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  1. Taking 90 days is now the new 45, patience is all you’ve got
  2. Service levels not great or even good. Got a great deal on an itinerary that my wife wanted to do and the ships are Beautiful Hardware-The Fantasia Class chips (Divina, Fantasia et al) are beautiful, elegant even. The wait staff in multiple venues( MDR staff couldn’t get the order right on any given night, silver bar waited at the bar for 45 minutes and finally gave up on getting a drink and seriously I was standing RIGHT at the bar) announcements in 5-7languages daily which doesn’t sound like a big deal and maybe I’m just a stereotypical North American cruiser(I am a typical polite Canadian) If you go YC you can experience the best MSC has to offer, I am a little more budget conscious and did a Fantastica balcony. Boosters of MSC will say it’s European and you have to get used to it. it’s something they are aware of and are working on it but even at 1/2 of what I paid for my RC cruise I won’t go again, I’ll save or forgo a cruise here or there to do a PG cruise or Azamara instead.
  3. I would try Paul Gauguin to do Tahiti, would try AZamara potentially, will sail Celebrity when there is an itinerary that I like. I also would not try MSC again at any price it just wasn’t worth it to me.
  4. My response hasn’t changed in the last month. Will still cruise the same and will do so when the cruise lines give the thumbs up to do so.
  5. Might be a reaction to all the “should I cruise “?threads
  6. I would book for Feb 21. The timeframe gives enough time to have safe cruising available., if not would still get a refund or FCC, have a Dec 20 booked and I would be willing to move it month by month if I had to (Jan 21-no ok lets try Feb )
  7. Vision Class like Radiance glass, lots of glass and more like the Love Boat feel f you’re old enough to remember. As noted, more traditional cruise experience and generally those that like them REALLY like them
  8. Will cruise when the ships open. They won't be able to do that until there is a degree of certainty. I'm hoping this year and still have Dec 20 booked but right now still unsure if I'm going....
  9. Like the cleanliness of almost everybody(more than before which is awkward to think).
  10. Like the Icon ideas. Also like the idea of reusing classic names for Icon class. Legend, Splendour and N-Sky just to keep it short and hip 😁
  11. Not surprised about the $100 which lines up with NRD fees. The other fee I could live with, IF my TA has historically done a great job. Typically as noted if you develop a relationship with a TA it goes both ways. They know there is no money right now, long term there will be again. In Canada the independent contractor can collect Employment Insurance or other programs currently being offered by our Gov’t.
  12. April 8 China is opening everything(that’s the plan) movie theatres open now and their cases have slowed to next to none. Looking ahead if it’s similar pattern would have limited availability 3-4 months after first case. That puts us in May or early ?June. If this lingers longer that looks like July or August so no shouldn’t cancel all of 2020 if things are back to a new normal
  13. B2B in December and still going, I have full expectation that I am going
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