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  1. A big thank you and belated anniversary congratulations from your #1 fan! Wild horses would not be able to keep me away from one of your reviews. I have been busy making lemonade out of lemons; the recipe isn't perfected yet, but reading your review a bit each day sure did help! Bravo and I'm thrilled you and Patti have a few more pages of special memories in your life book. You both look fantastic and I have come to the conclusion that cruising is good for you! Enjoy planning the next adventure and cheers to you and Patti!
  2. Is there a time limit for a cruise already booked to purchase cruise insurance? I was checking our information for our booked 10/6 cruise and I see for the first time we forgot to purchase insurance. Final payment is due 7/23 I believe. 🤔
  3. Okay, thanks. Just doing some research for a cruise in January, 2020 from there and wondered if it would be doable with a 2 day pre cruise stay.
  4. Doing some research. If we booked a cruise in mid January but flew down a day or two early, what's the weather like?
  5. Hey, Jamman, had to cancel the Journeys cruise. 8-( Super bummer, but we are keeping fingers crossed for Sunrise in October! Saw your "upcoming cruise" schedule...you 2 are my heroes!!! So happy for you. I will email you sometime. Have fun crossing off the days until your next adventure!
  6. And cheers to you, Patti! One of these days/years, I hope we will actually be able to CLINK our glasses together on board a ship! I JUST read this review and it was fantastic as usual! Glad your THR went well and you are recuperating. I worked for Orthopedic Surgeons for 33 1/2 years and I also have a HR on my "bucket list." Enjoy your short countdown to your anniversary cruise. We are in dry dock for a while. I will send you an email one of these days! CRUISE ON, and happy planning to you both!
  7. Thanks for the carry on wine advice. Truth be told I am not a wine "conniseur." (sp?) I drink boxed Chablis mixed with lemon lime soda for a wine spritzer. I know, HORRORS! It was perfect on CCL because I could bring my bottles of wine and cans of Sprite and I was all set! But times change....it is nice to be able to have something in the cabin for sitting on the balcony or getting ready for dinner without going to a bar, so $15 might be worth it! I did warn you we were VERY SPOILED being CCL Diamond and knowing all the ropes, but again....times change, so have to go with the flow!!! Haven't booked the cruise yet, but kind of excited to experience something new!
  8. You mean, if I have a couple bottles of wine in my carry on they are going to follow me to the cabin and unscrew it and charge me? On CCL, I would pour myself a glass of wine in my cabin and take it to the dining room or other venue.
  9. Nuts, that is what I meant, that we would book a sailaway rate. There is a $900 difference!
  10. Thank you both. Is there a limit to how many bottles? Size? Also, I drink "screw top" wine. So I can just take the bottle to my cabin and not have to pay a corkage fee?
  11. We have not sailed NCL for almost exactly 15 years. Now we sail almost exclusively with CCL and are Diamond and VERY SPOILED! Had an unexpected medical complication right before the holidays and had to cancel our Journeys cruise on CCL Pride for January. The medical condition is "ongoing." We decided we really need to get AWAY for a week. We live 20 minutes from NY/Manhattan port and know that NCL cruises out of there. Long story short (LOL) best all around scenario at this point is Escape 3/24-3/31. . Because of the difference in price, we would book a gty-balcony or OV. So we would not be eligible for drink/specialty dining/excursion perks. On CCL, you can carry on a bottle of wine/pp and a 12 pack of non alcoholic drinks/pp. Is that also an option on NCL? Is there any other advice anyone can give me? Anyone have any opinions of the Escape? Thanks in advance.
  12. I can't answer for her, but wonder if you are aware you are allowed to CARRY ON a 12 pack of CANNED soda or any non alcoholic beverage/pp. Up to 20 oz. I believe. And you can bring soda on from any port of call.
  13. YAY YAY YAY!!!! Been waiting for this review since the day after you booked the cruise! Driving to Baltimore from NJ, staying at the BW, going to Stained Glass Pub, boarding the Pride...been there, done that and I am right there with you, except I WASN'T....again! One of these days....looking forward to reading a whole lot more and seeing a whole lot more pictures! 👏🤩
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