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  1. We are leaving for Bermuda in 42 days out of Charleston on the Sunshine. Does anyone know if they offer healthy smoothies at the coffee shop or anywhere else on board? One with real fruit in it? When we were on the Horizon we never checked!
  2. We always just book online. That way if I see the price has gone down I just call the 800 number and get them to check the booking. The online site at carnival is pretty nice!
  3. We always just book online. Did you decide on using a TA?
  4. The Serenity is on a higher deck than lido, I think it was deck 12. The salad bar was awesome. They were busy and out of a few of the toppings but we would just ask them to refill them and they took care of it!
  5. We had been on many many cruises before. We had so much fun taking pictures and thinking about what we wanted to post next. I purchased a GoPro7 for our upcoming cruise to try and do more video review for YouTube. We didn't let the review run our vacation but was just a part of it!
  6. Thank you for reading the review!
  7. 60 days until our next live review.... "currently on the Sunshine". We will be leaving out of Charleston and headed on a 7 day cruise to Bermuda and Princes Cay. Also wanted to bump this thread incase someone was looking for a Horizon review. Have not seen one posted in a while!
  8. get the chest strap for your go pro and you can take it with you. That is the only approved way!
  9. I hope that add it to more ships as well as more flavors! I loved having the toppings for the ice cream cones as well.
  10. there are a total of 4 cars. Once a pair of people head out out the staff get the next two people loaded up, as soon as the other people get back around the send the other two cars off again. It takes about 2/3 minutes to go around so it goes pretty fast. It was a blast riding on them. Have to have close toed shoes on and can not have anything in your pockets. They have lockers for you to put your stuff in. We are going to miss this on our next 3 cruises we have booked. Not sure if I will like the Roller Coaster on the Mardi Gras but will give it a shot! Below is a link to our live review my wife and I did in April. This is by far are most favorite ship out of the 5 or so different ships we have been on. We are looking to book my turning platinum cruise in April 2020 on the Horizon!
  11. Thanks for the info! We are very excited to go on a larger ship close to home. We live 2 hours from the port so will be nice not driver for Port Canaveral. We did a live review on the Horizon in April and it was a ton of fun so planning on doing that on our Sunshine Cruise! We are spoiled by the Pasta bar for lunch, we wont sail a ship unless it has it now!
  12. Noticed you said that the dining room was open at 5:15. Could you be seated that early? Thank you for the tips about the new parking process. We are sailing to Bermuda the end of September out of chucktown. Have sailed 5 or 6 times out of Charleston but this will be our first on a large ship out of this port.
  13. Thank you! Ready for our next cruise! 104 days until pizza line checks
  14. THIS. All of this above is what I do. Where do you count the Ice cream cones? Nothing wrong with ice cream cone after breakfast one or 2.
  15. Wanting to book our spring 2021 cruise, have Bermuda on the Sunshine for fall of this year and Breeze and Mardi Gras booked for next year. We really had a great cruise on the Horizon in April and would like to go on the ship again. Anyone think they will move the Horizon or Vista to Port Canaveral? You can only book the Mardi Gras and Horizon out to April of 2021. Side note, I will need an 8 day to turn platinum, seems dumb to book a seven day and be 1 day short from some nice perks! Seems like Port Canaveral is more of a 7 day cruise port vs 8 day being offered in Miami.
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