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  1. It seems like the multiple entrees vary at Specialty meals. Definitely one at Cagney's and Lebistro, but I thought we could try more than one at LaCucina. I will know for sure in September.
  2. A good strategy would be for you to prepay as much as possible. Daily services charges - You can see the total on your online account or call NCL to get the amount, pay when it is convenient prior to the cruise Any prebooked excursions that you will take with NCL. If you book on ncl.com you'll pay when you reserve so not an issue. If you're using the $50 per port shore excursion perk you can call to book the excursions and you're not charged until you board the ship. You can either prepay some or all of those ( you can pay for 1, call back and pay for another, etc. to match your cashflow). Specialty dining - if you have a plan you'll have already paid for those items unless you book a restaurant with an upcharge, then that will be paid onboard. If you don't have a dining package you'll just pay for those meals as you enjoy them, just like eating out at home. Tip: you don't have to buy specialty meals to eat well on NCL, the main dining rooms offer wonderful meals too. I have had one specialty meal in 7 cruises with NCL and I have always eaten well. How much cash? I would put down several hundred and add to it as needed throughout the cruise. If you plan to make a large purchase in one of the shops you can always have them hold the product while you go top off the account to cover the purchase, no need to put so much cash in the account if you're not going to spend it. Kids - not sure if you'll have kids with you, but you can block charging on their cards. I have generally done this with my nephew. There really isn't much beyond the arcade they need to buy. Meals, snacks and drinks are easy to get from the buffet or any bar. There are some horror stories about kids going crazy in the arcade. NCL only checks the cards every 4hrs, so kids can do big damage before it is caught. With my nephew he used the teen club and there are free games there so the arcade wasn't even of much interest with him.
  3. The comment about the ice bucket stuck with me so I just pulled up a cabin photo from our February Bliss, there is definitely an ice bucket on the counter. I'm actually glad there isn't a coffeemaker as we were 3 in the room and needed the space. I do like the towel animals, so now that I know we can have them if we request them we may just do that. No matter the circumstances takeaways rarely feel good, I think this is one of those cases. The actual loss isn't that great, but a loss just doesn't feel good. NCL absolutely distinguishes passenger perks by stateroom class, but don't let it hurt your feelings: Perks are greater for OV, Balcony and MS vs Inside for promotions, that's not new. Studio guests have even more limitations. However, once I'm onboard and out and about I haven't felt less service because of my cabin type, fare discounts, etc. Haven guests have paid for some differences and it is naive to think otherwise. While I have some disappointments with NCL overwhelmingly it is a vacation I enjoy planning and taking.
  4. No I cannot, but I can share that NCL applies a 20% gratuity to any paid exercise classes.
  5. You can also consider having the 3yo checked into the kids club while you enjoy a Specialty meal. Feed the baby at the buffet beforehand and go enjoy an adult evening. The toddler will likely have more fun too and be all ready for bed when you return.
  6. Full details are on NCL.com in the Terms & Conditions. Here are the highlights for responses to your questions Single serve beverages at bars and restaurants are included The T&Cs will specify $ value limits, if you order something over the limit you'll be the overage + extra gratuity Offer is not applicable at Harvest Caye bars, restaurants, or venues.Does not include: Wine and Spirit Experiences, tastings or Flights, Starbucks, Ice Bars, room service, package sales, bottled water, ship specific promotions or beer buckets, designated super premium brands (subject to change), bottled wine, mini bar purchases, fresh squeezed juices, Lavazza coffee beverages, wine dispenser, energy drinks or vending machines.
  7. Stop it NCL is taking an interest free cash float, they don't have to do this and certainly not tho that amount.
  8. This is different because the value is determined by me the bidder, what is it worth to me. I have bid 3 times always in the Poor range. I got my balcony the first time but didn't win on my other cruises as it either wasn't worth more for me to bid on those rooms or the inventory wasn't actually available. I book a cabin that I'm content with and think about whether I want to splurge or invest in an upgrade. We booked a balcony on the Epic for our next cruise. While I think the spa access would be a nice treat I really like our location so I'm inclined not to bid if we are offered the opportunity. Not sure I want to buy spa passes as we won't really have a lot of time to use it on our Mediterranean itinerary, so we'll be fine with the Spice H2O options.
  9. In Roatan the cruise ship docs right at the shops, very easy to shop. If the ship leaves at 6pm you need to be onboard by 5:30. I have also been at Roatan when NCL had used tenders, if that's the case you'll need to allow additional time to take the tender from the dock out to the ship, I would add at least 30 minutes. Maya Key is an excursion offered by NCL. It is literally a 5 minute boat ride from the dock, you can see it from the dock and you can see the ship form the island. It is a resort that offers the beach, pool, lunch, animal interaction (especially monkeys), etc. all on the island. The boats come and go throughout the day so you can leave when you want to ensure you have enough time to enjoy the shops. There's also a gift shop at the resort that isn't fancy, but I still wear the t-shirt I bought there 4 years ago, one of my favorites.
  10. Prior to final booking you're able to simply call and make the changes needed. Costs for the additional guest will be added or removed accordingly. Rebooking is required if adding the person and as a result you are changing your cabin. Some cabins fit 3 some 4 if you are in a 3 person cabin, but need to go to 4, you will need to cancel and select the proper cabin size. If the person cancels and you're back to 3 you can retain the cabin.
  11. The NCL's protection comes with their travel insurance. We are booked from Newark to Barcelona with the NCL insurance.
  12. This thread is for booking airfare through NCL with your cruise. Your friends likely had tickets with Norwegian Airlines, totally different.
  13. Let's try not to make it personal and Bird actually gave you a solution: Cancel the excursions you have booked and book onboard. You will see everything up to two days prior to sailing, prices and all.
  14. There isn't anything secret and really nothing to impact your "Love" When booking excursions as part of the Free at Sea Shore Excursion perk you were not charged at time of booking, price $0. If you call, NCL can provide your cost/price and help you make changes and help you compare excursions to help you select what's right for your group. Your onboard account will be charged for all of those excursions on Day 1. Your shore excursion tickets will also be in your cabin when you arrive in the room. While onboard you can change your excursions as long as you're outside the 48 hour window, just bring your tickets for the excursion to the ShoreX desk. I've canceled my simply writing cancel on my tickets and dropping them in the overnight slot at the ShoreX desk, very convenient. We booked our excursions for our upcoming Mediterranean cruise. I wrote down the price for each and we will actually pay for a few of those excursions prior to our cruise so that our post cruise excursion bill is minimal after the perk credits and our Latitudes discounts are applied. I hope this restores your Love!
  15. You're experienced with NCL airfare, so hope you'll answer a few questions, thanks Was there a direct flight offered from you Denver to your departure port in Europe? United has one to from Newark to Barcelona, so wondering if that's likely for our trip Is the flight information shown on the Vacation Summary, either online or the NCL app? I've read people indicate email, eDocs but I would hope it shows on my reservation just like dining and entertainment
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