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  1. NO. Not when the cutbacks will still becoming for years.... It becomes new again.
  2. I think that this thread should stay alive for years.....
  3. I appreciate very much the quality of the ship and staff. Poor food and poor or no entertainment is a major turn off. The MDR is often just bad---crowded, mediocre service with poor food. If I could get "Outback" quality food in the main dinning room that would be great. BBKing is a good direction. The club orange room for Neptune guests is just a nice diner. Why does HAL "like" the concept of not having much to do during sea days? Simple example. Why take away the steel drums on Caribbean cruises, lol. That is sad. Lectures on the ship were often huge hits with folks. I am looking for a new cruise line so I do not have answers yet. Oceania and Celebrity retreat are on my list.
  4. There are so many cutbacks it is not necessary to name them. Although, someone might wish that as an exact new thread. Here is part of my take. The people here who complain about complainers are, complainers. One reason people complain here, is well, there is reason to complain. Another is that it is sad for many of us who care about Holland America Line to see the cutbacks of services and quality. So yes, we do care. It is also difficult for a cruise ship to satisfy all, when some couples are paying $100.00 per night while others are paying $1,000.00 per night. Yes, there should be different expectations. HAL needs to keep the prices higher on the lower cost staterooms. They will not do this, however.
  5. Jeeze, Oceania is considered a luxury cruise line. How much money am I suppose to spend to get a good steak?
  6. I disagree with much of the above. It is NOT the changes it is the CUTBACKS. HAL is no longer a "premium" cruise line. Never was a luxury cruise line.
  7. I do not hate HAL, but HAL is declining in quality. That is the reason for the negative views that were never here before.
  8. Cutbacks in services and products are NOT FEATURES. Poor food often, crowded MDR, waiting for a table in a line, watching movies in the main theater and so much more is not for me at all. The ships and crew are too nice for this kind of treatment.
  9. HAL's newest ships have half the number of Neptune Suites (roughly) with twice as many people (roughly). And only one Penthouse Suite. To me this is more than a demographic shift, but rather another example of the degrading of the overall product.
  10. I am very well aquatinted with HAL. We stay in Neptune Suites that can cost $1,000.00 per night. The ships are very nice and so is the service. The food is up and down, but the main dinning room is suffering. Entertainment comes and goes also. The pax are fine. The reason I am here looking is due to the MANY recent cut backs over the past 10 years. HAL needs to figure out what it is.
  11. Dressing up is always nice though.
  12. And for Neptune Suite guests who pay $ 1,000.00 per night, it has become a bad deal.
  13. "Presentable" in who's eyes???
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