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  1. Boston GM

    Tour By Van

    Rudy is amazing and designs a tour specifically for you. He knows everything about Acapulco and carefully listens to help you select the best stops. You can spend as much time as you want at each, add or subtract stops during the tour and get the best possible visit of Acapulco possible. We stopped at Acapulco on a cruise chip. Their tour was more than double what Rudy charges and instead of sitting in a crowded van, we had personal attention riding in comfort. We are not usually too interested in tours and prefer self guided. But Tour by Van enables you to have a self-guided tour with an expert. This was the best tour we have ever experienced. Visited May 2014
  2. Boston GM

    Best ways to make use of a butler

    Thank you to those who offered helpful advice. The point of having a butler is to celebrate an amazingly wonderful event in our life, our tenth wedding anniversary. Remember that we never expected to have the opportunity to marry, as two men in love. But we lived in Massachusetts where it all started. Yes, a butler does things I could do myself but when I go to a hotel, I do not make up the beds or clean the room!
  3. This will be our first time in a Vista Suite and first time having a butler. If you have had a butler before on Oceania, in what ways have they added to the enjoyment of your cruise? We will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary so it is a very special trip for us. Thank you, Tread
  4. Boston GM

    Which side of the ship?

    Thank you!
  5. Boston GM

    Which side of the ship?

    We have booked a Vista suite on the Regatta and know that the right side of the ship will be facing the shoreline. In a Vista Suite, how much does it matter which side of the ship you are on? We are on the ocean side but hope being in front will not make that matter much. Thank you, Tread
  6. Boston GM

    Art Deco South Beach Hotel

    We are spending three days on South Beach before our Oceania cruise and celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. We would appreciate suggestions on an art deco hotel with a nice pool and beach location. We are currently considering The Hotel and The Savoy so opinions on those two and recommendations on others we should consider would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Tread
  7. My husband and I will be taking our first Oceania cruise and hope to meet fun people on this 16-day trip to San Francisco. Happy cruising! Tread
  8. Boston GM

    Anyone on WindStar Nice 5/9 to Rome 5/16

    Hi, I can't help you with the van but be sure to say hello to the singer/piano performer, Jackie Bankston. She is my sister! Tread
  9. Hey Manheck, we are traveling with two straight women we met on our last Celebrity cruise. We are using frequent flier miles for the trip to Rome on American. We fly out of Logan at 12:45 on Dec. 3 into JFK and then take off for Rome at 5:20 PM. We can hardly wait!
  10. My husband Mark and I will be taking this cruise and would love to meet our fellow gay travelers. Tread