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  1. Yes, a full plan is needed. I do not believe, however, that we all want the same thing...
  2. Correct. Keep in mind that Florida/Broward have made a huge amount of money from Holland and Carnival and therefore has responsiblity.
  3. Does that apply to people who have been on the ship for 100 days? Travel always means an increase of risk...,
  4. She cannot go thru the canal---too much over hang by tenders
  5. People will need money. I for one, do NOT want to cruise with people paying only $100.00 for a balcony cabin..... I prefer quality. The cruise industry is in a major world of hurt.
  6. Prices for Neptune SA are high. At this point if you get a NS (per room) for under $1,000.00 per night your doing good... The fact that there are less of them on the new ships tells me that HAL does not wish that clientele...same with only one Pinnacle Suite on a much larger ship.
  7. BTW, very likely for many people to find out the issues and solutions HERE, before they find out from HAL...
  8. HAL certainly needs to step up the music for a younger crowd. I am a Rocker, but, yes, even for me the music has been too loud at times....
  9. Thanks for the very few here actually answering the question. The rest of you need to get a life. Look, I have also been told that even in a Neptune that they would not open it. Plus, it is a very straight forward question as to whether it CAN be done: not if it SHOULD be done. I made that clear in the original post. Jeeze, let me be!
  10. On the K'dam, do Neptune Suite guests have assigned times or tables in Club Orange???
  11. Well, I wish not to ask, just to do it. Also, This is for a Neptune Suite that is facing front, that has a partition to that area from a side balcony. It can be opened and you can go out there under good weather conditions.....
  12. So, the question is not if you should open the partition on your balcony (with friends next door), but rather is it possible to do so? Special tool, key??? Thanks.
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