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  1. Our outlet....in cabin 2456...."stopped working" when I was almost done blow drying my hair one late afternoon....had to call Guest Services who got maintenance up there and fixed whatever was wrong with it. I'm telling you....we are def those twins separated at birth!!!! What is the likelihood?! As others have said, your elegant night pictures are wonderful. Very natural and I congratulate Patti on wearing a dress she wore 25 years ago. You both look very content....cruising must agree with you lol. Stay dry!!! I think this crazy weather followed you north and us south!
  2. Ditto on the sushi! I ordered/had 2 mocha chocolate getaways at the Diamond party. We must be twins separated at birth lol.
  3. I said the same thing. Should have sailed the week you did. My dad and brother live in Bay Head and dad said he never saw the ocean so churned up. I said we were sailing thru that lol. First time I have ever danced with crew members on the Lido at 6:30 in the morning and I also did some pole dancing lol. How those waiters and bus men and women carry those heavy trays with food and dirty dishes during rolling seas defies logic. They are simply so professional and uncomplaining! Had my Caribbean Colada at RFP at 1/2 price day and thought of Patti!!!
  4. Hey Jamman, glad you are feeling better and enjoying the games. YANKEES tonight! Got off Sunrise "almost cruise to nowhere" this morning. Weather was terrible; went to Halifax, St. John, then BACK to St. John then home. Missed Portland and Boston. We were in aft OV on deck 2 and it was a crazy ride!!!! One night we actually didn't sleep at all with the waves pounding. Spent most of our time in RF Pub and casino. Agree about the push buttons for the doors. We had ATD so were in Sunrise restaurant on the top (deck 4) and always requested a table by the railing and enjoyed all our meals. I was always up early, by 6:30, and went to Lido and can now see what everyone talks about with the crowding, and our ship was under capacity. It was a complete zoo, but fortunately I had a table every morning from being up early. We had the Flying Scotsman as CD. Other than that all I can add is the crew were EXCELLENT. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful each and every one we encountered were. Enjoy reading this as the ship is still fresh in my mind, but it's also making me "homesick" lol.
  5. Echo what the others have said. You will be fine. I just want to say I think it's very commendable that you are actually concerned enough to ask whether your attire would be appropriate. Bravo to you and have a great cruise!
  6. LOL, I will finally be caught and it will be for something innocent!
  7. Thanks everyone for advice, help and info. I tried to download it (I have an apple app) but could not figure it out and the aggravation is not worth it. I admit I am technologically challenged, aka an idiot lol. I will just do everything the old fashioned way since we leave for the ship in a few hours. Happy cruising and hub apping to you all!
  8. I honestly don't think I have ever seen just JUICE. Maybe it's a Midwest offering? I am in NE NJ, about 15 minutes from George Washington Bridge into Manhattan. I will have to pay attention next time I go to store, but I'm pretty sure I would have noticed. But the CANS just have the cocktail, pink and sparkling juice. I tried sparkling once and hated it. I was going to try the pink but decided on the stuff I've had and I know I like!
  9. Okay, thanks, will check it out again lol.
  10. Thanks, Holly! Love Aruba, there is so much to do even if you stay at the terminal area. From what Jamman mentioned on another thread, his post cruise "crud" turned into bronchitis, so I think it will be a while before he starts his review. Have fun planning! We LOVE GT and HMC also. Would love to be going on that itinerary. Tomorrow's is Canada/NE which I wouldn't normally pick again (did it 3x) but it cruises from NY so no traveling involved!
  11. From what ObstructedView2 just posted (thank you, btw) I don't think it's free.
  12. I've never seen "the real juice" lol. The cocktail works fine for what I'm using it for which is exactly that lol.
  13. Just bought 2 six packs (cans) of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice cocktail as our allowed carry on. Crazy the things you worry about, BUT, do you think I will have trouble at the scanner because it says COCKTAIL on it??1??
  14. Thanks everyone. Not sure I'm going to choose to do this but it's good to know it's available and how to do it.
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