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  1. It was our first Holland Ship (in the Med.). A tear from us as well....
  2. But the iancal's comments are LARGELY correct.
  3. That is the nature of science and is by FAR the best we have.
  4. Total garbage and off topic. I will stick with experts.
  5. Where does "should" follow from this?
  6. Good question. It was not as good as the SA's. It was the location. If we asked for our room to be made up soon by our cabin attendants, it may have been 3 hours....lol
  7. We have had those SC rooms. They are very nice and bigger than an SA. Yes, motion can certainly be an issue compared to center ship SA. The balcony is VERY small, however. Just enough to get out and sit....
  8. The time changes are important. We feel that when coming back to the USA, it is a bummer to get off the ship...
  9. Thanks for the links. I have made Volcano Cake at home since this started---with HAL's recipe. Did not turn out as good; but of course you cannot get Volcano Cake anymore either...?
  10. Would love to go in December, I think it is iffy. My opinion on places to stay away from, in order: Z. Cruise Ships Y. Disney World X. Las Vegas VERY very sad.....
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