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  1. Hi! I am needing suggestions of tour companies to use for la spezia (cinque terre) port? We will be visiting for 12 hours in mid june. There are 7 of us traveling. We are interested in going to Pisa and maybe Florence (if time allows). I was looking at italytours.eu but cannot find the webpage any longer.....maybe out of business? Thank you for any advice in advance!!
  2. Thank you all so much for your responses.
  3. any help with self parking options for port of Miami. This will be for this summer traveling on Carnival. Thanks for any help!
  4. Will be in Skagway in June, 2016. Party of 7 has decided to rent a van while in Skagway after reading lots of reviews from past travelers. This seems to fit our needs the best. Just curious if anyone knows of any discounts for renting a van in Skagway. We prefer to all go in one care as opposed to renting two cars. Besides the price was about the same for renting two cars versus one van. Right now the price for the van is about $246.00 for the day. Seems really high for a rental. We looked into Sourdough Rental company too but found them to have some really bad reviews. Any help or advice much appreciated!!
  5. Thank you for your opinions. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  6. We will be cruising to Juneau in June, 2016. Definitely want to do the whale watching experience followed by the Mendenhall glacier. We were originally going to book with Harv and Marv as we have seen many excellent reviews on cruise critic. However, they are not very child friendly. We are forced to pay a lot extra for a private cruise due to having two children with us. No biggy, we will just go with someone else. We have narrowed it down to http://www.juneautours.com, Alaska Galore Tours (recommended by Harv and Marv) and Orca Enterprises. i would love advise on any of these companies. Orco is a bit pricey in our opinion but we want the best experience. I can not find many reviews about Alaska Galore Tours, just that they were recommended by Harv and Marv. Juneau Whale Watch Tours have the best price, have been excellent responding to my questions thus far and seem to get good reviews. Any advice PLEASE!!!
  7. One more question, if we decide to do the rental car option, how do you guys feel about Sourdough Rental Company? I see mixed reviews on the web. Thanks Again!!
  8. Chilkoot Bakery is your suggestion for lunch while travelling?
  9. Thank you all so much for recommendations. We were not sure about the rental car idea but we may be looking into that idea.
  10. First cruise to Alaska in 2016!! We have decided after much research on cruise critic to do the Yukon Adventure with lunch in Carcross by bus only, no train. we are trying to go as budget friendly as possible but still have the best Alaskan trip we can. I have narrowed it down to the following cruise tour companies based on recommendations and my own research. Please take a look at the list and give me your honest opinion about them. 1) Chilkoot Tours - highly recommended on cruise critic 6.5 hour bus tour Departs at 0830 Cost for 7 people (5 adults/2 children) $633.00 2) Frontier Excursions and Adventures - receives 5 stars 6 -6.5 hour bus tour Departs at 1030 Cost for 7 people $628.53 3) Skagway Shore Tours - found after doing research on web, 5 star reviews on their site 6.5 hour bus tour Departs at 1030 Cost for 7 people $729.75 (if other tours on other islands are booked there is a $10/person discount) 4) Skagway - Tours - reviews not found so definitely questioning this company 6.5 hour bus tour Departs at 0945 Cost for 7 people $587.00 All advice is highly seeked!! Hoping to make this a once in lifetime trip!! Thanks Stephanie
  11. Cruising for first time in June to St. Maarten. Thinking of going to French side for a few hours, then heading to Maho beach to see the planes, and then maybe head back to Phillipsburg for some light shopping. Is all this possible? What would be best transportation method? How long do we need for travel time to each of these locations? Restaurant suggestions at any? Thanks for any help and suggestions!!
  12. Cruising to Saint Maarten for first time in June. Suggestions on best place to get good food. This is for family of 7, not that much into drinking. Thanks in advance!
  13. We will be cruising to Saint Maarten for first time in June. Need suggestions on best, safest way to travel to French side. Is it worth our time having never been to Saint Maarten? How long will the trip take? Thanks
  14. Is the sky safari zipline worth the money and time? We have never experienced ziplining before and would really like to do it. If we are going to spend the money and take time away from seeing the island we would like for it to be a good experience. any good/bad experiences would be greatly appreciated!!
  15. Family of 7 going for the first time to St. Kitts. I keep reading about Nevis but I cannot find any information about it. Any advise on what there is to do there would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
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