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  1. Crusin Karen

    Cheers / Beer

    I can't answer for her, but wonder if you are aware you are allowed to CARRY ON a 12 pack of CANNED soda or any non alcoholic beverage/pp. Up to 20 oz. I believe. And you can bring soda on from any port of call.
  2. YAY YAY YAY!!!! Been waiting for this review since the day after you booked the cruise! Driving to Baltimore from NJ, staying at the BW, going to Stained Glass Pub, boarding the Pride...been there, done that and I am right there with you, except I WASN'T....again! One of these days....looking forward to reading a whole lot more and seeing a whole lot more pictures! πŸ‘πŸ€©
  3. Same here! Have ALWAYS wanted to cruise to Alaska. We had to cancel a B2B a few years ago and unless we win the lottery, we'll have to be thankful for cruises to the Caribbean. So my "cruise to Alaska" is "aboard" reviews like this. Thanks for sharing and hope you have time to come back and finish! I am about 1/2 way thru your 2016 Vista cruise. Oh my!!!! 🀩
  4. Just read this start to "finish" in one sitting. LOVED every minute of your review and drooled over your pictures. I even re-read your Sunshine review from last year (we went 9/23-9/30/17) and am going to start on your Vista review. I can't believe this is the first I have found you! Are you ever coming back to finish this review!? πŸ™
  5. Crusin Karen

    Signatures missing!

    Thanks, just did this!!
  6. Crusin Karen

    Signatures missing!

    Never mind, they're back!!! I'm slowly losing my mind....I need a CRUISE! 😡
  7. Crusin Karen

    Signatures missing!

    I noticed signatures are missing. Reason I mention is that many times I search for a certain poster so that I can read or re-read past reviews they have written and are in their signature. I did this yesterday, so I know this is something that happened overnight. HELP! 😟
  8. Crusin Karen

    Help me search!

    I can't figure out the search either. I finally found it, but in the past if I was looking for someone's review, for example, Jamman, I could just type his name in and his reviews would come up. I just did this and I have to have all kinds of info, esp. frustrating is "topic" or something like that. I don't know the topic, I am just looking for a specific poster's reviews! I have had more luck googling their names!
  9. Thanks for a great review. Glad to see CC has pictures back! What church did you go to in SJ? Also, are you allowed to tour the cemetery by the fort?
  10. Crusin Karen

    Baltimore: aquarium?

    We are cruising on Pride from Baltimore for the 4th time in January. Every cruise we have driven down and stayed overnight and taken shuttle to ship. Have never done any "sightseeing" because we always go in the winter. I would LOVE to do Washington, DC, but figured I would just pick something local just to DO something while we are down there. Has anyone been to the aquarium? Any other recommendations for an afternoon excursion? We are NOT staying in the inner harbor area.
  11. Crusin Karen

    Any recent reviews from these members?

    We'd be LOST without you, Jamman. That's for sure! Any time I am missing being on a cruise, I go back to one of your reviews and it's the next best thing! :cool:
  12. Crusin Karen

    Any recent reviews from these members?

    What is LDS? I miss all those reviewers also. I wondered if maybe they "jumped ship" to another cruise line. Wasn't Wrigley also the one who cruised/vacationed with her "KREW" from NOLA? There is also a Tricia who goes by Meatloaf(s)fan who cruises with her parents. She was on a Pride Journeys cruise with us but sadly we never met up. Thank goodness we have Jamman and Mitzugirly to keep us going and feed our addiction! :cool:
  13. Crusin Karen

    Switching cruises. Penalty?

    Thanks jimbo. Guess it’s just ccl website being moody again! :rolleyes:
  14. Crusin Karen

    Switching cruises. Penalty?

    If you have nothing else to do, SURE! lol. Just wondered why it hasn't shown up. Amazing it sold out so fast. My family and friends who are "non cruisers" always wonder why I book cruises so far in advance. There is reason #1 Reason #2 is that I was able to book a cabin exactly where I want it! :cool:
  15. Crusin Karen

    Switching cruises. Penalty?

    No, final payment is 10/8. This is a January Journeys cruise.