The weather is slightly cooler and wetter. Looking at the schedule for Alaska cruises, there is 28 cruises after Sept 15th, including one - Norwegian Bliss 7 day R/T from Seattle leaving on Oct. 4th. In Sept, the Alaska ports have sunlight around 12 hrs-13 hours. Sept 20th-12 hrs.
  7. Are you being facetious about your statement "There is always hydoxycholorquine and disinfectant for those who don't care about others health". Studies have shown that Hydroxychloroquine combined with Azithromycin is very effective in treating Coronavirus. Gov Coumo promotes this treatment and says all of the hospitals in NY city use this as a preferred treatment. A majority of the doctors in the United States prescribes this treatment. The increased use of a disinfectant is used by Cruiseships (always have), Airlines, city buses and most businesses now are being used to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Disinfectants are the only tool to kill the Coronavirus germs. Cruiselines, Airlines and all businesses using the disinfectants do care about the health of others, contrary to your statement that they "don't care about others health."
  8. Two days ago, the Port of Seattle said they expect to delay the start of the 2020 Cruise Season. The Port of Seattle will operate as soon as possible. The "Port of Seattle also stated "The start of the cruise season will depend on he status of the public health emergency and the advise of local, state and public health officials." My guess the cruise season will start July 1st.
  9. The Jamaican driver is wrong about the Yellow cab. 99% of the cabs are metered, but in this case, the cab dispatcher directed to the taxi we got. She probably received a kickback. Before you get in make sure the cab is metered which should show the rate on the side of the taxi.
  10. Took a taxi at the taxi stand from Port to Fll last month. When we arrived at the airport, the driver said it was $30.00. I said what does the meter say. He said that Yellow cab only has meters and his charge is $30. When you get a cab, make sure the taxi is metered. I have taken taxis for several years and the metered charge has been between $12- $16. From now on, I will make sure the taxi is metered.
  11. Can you swap out the 2 bottles of DosXX beer for a light beer, such as Corona lite your Mini Bar. We will be elite status on our next cruise.
  12. Fresh halibut and salmon are not allowed on cruise ships.
  13. It appears that you are biased based on your statement that you were in Trinidad for Emancipation. Downtown Port of Spain is run down and streets and sidewalks are filled with garbage. Most people would call it a slum. We took a ship tour to Maracas beach and the beach was filled with garbage and no one went into the stinking brown water because of the inoperative sewer plants discharged the sewer into the ocean. I have been to over 80 countries and I have never seen a country as run down and dangerous as Trinidad.
  14. Great, with the new TV station lineup, we will not be in the dark during our cruise. With the elimination of CNN, we will be able to see what is happening and the weather back home.
  15. Roatan is perfectly safe. It is a island off the coast of Honduras. I was in Trinidad in November. Three people from our ship were robbed within 4 blocks of the ship terminal. Cruise ships should not be going to Trinidad. Bay was brown with Sewer and felled with garbage that Trinidad dumps into the ocean. You should only take the ship tours and never go out on your own, including taking taxis.
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