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  1. Looking at 14 day Caribbean circle, OBC 250pp plus the usual 30 pp from the TA, which as a %age is less than 10% but I’m ok with taking it what else am I going to spend the OBC on now? Specialty dining Or excursions ?
  2. VIP Express shuttle, used 2 or 3 times , excellent Call Manuel,(Manny) 409 888 0520,
  3. The glimpse into MSC at 70 %, obviously very curious about the whole process and how it turns out, the large ‘cohort’ approach for passengers and the fact that the cruise line kicked off a family for not following protocol shows how serious an endeavour this is.
  4. On Quantum when it was in Cape Liberty had the Beatles in the 60s bowl cuts which was good, agree with We Will Rock you too on Anthem, great piano player in Jewel on Schooner out if SAN .juan but drawing a blank n name.
  5. Feb 19 on a 12N Anthem Southern Caribbean, did every single thing I wanted to do and Quantum class has a special place for my wife and i
  6. Cruise ships are the only resort/entertainment that have to report and are monitored by CDC so 1)Yes would be mandatory to cruise from USA And probably everywhere else 2) yes will get it No question
  7. Hmm, in 4 years who knows what the cruise industry will look like, might give me time to get to pinnacle and try a status match again
  8. Reading the press release twill still have to go to Muster to check in prior to ship sailing, which will also will aide in knowing where Muster is, in the case of a real emergency. keeping the herd from gathering, much like the blood donor app, here in Canada, it’s the same questions every time, answer them and the QR pass is scanned upon arrival(although now there is also the Covidscreen)
  9. If you don’t sail again in 2? Years, it is cancelled, which is ok too, not going again, although....they have the Non US southern Caribbean offering currently..
  10. First would be USVI 3 islands one trip! 2nd would be Barbados
  11. Yeah, my addiction is loosening, just did a lift and shift to Dec21 and looking at other style of vacations and feeling a fair bit of disappointment as my addiction abates. Looking at coach tours of Atlantic Canada, Ireland among others. Really not sure about a couple of future bookings that were earmarked for the Med 2022
  12. USVI, Barbados, Mediterranean maybe somehow, coach trip in Eastern Canada. Visit my kids in St Louis, Nova Scotia
  13. Princess has something similar now too, again having all the EXTRA FCC doesn’t really matter, we all just want to know we can go and go safely.
  14. RCL Not guessing but going in the smallest incremental cancellation windows. I think August is dicey right now so if it is still not green lit Carnival won’t be any smarter than anybody else when it’s pushed back another month
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