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  1. Great to hear. If at Izumi you do the Habachi part could you please let me know what food you get included with the Habachi besides the entree? Trying to see if we could do it with a vegetarian. Thanks!
  2. I saw this new activity thing in the cruise planner that I have never seen before. Looks interesting but only lists Chopps for the Embarkation Lunch. I am traveling with a vegetarian so obviously Chopps is not an option for us. Before I disregard this new thing completely, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with having this changed to another venue for people that can’t eat meat or seafood? Thanks!
  3. So is there not anyway to remove a single post to a specific thread? It just has to stay there? Thanks
  4. How does one remove all of their postings then if they wish to clear their account out? Thanks for your help.
  5. Ah that is an excellent point there that I hadn't considered yet. Yes in that case I can see how Royal could have some responsibility especially if they didn't properly vet this company enough and could have prevented something like this from happening.
  6. I am sorry that you feel that way, being negative and/or coming across as mean was not my intention at all as I have a zero tolerance for that kind of behavior and I wasn't aware that was how my posting could have been interpreted. So thank you for alerting me that my posting could be misinterpreted as something negative. I definitely could have worded it differently. I was just commenting on the lack of details on the specific website linked to, how if one would only read that one article one might jump to conclusions about the specifics about what happened and who would be at fault and thinking about whether RCL was the appropriate company to sue and sharing my own experience on the potential dangers of zip lining. I was also expressing sympathy for the grief that this family is experiencing. I don't believe that I specifically made any comments that could be misconstrued as negative as I didn't say anything negative about the loss or what the family is going through, but if that is what someone interpreted it as then I apologize as that wasn't my intention. I 100% agree with you and applaud you for pointing it out on the negativity on boards like this one, I have been seeing a lot more negative and insensitive remarks on various threads more recently than I recall seeing before several years ago when I was last cruising. Hopefully we can keep up the positivity especially with the holiday season approaching and all agree at a minimum of what a tragedy this is about what happened out of what should have been a wonderful vacation. Events like this always remind me to be particularly careful about excursions and about safety concerns and ensuring to do thorough research before partaking in such activities to fully prepare myself and my family for any potential danger that there might be. Peace and compassion to all fellow cruisers.
  7. Ridiculous. Very sad that someone died but that is absolutely not RCCLs fault. The person to sue is the tour company if they did something negligent. Unfortunately zip lining can be dangerous sometimes, especially if one isn’t aware or hasn’t done a lot of research on the company that operates it. Maybe its just me but I was under the impression that everyone knows that the cruise line doesn’t operate these excursions? Thought everyone knew that. Not a lot of details available to determine what actually happened on if it was an accident or if the company that did the tour did something negligent. No matter it isn’t RCCLs fault though. But sure her them go ahead and sure the bigger company 🤨 i dis zip lining once and won’t likely ever do it again. A little too out there for me and far too many accidents like this one. Hopefully RCCL maintains their ground and doesn’t allow themselves to give out any money for this and now hopefully the family understands how cruises and excursions work. It’s still very sad though.
  8. You can download a pdf of shire excursions for the same cruise but at an earlier date. I’ve down that as mine is about 350 days away. Helps with planning and budgeting.
  9. Personally I don’t find it trashy at all. That’s taking it a bit too far. It is more geared towards younger people I think that would on the whole find it really funny as I do. Something unique and different.
  10. Hi all. I haven’t ever done a dining package but I am considering doing a 2 night one. However I am traveling with a vegetarian so specialty dining options are limited as RCL appears to not like to have options for vegetarians in their specialty restaurants. We will be doing Jaime’s for sure. The only other specialty dining onboard Symphony that appears to have vegetarian options is Izumi the Habachi part as one of their entrees for the Habachi experience is some noodles with tofu. So so here are my questions for the experienced cruisers especially with this ship or ship class. How does the Habachi work? I have been to one on land but they state what you will receive beyond the entree on the menu. However I can not locate a place that states what else you receive besides the entree. I am assuming that you receive something else since it’s like 40/person. Anyone have any experience that you could please pass down? Trying to see if there will be enough vegetarian food for her to justify paying for it. Jaimes has lots of options so no problem there but all other specialty restaurants seem to not want to have any real entrees for vegetarians which is a huge disappointment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And mid can you reserve these bookings in advance by calling them? I know with the package that you can’t book them online but wondering if I call if I could get it arranged. Don’t want to have to wait until I get onboard in case it gets all booked. Also so any places not included in the BOGO? Thanks!
  11. Mom doing the cruise the week before that one and it’s so far away. The best way is to download the Royal APP and you can select one of the current cruises and you can view menus, activities, etc.
  12. It does add entertainment just might be to your taste. Personally I find it funny and very different from the typical decor. Caters to a younger crowd I think.
  13. 126 per person per day? Or for both of you per day? That seems really high. But you would probably still be better off with the package if it’s 126 for both of you for each day.
  14. How does the Udon option work? I would like to try this place but I am traveling with a vegetarian that loves Asian food. And the udon option is the only one that has tofu, all the other options aren’t vegetarian friendly. Has anyone had the udon to say what you get exactly? thanks.
  15. Not really sure how this is RCLs fault unless I am misreading your statement. RCL can’t control how much daylight you have on a certain day, it just depends on time of year, weather etc, not something that RCL has any control over. It’s always something that you have to consider as no one can guarantee how much sunlight or daylight there will be on any day. Next, excursions usually don’t have a lot of time to do your own shopping. You usually have to do your own shopping outside of the excursions. Have you done a cruise before or done excursions before? If not, then yes this might be a surprise but it should come with the understanding that nothing is guaranteed on excursions since they have set lengths of time. So I always am sure that I have enough time offshore to do shopping and I never include my time in the excursions for shopping as most likely there won’t be enough time. Of of course you can’t change the currency back to USD. I believe that the only way to do that would be at a currency exchange place and I’m not sure that you can do that at the port in Cuba as I’ve never been. Sometimes a lot of ships are going to port at the same time so having to wait to pull in ain’t out of the Normal. Once more, not RCLs fault. As far as the comedy about visa charge and people choosing this itenery to stop in Cuba, you did still go to Cuba right? It’s not that you didn’t get to go, unless I am kissing where that is stated. You just feel that your excursion wasn’t up to your standards. Also why would they refund your visa when you did go to Cuba, I’m not understanding that part. Agyer reading this this several times, I haven’t seen anything that is at the fault of RCL. Things happen that are outside of their control such as daylight, weather, having to wait a little to dock, etc. thw fact act that you felt that there wasn’t enough time to shop is a personal preference that you had, nothing that RCL is guaranteeing you. Also, if you decide to take out cash in the local currency, then you are responsible for using that cash or finding out your own way to convert these back. Once more, not something that is RCLs fault, in my opinion. If however something changed and you never got to go to Cuba, then I could begin to understand how RCL had control over that. But I don’t see anything in your statement that is anything that RCL has control over or that they should be responsible for. A tip. Thoroughly reading through everything on the specific excursions is key so you make sure that you know what to expect and to make sure that you are understanding what the excursions will have. And I would recommend doing more planking in the future so that you aren’t surprised by the above things as these aren’t RCLs fault, in my own personal opinion. Hopefully this has been a learning experience for you. RCL is great and doesn’t appear to me that they have done anything wrong based on your post. Thanks
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