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  1. I just booked MSC Seashore for Sept. 2022.
  2. Princess Cruises Elite level -Diamond (which I cant find on MSC web site???)
  3. I just had to change my health insurance also, as my past employer terminated our coverage. It was very difficult and frustrating to find health, dental, drug and vision insurance. I preserved and did it. I also am waiting for the Covid vaccine. I was wondering if the cruise lines will require proof. I am also a solo traveler. Can't wait to get back to cruising.
  4. Which ship and which sailing. I just check my Allure said date and it is still 30.00
  5. Thank you for the info. I usually sail of Princess or Royal. I want to try Holland. If you can give me any hints on finding lower single fares, I would appreciate it. 🙂
  6. I just check the Princess website and their same package is currently 19.99. I will wait a bit as Royal should match it soon.(Hopefully)
  7. This is for the non-alcoholic package; water, soda, coffee, juice. the deluxe alcohol pkg is 67.00. I think the non-alcohol should be 20-25. I may try your suggestion of buying it now and then cancel and buy if it goes lower. I hope that will work. thanks
  8. I just booked the Allure for 01/22/2022 and want to purchase the Refreshment Beverage package. I am a solo sailor and must pay the full amount for my cabin as they charge a single supplement (i.e. 2 in a cabin costs 3000.00 or 1500.00 each. I must pay the whole 3000.00.) So, I need to save money where I can. Right now it is 30.00 a day. Please let me know if you find it on sale for a less amount. I will be also checking for it. Thanks.
  9. I need help. When I am attempting to plan my own cruise on a HAL ship, I can not locate the screen that allows me to choose a specific cabin, i.e. Deck 8 Cabin VA8095. It just tells me my cabin details will be given to me before I sail. On Royal Caribbean, I am allowed to select a specific cabin so i know where I will be on the ship. Does anyone know how I can select a specific cabin on HAL ship BEFORE I am asked to pay for it????? Thank you.
  10. Just found out that my iPhone 5C does not accept ISO 11 which is needed for downloading the RC App for family communications. Therefore, I need to purchase walkie talkies for the ship. Anyone have any experience using walkie talkies on cruise ship, i.e. Allure? What brand works the best? Thanks.
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