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  1. We board Britannia in 8 days, have been on 4 Celebrity cruises, will let you know my thoughts.
  2. I would take layers, we were there in August last year and literally had 4 seasons in one day.
  3. We collected our car from the port (Enterprise), had a complimentary upgrade to a Landrover Discovery, the weather turned later in the day and we were glad for feeling a little safer in a bigger 4wd. We managed to visit:- Geysir Gulfoss Skogafoss Sejlandandafoss The detour from the Golden Circle was worth it, Skogafoss was amazing. Overall we were out for around 9 hours, could have stopped off at more places but the weather was very bad on the afternoon. At Gulfoss we saw a woman blown off her feet in the car park. I suffer with my back and the main reason we chose to DIY tour was because I could do it my own pace and I'm better driving as it takes my mind off it.
  4. I used Europcar which is right at the port, we prefer to do a longer tour at our own pace.
  5. Be prepared for all weathers, best to take layers, from our experience the weather can change. St Petersburg in particular can be very hot or very cold. Let me know how you get on, we are re-doing the Baltic May 2020 on Arcadia.
  6. Duff information, same brewery but it is their Grainger Ale that is gluten free.
  7. They seem to be missing some information there, the Collingwood ale is gluten free, you'd think they would make a point of telling people that.
  8. We have saved £120pp on our April 19 cruise and a whopping £800pp on our September 19 cruises. Definitely reaping the benefits of booking early, I am sure the prices fluctuate though!
  9. We have 3 P&O cruises booked, having only ever sailed Celebrity we are used to having a drinks package. I wouldn’t say we were big drinkers but using a calculator we think we would come close to £40 a day each on drinks (probably over). I drink a lot of water/coffee so even without any alcoholic drinks I can see this stacking up. Do you have to sign for every drink you buy and does this not need to be done with a drinks package? Our first cruise is only a week long at Easter and we are contemplating paying for our drinks rather than a package. Anyone any thoughts/comments? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. On Celebrity your picture appears on the till, do P&O use that system? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. I would say that P&O don’t assume everyone will drink 15 alcoholic drinks, if people share they are more likely to hit the maximum and either cost P&O more or push up the cost of the package. The latter is more likely. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. We are on our first P&O cruise at Easter and are debating not having a package to see how much we actually spend before our 2 week cruise later in the year, so used to having a drinks package it would be weird 'paying as you go'.
  13. Hopefully this thread keeps running. We have had 3 sailings on the Eclipse and recently sailed on Silhouette, we didn't think the ship was as good as the Eclipse (no beer fridges or TVs in the Passport bar being the main drawback for me, if I wanted to watch the football I had to either watch in the Casino bar with no sound or go to my room). Generally the ship seemed the least organised of all my sailings with Celebrity, whether this was down to the itinery or other factors I'm not sure. Maybe we have over done that ship type and it was all a bit familiar. We had a cruise booked with Celebrity for Summer 2019, we cancelled it last year and booked Britannia due to overall cost. We are excited about the change, however we are a little tentative following feedback from Celebrity cruisers who have also sailed P&O. We have since booked a week long cruise on Britannia at Easter and I'm hoping this sailing isn't going to make us regret booking our main holiday on Britannia!
  14. Just to reiterate what has been said by others, taster/short cruises shouldn't be the yardstick for other cruises. My sister in law was desperate to go on a cruise and her husband booked a 3 day trip on Celebrity (who we normally cruise with), their experience could not have been more different to ours, it was basically a party ship, full of stags and hens etc. Not wanting to put you off, just go into it with an open mind and don't be put off by any drunken behaviour you may see, it isn't the norm for longer cruises. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. I put around 1lb a day on. It’s easily done with premium coffees, desserts, cocktails etc. I don’t think I stuff myself, but I do eat and drink more than I do at home. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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