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  1. Thanks everyone.. Just looking to see what is on the menu before making our dining venue selection. We will swing by the suite lounge to check them out.
  2. Dave, Planning a trip to Kentucky next April and BT is on the list of distilleries. I am a fan and have several bottles from the BTAC and PVW family. I/m a firm believer in people should drink their bourbon the way they want, I just cant bring myself to suggest it with a 55 dollar bottle. :)
  3. I know the MDR daily menus are delivered to suites early in the day, but I am curious to know if the daily CK menus are delivered as well. I was not able to find that in a search. Thanks
  4. If you like bourbon, and you drink it without coke, grab a bottle of Blantons from the shop. The price is the same as you could find at home, if you can find it at home. It is an allocated bourbon. Small supply with high demand.
  5. Thanks Wine-O. I/m passed 60 days, but I/ll check back with you before I book my next one for the TA info.
  6. If a good travel agent can beat the interline I rate I get (airline employee), and offer perks equal to the difference, I will look into it.
  7. Because of the rate I got, I don't get any OBC. I/ll just call and add.
  8. Thanks. I booked directly with Royal.
  9. I am going through the cruise planner trying to figure out where I can check the box to include gratuities up front. Did I miss the memo? Did something change?
  10. Thanks. I grabbed two side by side on 11.
  11. Swank. The last two cruises I was on they had Whistlepig in select locations.
  12. Just upgraded two cabins that we previously booked. Cabins are located midship. We have a choice of decks 11/12/14. Any suggestions on which deck to pick or avoid?
  13. Enjoying the review... Thanks Neighbor. Frank from Keller
  14. Thanks everyone. I guess I will reserve everything in advance. I guess I can change my mind on day of if I decide to do something else..
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