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  1. 6 hours ago, BND said:

      The parents said it was in a child's play area, which is not true either.  They thought the court of public opinion would help them.  What they didn't count on was how many cameras are on a ship in public spaces.

    This is what bugged me - early reports made it sound like the child was in a children only area instead of a part of the ship where many people go. Lots of places on the ship require caution. To describe the accident as a children's area is very misleading.

  2. 9 hours ago, Spunky946 said:

    We traveled with our two kids, and grandparents on 4 Holland cruises and after the last had gotten bored.  My father in law loves the size of the ships, at about the same size of 2,400.  We wanted a change and went on navigator of the seas right before the amped up and loved it.  It was over Christmas so it was at capacity at about 3,300 or so.  Very easy to get around and so much more fun with lots of activities, shows and game shows.  We are going on adventure of the seas, a sister ship over this coming Christmas. Everyone, even my in laws loved it.

    HAL was our first cruise line and the one my DH and I like best. Our last cruise was on NCL and we were surprised at how well we transitioned to what we thought was a huge ship. Then Anthem docked next to us in Bermuda. DH and I thought it looked way too big but our son had stars in his eyes!

  3. I'm a big believer in not rewarding bad behavior so I lean towards punishing MSC for their poor customer service. In my 50 plus years of experience as both a customer and worker in service industries, I find customer service flows from the top and companies that do it well do it well at all levels and companies with poor service in one area often have it in others. Do you want to spend hours on the phone again if you have a problem with this cruise?


    As to NCL - I've got a 50% satisfaction record with them. Hated the Breakaway (totally agree with Marine Mom that the layout is awful and the ship crowded), loved the Gem. So I can't give you great advice there.


    No matter what happens, I hope you end up with a terrific vacation. And while I appreciate your perspective in labeling this a first-world problem, it's your time and your money and you deserve to enjoy it to the max. There are lots of cruise options and every company out there should be working hard to make their line the one dedicated cruise fans like yourself choose. If they can't be bothered to work with you in making MSC your top choice, the heck with them. Lots of other ships in the sea. 

  4. Swing is swing style music and dance from the 30s and 40s. Great songs and terrific dancing. Get Down Tonight is all the hits from the 1970s. Lots of familiar songs, even TV theme songs. It's a lot of fun. Both shows had the audience on their feet applauding at the end. 

  5. Just wanted to share our Boston parking experience in case it helps other folks.


    We chose to drive to Boston the morning of our cruise and take advantage of the parking at the South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center. On both arrival and departure we had some (small) problems. Hopefully our experience can help you avoid the same!


    The instructions on the parking pass we printed out told us to present our paperwork to the attendant upon arrival. BUT - there was no attendant! We took a parking ticket from the automated machine at the entry gate and parked. After calling the information number we were told - no problem, see the attendant when you leave. 


    Parking spots were plentiful and the shuttle came promptly. Getting to the ship was easy.


    When we returned, we had a long line to wait in to get the shuttle back to the garage. All told we waited about 45 minutes. It's not a long walk to the garage but a chilly rain convinced us not to try making the trip on foot. I don't know if walking would be an option for others.


    Back at the garage we followed the exit signs to the barrier and found that we could not scan the Q code which proved that we had pre-paid our parking. Luckily the intercom worked and we were able to summon help. After a 10 minute wait a young man came, glanced at our parking pass, and let us out. 


    Overall the parking wasn't bad. It was just irritating that the system did not work as promised. 

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