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  1. On Equinox, Cellar Masters has been replaced with exactly what you are describing. The area is called Social Craft, has a lot of craft beers, and gets a considerable amount of use.
  2. Thanks, Laura, for both the removal and the clarification. Much appreciated.
  3. Scheduled to be completed February 14, 2020. Bon Voyage!
  4. No, because I have read the standard cruise contract. I surely read the whole flyer and any "Deals" Celebrity may send me in the mail or email. Besides, even if I didn't read this one, I would see the additional cost before I booked. I at least do the math before booking.
  5. People will know BEFORE they pay, let alone board. "Perk will result in an increase to the price of cruise fare; amount varies by length of sailing." There will be no surprises at boarding time. Just another example of why we should all should read the fine print, as we have all been told for years.
  6. This seems to apply ONLY to this special flyer. What it says, IMHO, is that they are including two perks in the fare, but if you choose Bev Pkg as one, they will raise the price of the cruise, since Bev Pkg is more expensive than any of the others. This will be done at booking, NOT embarkation.
  7. MDR has a separate Vegetarian menu each night. Bon Voyage!!!
  8. Do you have a twin bed configuration or a single large bed? Thanks for the tip!
  9. Be SURE to put your phones in airplane mode, then connect to the WIFI using the app.
  10. No. Flights are not part of any package. DRAT!!!
  11. Specialty martinis are $13, at least on the summit 2 weeks ago.
  12. If anyone has used the Move Up program to get an Aqua Class cabin, do they give you one of the poor cabins (under the pool, etc), or is it just luck of the draw due to cancellations. Opinions are welcome. TIA
  13. I use the same TA. They will gladly send you a Guest Copy of the Booking. Have a great cruise!
  14. How much is the premium plus package? I can't find it on any of my cruises. Thanks
  15. Just tried a 2020 cruise and all deposits came up Non Refundable. Whats up with that???
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